Saturday, April 9, 2016

Photo Photo Dump Dump

In my need to apparently post every picture I take, I give you a photo dump post!! And I know the pro-fesh blogs have all their pics the same size, I just can't bring myself to resize every one. 
Not legit 2 quit!

These are from the last few months and already give me tinglies in my toes to look back on-I LOVE PICTURES! Look at how much Patrick has grown already just since February. These days with young kids are long and tiresome but holy moly they are good.

^^^From Everett't third birthday party!
^^^Birthday boy, cute shirt made by my mom!

^^^Not an unusual scene 

^^^My Easter dumplings

 ^^^Date night-Valentines Do-Over
Arizona! Got to meet up with Jordan and Wesley at the park
 AZ hangs!
 ^^^Coloring book party with the guuurrrllls for The House That Lars Built
^^^Bachelor finale viewing party with Jennica for LARS! #Benthebachelorforpresident

^^^Everett at swimming lessons, it was pretty stressful for me but I'm glad we did it! 
^^^My crew, how lucky am I?

Monday, March 28, 2016

Patrick: Five Months

^^^Look at that little fattypatty. Ben said he looked like a robber in this outfit.

OOOOHHHH our little Patrick! At five months Patrick is a little bundle of joy (mostly). He has so much spunk these days and I love watching him just eat up the world around him. He is definitely a high maintenance baby and loves to be held CONSTANTLY! If you put him down even for a minute or two he acts so deeply offended and does that saddest guilt trip cry. Today I emptied and loaded an entire dishwasher with one hand while I held him...DIVA (boy version) I tell you! He had his first real giggles this week and it makes me cry every time. I know it's cliche but it really is my favorite sound in the whole world-the sound of my kids laughing.

  • Rolls both ways with such speed and momentum, so not tired of watching it yet.
  • Absolutely entranced watching Everett do anything
  • Loves new faces and when anyone will smile at him
  • Blows his lips to make that lip-blowing sound (???) constantly-so loud and spits everywhere
  • Puts everything in his mouth and loves to chomp on anything he can (he got really personal with a carrot stick today)
  • Naps and now night time sleeps only in someones arms-sooooo that's fun! We are going to sleep train next month I think-I just think it's the only way and something has got to change because we literally take turns holding him ALL night long.
  • Absolutely undying-ly addicted to my boobs. It is hard on Ben because breastfeeding is the only thing that will comfort him
  • Won't take a pacifier or a bottle
  • Loves his bumbo
  • Loves his bath, with Everett especially
  • His car seat is his own personal hell-fire bucket 
  • Reaches and grabs anything that is put in front of him
  • Still really gassy and seems to get stomachaches often-hoping his litttle gut will get stronger and mature soon.
  • Loves to be in just his diaper
  • No longer swaddled to sleep but sleep-sacked
He is kind of a hard baby, but instead of telling myself that over and over and feeling sorry for myself I'm just trying to enjoy him. He really is just soaking up everything right now and is learning so much and is just a little buddy and sidekick to all of us. We are getting to the good part of personality booming but not yet mobile. Happy 5 months baldie!

Friday, March 11, 2016

Everett Says...and 3 Year Birthday Interview Video

It is official. The just-barely-three-year-old is the best age yet. I can't get enough of it. Everett is such a good kid (good karma for being a colicky babe I think) The nursery leaders told me when I went and picked him up last week that he was their favorite and that I was doing something right and wow did that make me feel like a million bucks. I am so lucky to be Everett's mom.

I have been writing down the funny things he says and wanted to share:

While eating Pizza 'mmm I love you cheese, cheese is my best friend'

E-"Mom me went poop"
Me-"Ok dad will change your diaper"

Me at around 1pm- "Everett lets get dressed"
E-"Oh, dad coming home right now"
Whoops, he knows my secrets

Me-"I love you soooo much"
E-"I love you medium"

Puts on one of those pimp sparkly hats on at the dollar store "Look mom, me a cowboy"

E-"Mom me go poop"
Me-"Oh ya I can tell, how long ago?"
E-"Ohhh maybe two days?"

He says "bless you" to himself every time after he sneezes

He comes over to me fake panting "Mom me too hot" takes off the toy necklace he is wearing "woah that's better"

We were playing with the snap chat filters on my phone, this one came up and he said "Oh look mom I'm rich"

Me-"Oh looks like we are out of bread"
E-"What did you just say?"
Me-"It looks like we are out of bread"
E-"Ugh mom you always forget to go to Costco"

He also sometimes talks like a gangster but not on purpose
"Who it be?"
"This be hard"
"I be freezing"

I was going to the bathroom one day and out of toilet paper so I asked him to go the other bathroom and bring me a piece of toilet paper-this is what he returned with:

Me trying on a new coat "Mom you look kind of weird in that coat"

E-"My tummy hurts"
Me-"What does it feel like"
E-"ummm kind of like......vaseline"

Comes into my room in the morning when he wakes up "Good morning mom, you look so cute and pretty and handsome"

I was sitting with him while he was eating lunch one day and he was just talking away so I started writing it down. This was one thought
"Mom me think baby Jesus is cute like Patrick but the he gets taller and taller and taller like a tall tower and fight with this other tall tower and boom boom boom and this one wins and this other one is died and he needs to go to the hospital, can we drive him in our car and buckle him for safety? mmmm this pasta is yummy, mom don't eat all of it ok babe? Save some for dad k, is that a good idea?

Yelling for me upstairs "babe, come on, let's go"

While getting ready to go swimming "Mom I need to change into my swimming costume" (too much Peppa Pig)

Other things I love that he says: Yes siree, whoopsadaisy, no way jose, ya jose, calls Patrick little Patty, thinks the best insult/comeback is popcorn head, confuses smells like for tastes like, everything that happened in the past, even if it was a year ago is referred to as last night and when he says 'what in the world?'

I want to do an annual birthday interview for the kids starting at age 3 to see how everything changes, Ben and I have already watched this one over and over!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

State of the Blog Address (Let's Chat)

Woah, its been a little bit since I have written a real post (besides those monthly baby updates I know everyone just LOVES to read :/ It is time for a STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS for this blog and me and the company

I can already tell this is going to be a rambling post. I just want to talk, pretend you're my girlfriend and we are catching up over lunch. Wait...Hold on baby is waking up...after a 21 minute nap....oy.....

Ok I'm back, he's on my lap now, I guess the out to lunch fantasy is over, lets pretend you came over bearing Swig dirty diet cokes and I'll drink it guiltily because of Ben's theory that it gives Patrick gas when I drink pop which I refuse to accept.

Anyways! What's new with me you ask? Well let me tell you.

So all this stuff just came up for me all of a sudden at a very unexpected time. I got an internship at the amazing blog The House that Lars Built. I only go in for a few hours a week and do some stuff from home. She (Brittany) is amazing and so creative and I love it. The novelty has not worn off for me yet. I am totally fine doing intern stuff like running errands and taking out the trash because it feels good to be out of the house and not covered in spit up and I am learning so much! I am doing graphic design and crafting and sewing and styling and party planning and writing her newsletter and it feels really good. Then I am SO SO happy to see my kids when I get home and it has just been really fun. I also got a little gig as a blog contributor to The Baby Cubby blog, which is this amazing baby boutique here in Utah with every beautiful baby thing you could imagine. I just write a post or two a week from home so it is perfect! Here's my first post on how to get toddlers to eat healthier.  It's weird, I didn't even know or think I wanted to do anything outside of being a stay at home mom, especially when I had this 2 month old baby in the height of his colic but even though it's been a little overwhelming, totally fulfilling too! I'm not used to having these extra responsibilities though and now instead of using my free nap time to just do nothing and watch my shows, I go to Lars or work on posts and this poor blog has been getting neglected-but since my creative juices are flowing these days I have more ideas than ever and need to get back to posting....and I also need to get back to watching my shows-you guys-The Good Wife? This is the last season? Why does everything I love have to end? Also James Dean Morgan guest star on there right now? Hubba Hubba. Such an underrated show-it is so smart and well done.

See rambling.....

And how is Ben doing you ask?

He is good! He's really busy with full time work and school but still is SO helpful with the kids and obviously it is so nice that he can watch them while I do above mentioned side jobs. We were talking the other night and told each other we really needed another date night. We went for dinner just the two of us for the first time since P was born a couple weeks ago for V-day and I was like giddy (I just realized I hate the word giddy) it was so fun to just talk without interruption and enjoy our food and each others company. He is also playing (roller) hockey again and he loves it, and I think it is so hilarious but totally awesome and we like going to the games and watching them all get so into it.

And Everett and Patrick? How are they? Hmmm are you regretting coming over yet?

Oh my gosh Everett is so stinking hilarious these days-I am planning on another whole post of the list of the things he says that I never want to forget. The mind of a three year old is so quirky and delicious. He says things like (gasp) what in the world is this? and Mom you look a little weird in that coat. He is really into a show called Blaze and the Monster Machines about monster racing cars that talk. He goes around saying "Leeeetttsss BBBLLLAAAZZZEE" which in his mind means gives him blazing speed but to my generation has QUITE the different meaning if you know what I mean. Either the writers of this show think they are so funny getting away with this or just really naive, We are also planning on potty training Everett in the next couple weeks. I think I am dreading it more than child birth. Maybe because when I was changing his diaper the other day and told him that soon we were going to start going on the potty, he started sobbing and told me "I love pooping in my diaper so much mom' so that should be a real treat. Give me your tips people. Like when they nap do you put them back in their diaper? Underwear to start or let them go naked? Little baby potty or adjusted seat in the big potty? SOS!

And little Pattycakes! He is still recovering and getting back to himself afer RSV kicked his little poor butt a couple weeks ago. He had it while we were in Arizona and had to go to the hospital and was just miserable and I felt like I couldn't relax or breathe the whole time he was sick. It was terrible. He is getting back to himself though and I think maybe the sickness kicked his colic? Knock on wood. It did make his sleeping a little more terrible though, the last week he has literally nursed for like 6 hours straight each night-he just wants it in his mouth all night long for comfort and it is LITERALLY draining me. We need to kick that habit really quick but I have just been wanting to wait until he's made his full recovery. Also side note-We call him all manner of Patrick nicknames and Ben was calling him Pat-cha-reddie and I thought it was just some gibberish nickname he made up and then my brother was over and called him the exact same thing and I was like what the heck what are the chances?! Then I learned it is the name of a player on the Montreal Canadiens so that made more sense. .Pacioretty. I actually like it.

So that's the update. The house has not been clean for like six weeks, and I keep having to re-wash the same load of laundry over and over because I forget about it. I can't figure out how to do it all! Watch less bachelor maybe you say? NEVER!

Ok thanks for coming over. If this was in real life I swear I would have asked about you too.

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Patrick: Four Months

OOOOKKKKK. has it really only been four months? The first two months of Patrick's life flew by so so fast and since then time has been moving so slowly, like he's always been here. Patrick has so much of a little personality already and he is sweet and observant but also pretty specific on his likes and dislikes. I don't think we are fully out of the colic phase yet but getting close. He just has a sensitive tummy so he gets gas pains which leads to at least an hour of inconsolable screaming a day, It is hard because I feel like it is my fault-it's my milk and i'm psychoanalyzing every little thing I eat constantly!

  • He is noisy and likes to do these very loud pig-like-squeals! I'm not tired of them yet, its adorable
  • He will only nap in someones I don't really get ANYTHING done and I think he is too young for sleep training (personal belief is 6 months the earliest) 
  • He actually likes to be held kind of always 
  • He is getting so much more smiley and loves when anyone looks at him, he will get all bashful and smile and just turn inside out
  • He perks up to Ben's voice and follows him around the room always and is always watching Everett so intently
  • He is rolling over back to front the second we put him down but then gets frustrated quickly on his tummy that he can't roll back over. 
  • He is in a major spit up phase---so.much.laundry.
  • Driving anywhere is really hard and gives me major anxiety because he screams until he is blue in the face, covered in sweat and spitting it true some babies actually enjoy their car seats? I don't believe it.
  • Same night schedule, wakes and eats about every 2.5 to 3 hours and sometimes those dang gas pains keep him up
  • Loves his hands in his mouth constantly-see above picture
  • Grabbing things and figuring out his hands slowly but not very interested in any toys or anything yet
  • Opens his mouth anytime anything or anyone gets even remotely close to his face. Do all babies do this? I think it is so adorable
  • I'm in no rush to start solids with him
  • He definitely looks similar to Everett as a baby but still has his own look, rounder face, different lips and ears too.
  • Wants to 'stand' always 
  • He is a snacker and LOVES the boob. He no longer takes a pacifier or a bottle, whoops.
Guys, remember how I wrote that epiphany on instagram about how I was going to enjoy the moment even though I had a colicky baby and still try to soak up his newborn phase and not wish it away like I did with Everett? I kind of failed. It has been HARD and I have wished it away, mostly because I don't want him to hurt anymore but also because once there is a screaming baby around, everyone near it, patience levels drop fast. I have had less patience with Everett because I'm tending to a very upset Patrick and less patience for Patrick because what can I do to help you? nothing. I know I'm making this sound so bad and dramatic and I obviously love him more than I can tell you but I don't want to pretend like I did this gracefully either. I didn't,

 As Patrick gets better I am feeling a little more positive about things and it is literally joyful for me to watch him learn new things and see more of his personality shine through. He is this fat little guy with the best cheeks that smiles and coos for me in the morning while we wait for E to wake up holds onto my shirt or my hair while he nurses and bunches his legs up to his chest and with all his might throws his whole body into rolling over. I love looking at him while someone else is holding him, I am used to always seeing him so close up, but he looks so different and SO SO adorable looking at me from across the room that its all I can do to not run over and scoop him back up. We sure love our little Pattycakes and its going to get so good so soon.

Monday, February 8, 2016


Guys, was that the best episode of the bachelor ever? I submit that it was.

Like I have got some bachelor adrenaline pumping and I just have to write out my thoughts...You see, I was really nervous for this season because I loved Ben so much from Kaitlyn's season and usually the bachelor/bachelorette disappoint me and I was scared Ben was going to do that but he hasn't yet, and this episode he was betta than eva!! Someone mentioned that it was like he read the prince charming handbook, it's true-best bachelor ever!

You see, I take this show really seriously, like so seriously that most of the time I can't even read the funny blogs making fun of it because then it loses some of its magic. I really believe in these peoples love and feel personally devastated when they break up, I know that's so annoying and pathetic but I believe I believe (while clapping hands)

Ok tonight's episode here we go
  • "They like painting nails and braiding each others hair and I like reading books and sitting in my room thinking"  DEAR HEAVENS OLIVIA!
  • The thing is I actually feel kind of sorry for Olivia, because I really do think she is delusional and a possible sociopath. She quit her job to come on the bach and probably no one who watches national television will give her a job now and MEMEs of her mouth will probably be internet staples for the rest of our lives.
  • I was sad/surprised to see Jennifer go. She was his first kiss and it seemed like she was so normal! He seems to like the blondes.
  • Caila and bens date-what the what? She was not making any sense. I don't get it. It sounded like maybe she really wants to be falling in love with him but is kind of forcing herself to? She was giving him super conflicting signals and I think SHE thinks she's his front runner and maybe getting cocky. 
  • Group date-also weird vibes. " you like pigs?" ..... "I like to eat pigs" cricket cricket. Leah gave a bad name to females everywhere tonight. Throw a girl under the bus because you're jealous and then lie to all their faces about it...not cool LEAH, get a grip. I felt bad for Lauren B., nothing worse than being falsely accused #freestevenavery 
  • GO BEN, BEN FOR PRESIDENT for seeing through her desperation and sending her home
  • It's so weird for me to see their ages and see that almost all of them are younger than me, like SO WEIRD. Kind of like when I watch TV Shows and the characters are in high school but I feel like they are so old and we are on the same page and have the same life basically and then I'm like oh wait I have been graduated for almost 10 years and have two children.
  • This doesn't usually happen during a bachelor(ette) season for me, but I really like ALL the girls left.
  • Becca is stunning and down to earth and has great skin and I am liking her so much more this season than I did on Chris's. I don't know if her and Ben have AS much chemistry as him and some of the others though? I bet she will be the next bachelorette, calling it, someone write that down.
  • I love Amanda and her little squeaky voice, but also hate her because how does she look that good after having two children? I think Ben is so sweet with her and says exactly what every mom would want to hear. I'm gonna die when he meets her daughters. DIE
  • JoJo is probably my favorite. They seem like a real couple! He promised he wouldn't blindside her last episode, that was risky, I hope its true.
  • My friend and I were talking and because Ben is so nice, like so super nice, he is gonna be the biggest heart breaker bachelor ever. He makes each girl feel so special and loved that they all are gonna be blindsided HARD!
  • I am calling that Lauren B wins. I think she is adorable and relatable and I like the goofy moments I have seen them have together.
  • K the twin is hilarious. I seriously want to be her friend. She made me lolllllzzzzzz....I don't think she will make it much father but she is pure entertainment.
  • I could not believe he sent Olivia home, trickers you bachelor producers and editors. I am so glad that for once a bachelor saw through all the drama and fakeness
  • The shot of them going off on the boat, leaving Olivia on a desolate island in the pouring rain? Too far bachelor producers...too far...Very reminiscent of that one time Kaitlyn dumped cupcake in the closet guy on the edge of a rocky cliff side 
  • I really meant it when I said I kind of feel bad for Olivia, she is obviously a little cray for sure but she def got the villain edit when she was not nearly as bad as Tiara or Courtney or maybe even the sleeper villain LEAH! But she's gotta know you just can't say "like deep thinking and intelligent conversations are my jam"
  • The previews for the rest of the season give me anxiety because of how excited and invested I am, I just want to watch it all right now and for everyone to find true love and live happily ever after and I want to watch a show about that too.
  • Also you KNOW I will be watching the Sunday Bachelor special, like nothing could keep me from that.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Patrick: 3 Months

  • Getting a little happier but still on the colic train just a wee bit
  • Loves to be held; he will take a long nap if we are holding him and a 5 minute nap if  we put him down
  • Still is gassy all the time it seems, which is his main point of frustration. Even though I am still off dairy, eggs, soda (mostly) and chocolate
  • He loves to be talked to and  looked at, and especially sung to
  • big smiles all the time now
  • Hates and I repeat HATES his car seat
  • great head control
  • loves to 'stand up'
  • He is not really on any type of schedule, but he naps every few hours and sleeps in about 2-3 hour stretches at night
  • Still loves to be swaddled and bounced on the exercise ball
  • Just barely in 3-6 month clothes now
  • Talks, babbles and yells constantly
  • Good eater, working on spacing out his feeding though because boyfriend seems to want to eat constantly
  • Sensitive skin with eczema patches (just like me and Everett)
  • Loves to suck and drool on his hands
Patrick at three months is getting easier. The crying spells are shorter and the happy times are longer. He is getting so much more alert and aware and lights up when you give him that one on one face time. I feel like we are coming out of the newborn haze and we can't imagine life without him. Life with two kids is still a transition for me and I feel like I'm running behind on most things. The biggest differences between first child and second child is Patrick gets bathed way less (we bathed Everett every single night when he was this age) and Patrick always wears comfy sleepers while I was putting Everett in full on skinny jeans and sweaters at this age. Everett goes through phases with him, but for the most part is really gentle and understanding of him-last week in the same day he told me he wished Patrick would go back in my tummy and that he loved him to the moon and back so...

We sure love our round faced little cherub.


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