Saturday, March 17, 2018

"Everett Says" and 5th Birthday Interview

Everett is FIVE! FIVE! We love him like the little stinker dreamboat he is. He's still so funny, so curious, and our best buddy! This year, his birthday interview answers were a little more practical, which makes me a tiny bit sad, but so fun to see how he changes from year to year. You bet your bottom dollah I'll still be asking him "What's your favorite thing to do with mom?" for his 16-year-old birthday interview.

Here are the latest "Everett-isms" most of which make my heart pop some wings and fly away.

PRAYERS: When he says his prayers instead of "I'm thankful" he say's "you're welcome"
              "you're welcome for our family"
              "you're welcome for the food"
              "you're welcome for the church"
He also meant to say "please bless our family who isn't here" and says "We're happy no one else in the family is here"

Some other favorite things he has said during prayers: "Please bless the cops don't put is in jail" "Please bless that our house is not on fire" "Please bless Jesus loves us, please bless Jesus can eat healthy"

Me-"Everett you're getting good at coloring"
Everett-"I'm self-taught"

On our last flight, the flight attendants gave the boys those little wings pins. As we were getting off the plane Everett said "Good landing pilot and thanks for the wings ladies!"

When saying goodnight "I love you as ginormous as a giant"
                                        "I love you to all the planets IN ORDER and back"

"Mom, you look beautiful, you look like a rainbow and a heart mixed together."

I sat down on the couch after cleaning up and said "Whew I'm pooped" and Evertt says VERY concerned "Ahhh mom where?!"

Me-"Everett what do you want for Christmas?"
Everett-"Just something that connects to bluetooph"

"You've got to be kidding me"

He smells a leaf off the ground "mmmm smells like lavender"

Things he says wrong that I don't ever want to correct:
-Mary Poppins: Harry Popplins
-Parmesean: carma-sean
-Kiwi: seaweed
-Hawk eye: Hot Guy
-Darth Vader: Garth Vader
-Bring us some figgy pudding: Bring us some fuddy puddy
-From the Pledge of Allegiance: And to the republic where the witches stand

Here is his birthday interview:

and here is his 4th birthday one
and his 3rd birthday one.
and another "Everett Says..." post


Friday, January 26, 2018


Oh hi end of January, that was fast!

On one hand I love the fresh start of a new year, but on the other hand, I am not good with change. I feel this need to be super organized, have better and more goals and have everything in order. Which I don't. I would like to keep some good habits I made in 2017 like exercising regularly and making my bed, and try to let some bad ones go like always being on an empty gas tank (literally not figuratively) and being impatient with my boys.....Ok I mean really just fill up your gas tank Cassie! Why does it need to be 20 miles past "0 miles to go" for you to do something about it?> How about at a half tank you think to yourself "Oh boy, oh gee I should really fill up" Don't wait for the next time you go to Costco, it saves you like $3 just fill the freaking tank up. So there are my ambitious 2018 goals.

So far in 2018 I need two root canals, our car needs new tires and Arie is the bachelor...woof! Can only go up from here!

WOMP WOMP Downer, Sorry. 2018 has also had some great moments so far too. I co-hosted a really fun baby shower for my best friend, we are planning a Disney trip with my parents and the boys talk about it every single day.  We had a fun weekend trip to St. George with family and ....Have you guys heard of this movie The Greatest Showman? hahaha JK. Everyone is triple OBSESSED, as am I. The song "Rewrite The Stars" plays in my dreams. My brother is the only human on the planet who did not like it, it's really driving us apart. He obviously has deep seeded issues and needs help.  I also chopped off like 5 inches of hair and surprisingly haven't even cried about it once! Eat your heart out two thousand and eighteen!

++Speaking of fresh starts, I really want this Golden Coil planner! They were a Kickstarter and a local company and you can customize them and start at any date which means you don't feel guilty for not having it yet and wasting January. You can customize the cover, layout of each day/week and pick if you want extra planning sheets like fitness trackers, meal planning etc. I feel like new planners are to organizing like new workout clothes are to motivation.

++ "I like girls who wear Abercrombie and Fitch, I'd take her if I had one wish..." Well Mr. LFO, I am your girl, because I like Abercrombie and Fitch again.  Someone on the internet told me it was cool again and I believe most of what people tell me on the internet ;), I am actually loving a lot of their stuff.  They toned down their cologne diffusers and mega logos on everything and have really comfortable, cute clothes.  HAHA, I begged for those horrible obnoxious t-shirts in Jr. High. I actually ordered some off eBay from China in grade 8 and they were so tiny and small for infants basically, but I squeezed into them anyway because ABERCROMBIE was hugely sprawled across it. Yikes  ANYWAYS! I got this sherpa forest green jacket (70$ off right now)  and this half-zip pullover for Christmas and have been wearing them nonstop. I also got this extremely comfortable waffle tee for my birthday and their Simone high waisted jeans are so comfortable and flattering (they have great sales, don't buy anything full price). I also love this jacket and this jacket and this shirt and this other half zip. ALSO sign up to become and A&F insider and you get $20 off your first purchase of $50 (including clearance stuff)

++Ok so this is going to sound pathetic. I need to preface with the fact that I love to read, but I also will admit without shame I love TV.  I also need more friends. I have this idea I want to start a TV club, you know like a book club, except we get together, eat good food and talk about our favorite TV shows and that month's episodes and characters. Can you imagine the TV club meeting after the Grey's episode that shall not be named? (I haven't watched an episode since btw, no matter how many people told me too, boycotting Shonda Rhimes forever and Mer and Der are living happily ever after in my brain).

++So the other day I was out with some girlfriends for dinner and Ben was watching the kids. I got home after everyone was asleep. In the morning I asked Everett what they had for dinner the night before, he said "We had chicken nuggets, and dad had a toaster strudel......and then someone delivered Mcdonalds later" Wait what? Who in the world delivered Mcdonalds and what 30 year old man has a toaster strudel for dinner?! Well leave it to Ben to find out that UberEats is now in Provo! Mcdonalds is the only option on there, which is all Ben would want anyway. (They now have added 2 more places since). I can't judge really, I've used it myself as well since the discovery. Ba-da-ba-ba-ba I'm lovin it. Use my code for free delivery for your first time if you just really need an Oreo Mcflurry but just can't leave the house.
CODE: eats-cassiet504ue

++Saw the movie "Forever My Girl" last night with my cousins. It was amazing. I mean, it wasn't "good" like Meryl Streep "good" you know? But it was happy and bad acting and Nicholas Sparks-esque and made me like country music for like 2 hours. A perfect girls night movie.

++I've been trying to eat healthy for like 8 months now. I'm not a person who has disillusioned themselves that healthy food actually tastes good. You know those people who are like "It's ice cream made from avocados and I really can't even taste the difference" YOU ARE LYING TO YOURSELF. Healthy food will always try hard, but never win. BUUUUTTT with that said, here are a few recipes I have tried that are good for being "healthy". This cauliflower crust pizza crust  (I use those pre-cut cauliflower steamer bags for it) and then put bbq sauce, chicken, red onion and cilantro on it. Also, these whole 30 lettuce wraps were really good (I used regular soy sauce instead of coconut aminos because who has that just laying around)  and my other favorite is spaghetti squash with chicken, pesto, and parmesan, I can kinda trick myself I'm eating pasta for like 4 seconds.

++These posts by Mari Andrew on Cup of Jo every Friday are my favorite. Especially this one a few weeks ago called "Lovely Nameless Feelings"

Anyways, I feel like all my posts could alternately be titled "completely random crap and thoughts" but there you go! Happy FRIDAY, may you all Ubereats Mcdonalds to yourself and go watch The Greatest Showman for the 6th time!

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Remember December

OOOOOKKKK December flew by, but I also  feel really happy and proud with the amount of Christmas spirit we squeezed out of it. Although we did have all of our Christmas stuff down less than 24 hours after Christmas (our tree was the deadest, dead, dead) I'm still wishing we could go back and do it all once more. The magic was so real this year, our boys are at fun ages where they could start to understand the story of baby Jesus, Santa was so exciting and Everett was really excited about giving this year too. The other night we had put them to bed and the monitor was switching back and forth between their two rooms and they were each singing Christmas songs to themselves in bed. Heart BOOM!

We do a little advent calendar every day leading up to the 25th, a small treat, but more exciting is the little slip of paper with a family Christmas activity every day. Some days were bigger like go look at Christmas books, go to Temple Square, go meet Santa etc. or some days were just-watch a Christmas movie, have a hot chocolate bar, make paper snowflakes etc. I have loved doing this, the kids were SO into it and it made us spend valuable family time together. They would scream and jump up and down after I announced the day's activity, even if it was just "make cookies together".

This year we spent Christmas Eve and Christmas morning with Ben's mom and his siblings in Heber. She lives in the mountains and it was so beautiful up there with freshly falling snow on Christmas Eve.  It was really nice for all of Bens siblings to be together, an amazing prime rib dinner, Christmas movies, cookie making, playing in the snow, games, and a program and nativity. It felt cozy and happy. Christmas morning I was so excited, even awake before the kids, waiting for them to wake up with butterflies in my stomach. They were so excited, so grateful, and Santa was good to them this year. We made our way to Ben's dad's house in the afternoon and it was Christmas round 2, and Christmas delicious meal round 2 and we played "Bet your Wife" from Ellen after the kids went to bed and threw water in each other's faces. It was great. We lost.

I'm always sad to have the holidays over, but excited for a new year as well. Looking back through all these pictures for this post was therapeutic and made me feel so lucky. Auld lang syne and to all a good night.

And now a Santa-butt load of pictures from our December:

The Riverwoods Lighting!

Picking out our Christmas Tree

December 1st Boxes with new Christmas pj's, a Christmas book, hot chocolate, popcorn, advent calendars and a promise to watch a movie. We watched The Santa Clause.

December #SundayTremblays

Some family pictures with Bruno and Kim and all the fam at the Timp Temple! Look at all the boys!

Polar Express on the Heber Train with Nana. Our 3rd year and such a fun tradition.

Christmas at our place!

Visiting Santa at the Riverwoods

The biggest tree I have ever seen at the Traverse Outlets

Temple Square night 

Everett's Preschool Winter Showcase:

For my birthday this year, I asked Ben for a day in SLC all to myself. It was amazing. I shopped all day, ate great food with no one to share it with and then got to come home to my family feeling very refreshed. Next year I'm adding a massage and a movie to my day!

Tremblay Christmas card 2018. I didn't send them.

Christmas Eve at Nana's playing in the snow


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