Tuesday, May 15, 2018

On Mother's Day

I had a really lovely Mother's Day. I got to go back to bed after I taught early in the morning and woke up to "Happy Nudders Day" and extra long hugs.  The Saturday night before, Ben took over bedtime and I went to Ikea and then I browsed Target at 11 at night with absolutely no time limit, deciding what to buy myself for M-day. I know that sounds cliche but Target alone with no one screaming for popcorn really is therapeutic.  I bought myself these sunglasses (cuter in person) and I'm mulling over this mirror and also waiting for it to go on sale. The Walmart grocery pickup people even gave me a rose and some ads disguised as gifts-WINNING!

On Sunday we went to Ben's cousin's mission farewell and got to spend most of the day with family as well as take 100 variations of the same photo (as you can see). All I said I wanted for Mother's Day was every room in the house to be spotless before bed (well and that mirror maybe ;) ) and Ben and the boys delivered.

I'm grateful for Mother's Day. A chance to show gratitude for my own mom, who would sacrifice anything for her family. She is my best friend, the best grandma and my biggest example. I'm also grateful to reflect on my own divine role as a mom. You know,  most days I don't think I'm very good at it (I'm not fishing for compliments, just really I had a picture in my head of what kind of mom I would be and it's not really that way most days) I thought I would be a more patient mom, a more playful mom, and a less lock-myself-in-the bathroom-and-cry-for-five-minutes mom. I do love them so fiercely though and would give up anything for them. I hope that is what they know, that they are safe and loved and supported by me no matter what. I may turn down playing ninjas with them, I may get frustrated too easily, but I will always scoop them up if they are hurt, every time. I will even hold their hand backwards for a 10-hour road trip because I want to be their comfort always. I want to be a safe place.

I said on my Instagram that they still give me butterflies every day. Even if it's just a fleeting moment of watching Patrick try with all his might to eat a yogurt with a grown-up spoon or talking with Everett about his friends as I lay down with him before bed. The butterfly moments get me through because those few seconds somehow seem bigger than the yelling I instantly regret or the endless whining some days.

We asked the boys a few questions about me for Mother's Day:

How old is mom?
E-(turns to the Google Home) "Hey Google, how old is Cassie?"

What is mom's favorite food?
E-Lettuce Wraps

What does mom love to do?
E-Go on dates with us
P-Go on dates with us (we really should have asked them these separately)

What is mom really good at?
P-playing soccer

What does mom always say?
E-I love you and put your shoes on
P-I love you and put your shoes on

What is your favorite thing about mom?
E-she cuddles me

What makes mom happy?
E-Being my soccer coach and going to Disneyland
P-(Yelling) PIRABBEAN (Pirates of the Caribbean)

If you could buy mom a gift, what would you buy her?
P-ummm Santa Clause

So here's to the mothering gig, it's pretty pretty great! HMD mamas.

Saturday, May 12, 2018


SPRING PHOTO DUMP-just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling dooo-do-do-do-do-do

We had a very hoppy Easter this year! Ben's grandmama was visiting from Montreal and it was such a joy to see her! The boys got spoiled silly with an Easter hunt at Nana's and G+G Tremblay's, dentist bill coming in hot! We also celebrated Ben's beautiful cousin Kaisha's wedding! I love weddings so it was such a treat to attend, especially with so much family!


Face masks that were horrifying^^^

I coached E's soccer team and I loved it! Sign me up for the next 10 years, please. He also had a bike parade on the last day of preschool and then graduated (again) this was year two of preschool. Kindergarten here we come!


My brother also graduated from BYU (almost as big of a deal as the preschool graduation) and my parents and sister came in for the weekend and it was filled with eating all the great Utah food we could and a photo shoot to prove he graduated, let me show you:



You made it. The end. Go to bed.

Thursday, April 26, 2018


Ok so apparently I do not have the juice for organized, thoughtful blog posts these days but I do want to talk about things and update and all that so here's what seem to be the only posts I do these days besides Disney photos-I bring you: What's on my mind lately..(WRITTEN ABOUT A WEEK AGO)

++We spent the night in the hospital last night with Patrick. He just has had such a rough winter, he seems to get sick every other week. I am hoping this was the winter's last hurrah and that we can all take a long break from the fevers (him) and the anxiety (me) for a bit. He was much better today and you don't realize how much you take them just being normal and asking for a snack or protesting help with socks for granted until they are sick and don't do that anymore.

++I went on a girls trip this weekend. I met some girlfriends from home in sunny (not) Montana where we stayed in a cabin and hot tubbed in the dark, spent 4 hours in Target, did facemasks that made us look like a horror movie and talked about everything from motherhood to Logan Huntzberger until late hours of the night. I had pretty horrible traveling days to and from and actually spent more time in airports than I did with my girlfriends but it still is so nice to have friends you can totally be yourself with.  I go months and months without seeing them but can jump right back in so easily and THAT is something I don't take for granted. Also, they are all Canadian friends and had never had Chick Fil A and I felt like I was watching them open a gift I had thought long and hard about for them. "I can really have as many sauces as I want?" Your wish is their command!!!

++I'm coaching Everett's soccer team this spring. We are only three games in but I already know I will volunteer for this for as many years as they will let me. I LOVE IT! Such a motherhood perk for me right now.

++Big News! We are staying in Utah this summer!! Ben and I will not have to be apart for four months and I am really looking forward to a Utah summer (I've only had one and I have lived here for ten years) Although I have really loved spending the summers in Canada at my parents too, I am already missing it. I think we will spend most of July up there though, swimming every day, eating Costco poutines once a week and I love that my boys get so close with my parents during that time!

++I'm still not over Jenna Dewan and Channing Tatum's break up. At least we still have the royal baby's pending arrival for reason to get up in the morning!

++I'm on season six of The West Wing, you know that old 90's Whitehouse show you probably remember your parent's watching? Ya, that one. It calms me. It hasn't been as good since Rob Lowe left in Season 4, but I still love it. I just have a crush on Martin Sheen as President and just the whole gang. I went to the movie Love, Simon the other day (by myself, I liked it) and it was really good and made me cry and I also have another crush on that main actor (Nick Robinson). Other crushes right now include John Mayer (please tell me you are watching his instagram stories, he is GOLD) and the girl at Sodalicious that gave the kids free cookies because they said thank you when she gave them their drinks.

++On above-mentioned 4-hour Target trip, I found some goods! These high rise Universal Thread jeans are really good. All of us girls tried them all and they looked so good on everyone-sisterhood of the traveling pants status!! They are comfy, but not too thin, really cute styles, come in short/reg/long lengths and are only $25! I got this pair and I want the black ones next! Also, these Birkenstock knockoffs are so good, they will be perfect for the pool, or really anywhere. The rubber real Birk ones like this are $40 and these are only $12.99.  I also got these kids ones for the boys, but I might take them back, as one does with 50 percent of the things they buy at Target (me, so guilty). Also, I've wanted this pitcher since it first came out. I have a thing for pitchers...

++My parents are coming this weekend for my brother's graduation and we all can't wait. My list of Canadian goods for them to bring me gets longer every time. I bet you didn't know Canada has better peanut butter, pickles and chips! Chocolate and my mom's homemade raspberry jam are a given always.

++Laying in bed surfin' the world wide web next to Ben.  Me:"Whatcha watching?" Ben: "Just someone buying a car with only pennies" This is 2018

Anyways that was my mostly pointless post. It was a rough couple of weeks but the car is cleaned, the forecast is sunny, Disney in 11 days and we've got a soccer game to win tonight. Happy Days are here again.


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