Saturday, December 2, 2017

Gift Guide 2017: Kidlets

So I love a good gift guide. I have gotten some great ideas from other people's gift guides, and they are fun to look back on. This year when I asked Everett what he wanted for Christmas he said "A hoverboard thingy that I can ride with blue-tooph" ummmmm  NO. After I explained that he would not be getting a hoverboard with Bluetooth capabilities, he said: "Ok, just some of those snap bracelets like Oliver had." Meaning those plastic bracelets that you snap on your wrist and they curl up. I think we can arrange that. When I asked Patrick what he wanted Santa to bring to him, he said "Disneyland" surprise surprise. 

I went through and looked at my kid's toys and the ones we use consistently and they still love are:

1. Micro Scooter. Still, our best buy ever and Patrick is getting his own this year from my mom and dad. Everett rides his scooter almost every day and Micro scooters are easier for kids to learn on because they turn from leaning, not your hands turning and are just such good quality.

2. Cash Register. Everett got this two years ago, both kids still play with it all the time and it is the toy every friend who comes over is obsessed with too. This one is awesome because it has life-like money, scans a price every time you scan something, has working credit cards etc.

3. Magnatiles, magformers? I'm not sure which brand we have but these are the best toys maybe ever. Even adults like playing and building with them. There are so many different brands and sets on Amazon. We have the not-solid ones. My only recommendation is to make sure you have a variety of pieces, not just all small squares and triangles. You need the big hexagons and tall triangles to build more things.

Here are some things they are wishing for slash I think they're wishing for this year:

1. Everett got this same sleeping bag last year for Christmas in red buffalo check and we got Patrick this one this year.  Everett loves to pull his out for movie nights with friends or to just get cozy sometimes. It folds up compact and fits under his bed too!

2. My parents scored on Black Friday and got Everett a big classic Lego set. We have bought a Star Wars kit before but it was way too hard for him to do on his own, it took like 4 adults to put it together when everything needed to be so exact. I like this classic set because he can build whatever he wants, no set design. I really want my kids to like Lego because I have heard from friends that their kids will play with it by themselves for long periods of time. My kids don't know what that concept is.

3. I say it every year. Jellycat stuffed animals are the cutest, softest, stuffed animals in the land. My kids actually prefer their build-a-bear stuffies as their favorites, but I love these as decor and it's actually me who's doing the collecting of these.

4. I have a weakness for Christmas books, I have like 27 in my Amazon cart right now. My very favorites so far are "A Wish to Be a Christmas Tree" and "Mr. Willoughby's Christmas Tree" and Everett LOVES "Snowmen at Night" His favorite part is to try and find the tiny pictures on each page after we read it. These pictured above are some I have my eyes on this year. I love the "Pick a Pine Tree" mostly for the gorgeous cover art. The Perfect Snowman seems to have the cutest story (go read description on Amazon) and I think Patrick would love the scratch and sniff book.

5. I also have a weakness for kids toques (that's what us Canadians call beanies) pronounced "two-ckss" I love this one from Gap and want them to be matching in them.

6. Boogie Boards! We have one of these and a mini one but could use another so the boys don't fight over the big one at Church. They are awesome for quiet time, church and in the car. They can draw whatever and then just erase with the push of a button.

7. ION Party Power speaker and disco machine. A couple years ago my Aunt Cathy bought all her adult kids one of these for Christmas (most of them had kids) but we have been part of the dance parties these put on and the kids go crazy. It projects lights all over the room and plays whatever you want through your phone. My kids love dance parties and I know it would be well used. They are expensive used but I found refurbished ones for $50 on Groupon and Living Social.

8. Sleeping Queens Card Game. I haven't actually played this but so many people have recommended and it will go in Everett's stocking this year. He loves card games (any games really) and this one has amazing reviews and doesn't look quite as painful as go-fish.

9. Marble Works. I used to love playing this as a kid and I think my boys would both love it! This is the supreme version by Discovery Toys, but $$$. This one looks great too and has good reviews.

10. My kids played this at a friends house and loved it so much. I don't know if it was just the 'new toys' magic or if they would love it at our house too but it is adorable. This toy, also by Melissa and Doug is also something I think Patrick would love!

Thursday, November 16, 2017

'Ween '17

I've really come to love All Hallows Eve as a mom.  I already have the next two Halloween's costumes picked! It is a chance to be creative and the one time of year I try to sew (and then subsequently swear) Watching the kids run house to house, then going back to my aunt and uncles for homemade chicken noodle soup and handing out candy, it is one of the best nights of the year!

I had the idea for this year's costume last year while watching A Goofy Movie with Everett. It was one of my favorite movies as a kid, the soundtrack is pure gold and I had the biggest crush on Max! I knew I wanted Ben to be Powerline, Everett to be Max, Patrick to be Bobby and while Roxanne was maybe more of an iconic choice for myself, the Stacy costume was more fun!

Most of the items I found at the thrift store, with the exception of my pants, mine and Patrick's glasses and Ben's costume. It was originally a "man with the yellow hat" from Curious George costume that I rigged up, then sewed the yellow neck and armbands with spandex and stuffing, my mom did the vinyl for the logo, his hairpiece is made of felt and pipe cleaners. His glasses were hardware safety glasses I painted, the headset was an old set of headphones we spray painted and added the mic with a pipe cleaner and electrical tape.

So we went and took a bunch of pictures, left and then realized that we forgot to put Patrick's white gloves on. I am nothing if not detailed oriented, so I made everyone go back to the pink wall to take another set of pictures. Everyone was NOT happy as they were dying to get trick or treating.

Ok here are the pics, some a little less authentic because minus the white gloves haha!

Oh and don't forget: The Perfect Cast. No amount of bribing would convince Ben to learn and perform this with me. Everett was a willing participant.

Past Halloweens:
2015-Cave Man and the Dalai Lama
2014-Albert Einstein

Sunday, November 5, 2017

October in a nutshell. A huge, enormous, way-too-long-nutshell

October is one of the good ones.

We had our seven-year anniversary, complete with our first ever kid-free lovers trip, Patrick turned two, my parents came and visited, my cousin got home from his mission so tons of family time, a nerd-alert Avalon party with all my favorite people and of course All Hallows Eve. Not to mention, Utah was so beautiful this fall and really showing off, and not to mention mention pumpkin patches.

Rrrrooooolllllll Ccccaaalllllll.....

Pumpkin Patch #1


Anniversary trip of my dreams:

Also flying without kids, I think I'm a Kardashian or something 
Ben and I have never taken more selfies in our lives than in this 48 hours
Such a cool place at the Anaheim Packing District! I don't know why I look like an Amazon woman

Ambiance I tell ya

Yay-my BFF lives in California!

Disney at Halloween-Bucket List: Big fat spooky CHECK!


Mark Twain Riverboat-a new favorite. Someone proposed right beside us!

She's beauty and she's grace, she's Miss United States

Again, just so many selfies

Basically a profesh Disney photog

Exhibit B

Haunted Mansion turned Nightmare Before Christmas, I prefer the original but glad I saw this!

"K now one with my lips closed smile"

I love him

The name is Jack, the Pumpkin KING!

Freaking long line to take a real pic with the iconic pumpkin, this is the best we got

Splash Mountain!

Not as good as I wanted it to be, should have got the Tigger Tail, but really cute. 7/10

Guardians is my favorite ride, but soooo scary

This is the first year they decorated in CA for Halloween and Cars Land was everything!

This peanut butter square gets so much hype and I was so excited, but I don't know if I was treat-ed out but it was only ok to me. Fine, I'll give it another try next time.

Happy Seven Years, babe close your eyes.

Phew-you still here?  
Pumpkin Patch Round 2:

and my cute cous got home from his mission!

They are the cutest


Patty turns two on October 20th (full post here) and we throw a PIE PARTY!!

This is the face you get if you tell him to smile

and again....

spray painting leaves copper and gold was incredibly satisfying for some reason. Stringing them on a thread individually was not. at. all.

 My parents came to Provo and we celebrated my moms birthday and went to Garner Village:

AVALON PARTY: The only way I can explain this is, I can't. Board Game, loyal servants of Arthur vs. Mordrid and his evil minions set out on a quest.....ok I can't. We dressed up and played. It was epic.

Ben as "Lady of the Lake" So glad this is now on the internet.

Some cousin/family Love photoshooting on a Sunday at Tyson's homecoming:

They were all wearing gingham #notplanned 

Pumpkin Patch #3 and carving pumpkins

Ok and one for Halloween. I think it deserves its own post:

A Goofy Movie baby
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