Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Nola June Tremblay: A Birth Story

Nola June Tremblay was born on July 18th, 2019 at 10:59 am. She came very quickly with a head full of dark hair and a little tongue that she loves to stick out constantly.

I was a scheduled induction for that day. She had been measuring small, but they weren't too worried, but thought maybe my placenta wasn't functioning at 100% so best to get her out so she could continue to grow on the outside!

We had to be at the hospital at 6:15am. The night before we dropped the boys off at their grandparents and decided to go for dinner and a movie on our last night before newborn life hit us. Our movie (we saw Spiderman, this detail might be important for posterity) didn't end until almost 11:30 and then when we got home there was still a few more things I needed to do to get ready  so we both didn't get to bed until super late (not smart) and I could hardly sleep at all once we were actually in bed, it felt like a mix between the night before Christmas and the night before being tortured.

I woke up early, had a long shower and took my time getting ready. If you remember, my other kids were unexpected delivery days and all I wanted was to be showered with my hair done this time around. We headed to the hospital, checked in etc. and then spent a long time getting set up and answering a million questions. They started the Pitocin drip at around 8:30am. I was only dilated to a 2 when I got there. I almost immediately started having contractions about 8 minutes apart but they weren't too bad. Within the next half hour, they started getting more intense and moved to every 4-5 minutes. I didn't want to make the same mistake I did with Patrick and wait too long to get the epidural so I told the nurse to tell the anesthesiologist I was ready. He walked in and I asked if I could just go use the bathroom really quick (a question and decision I would come to deeply regret later on) He said no problem, he would just go a couple doors down and do another epidural and be back in 5-10 minutes. I should have never let him leave haha.  30 minutes later he was still not back and my contractions were getting unbearable, About 2 minutes apart and strong and painful. I was punching Ben in the arm (as one does during contractions) and begging him to go find out where the anesthesiologist went.  FINALLY, he came back about 50 minutes later, apparently there was a small emergency. He didn't make the greatest impression on me as he immediately started bashing the Canadian healthcare system after I told him that is where I had my first baby. I sat up to get the epidural facing Ben rolling my eyes as this guy went on and on about how they don't even give epidurals with socialized medicine (wrong)  secretly raging and wanting him to get. this. over. with! So he finished the epidural and left and I started going numb on one side only. I was still feeling intense contractions and pain on my right side and then I felt my water break. I told the nurse it wasn't fully working and she had the anti-Canadian anesthesiologist come back in and give me a second dose in my epidural.  It still was NOT working on the one side and I was crying through every contraction at this point. He came back in AGAIN and tried pulling out the needle a little and dosed me again, hoping that would help it spread to the other side. NOPE! So at this point, the nurse said "You must just be going really fast" so she checked me again.  She was shocked when I was at a 10 and started frantically getting things ready and trying to get a hold of the doctor. So it wasn't that the epidural wasn't working, it was, but just like when I had Patty I was just going too fast for the epidural to catch up. The doctor came in and they put my legs up in the stirrups. When they did that, the epidural finally caught up and I was SOOO numb.  From my armpits down I was completely numb, couldn't feel pressure or anything. Ben had one leg, and it was time to push. I pushed 4 times and she was here! They put her right on my chest as they quickly dried her off and checked her out. I couldn't believe all her dark hair and how little and perfect she was. At this point I was SO numb so I didn't feel any of the stomach pushing and stitches. They brought her over to get weighed and stuff and she had the sweetest smallest cry. She was 6 pounds 10 ounces and 19.5 inches.  The whole thing went so quick, I essentially went from a 2-10 in less than 45 minutes. The nurse said that I got more than a c-section dose of epidural, so I would be numb for a wwwwhhhhiiiilllleeeee. It was a bummer that my epidural didn't really work until after I had the baby. The total numbness started really freaking me out. I felt claustrophobic in my own body and was just so freaked out that I could see people moving my legs but not feel a single thing. They gave us some time with the baby and she actually nursed super well just minutes after she was born, and sucked her little thumb which basically was the cutest thing Ben and I had ever seen.

When it was time to move us down to the mom and baby unit, I still could not even think about moving on my own. They had to give me a catheter because of how numb I was and would stay. It took two nurses and Ben to get my dead-weight body into a wheelchair, and I could hardly sit up on my own because my core was numb too. It was quite the sight and felt SO weird. Like I said, it was freaking me out and I just felt like a floating head. I had to have the nurse keep reassuring me that the feeling would come back. I was numb for the next 10 hours and that was really frustrating and I wish I had never even gotten the epidural because it only worked for about 5 minutes of the actual birth process.

We had lots of visitors the first little bit and having the boys meet her was one of the better moments of my life! Everett had the biggest smile and Patty couldn't get close enough! She was so peaceful and sweet for our hospital stay. We only stayed about 24 hours, we were both doing well and that room was just so dang small, they do make a mean burger at the Provo hospital though! We all came home Friday afternoon and everyone took a big 3-hour nap, which was just what we all needed.

She is a dream come true and she makes our family feel complete.

Heading home...

Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Baby and Me #3: 35 Weeks

 (Wrote this a week ago, now 36 weeks as of today!)

Baby is as big as....

A pineapple, or a Large Diet Coke! I am measuring two weeks behind, but I was when I was pregnant with Patrick too, and the docs aren't worried yet! 

I'm Feeling...

Anxious that we are getting so close, I don't feel prepared quite yet. My "TO DO before BABY" list is a mile long, granted a lot of the things on it are like "paint my toenails, tint eyebrows, etc" I just want to feel as good about myself as I can this time. There are also other more important things like "clean car seat" "buy newborn diapers" etc. etc. I am also feeling excited! The boys are really excited and that is so fun to talk about with them. 

Food love/hate...

A little bit of my nausea has returned these last couple weeks, anytime I let myself get hungry I throw up and things aren't sounding as good. A big fat sandwich is still my go-to and overdone toast with peanut butter and jam in the morning. I still throw up Cafe Rio without fail every time. 

Three Pros from the last seven weeks....

1) This baby is by far my most active baby and her movements are so strong and defined. I LOVE IT!

2) I am full on nesting and loving putting the nursery together. I have had to get creative as we didn't get any new furniture but still make it different than Patrick's. I have spent some late nights with a hot glue gun and "trying" to sew some things. A few more little things and I think I will be done. I can't wait until there is a babe in that crib again. I love walking by it and feeling happy!

3) I am finally getting a decent sleep at night, thank you half a unisom and prayers. I am still teaching early mornings 5 days a week but will stop for a little once the baby comes. 

Three Cons from the last seven weeks....

1) Getting dressed every single day. I have been trying so hard to not buy maternity clothes, but trying to make my other clothes work is just cruel to them. I am not a fan of shorts in any form, and it is getting hottttt in Utah so that presents another problem. 

2) I feel like I have a little bit of PTSD coming back from my last two babies newborn stages and their 6 months of screaming and colic and absolutely no sleep for like 18 months. So that can feel a little daunting. I hope this baby is a little happier but I'm not getting too hopeful and trying to mentally prepare. 

3) Peeing on my bishop's sidewalk. It's a long and mortifying story you can ask me about sometime.

4) I don't have the good pregnancy hair this time around :( 

Looking Forward to...

Being able to keep crossing things off my list. Packing the teeny tiny doll clothes. The newborn smell. Seeing what she looks like. Deciding on her name.  Nursing again.  

Random Thoughts...

What did you guys dress your summer babies in? Still footie sleepers at night? Just onesies in the day?

I got preeclampsia with Patrick, I have been so nervous I would get it again this time around, but so far so good.

I have never been more than 38 weeks pregnant. So curious to see how and when this one happens.




Friday, April 26, 2019

Baby and Me #3: 27 Weeks

I'm 27 weeks as of yesterday and feeling pretty great. My constant nausea and throwing up went away at about 21 weeks and it has been glorious. I still have random bouts of it if I eat something I know I shouldn't like Cafe Rio or ice cream.  For the most part, I feel really great, I'm more tired than usual still but not being in a constant flu-like state and actually having an appetite again has made the mental game so much happier and easier.

I'm going to do this little question/answer thing like I did when I was pregnant with Patty like this, minus the cute fonts and colors. 

Baby is as big as....

One app says a head of cauliflower another says a head of romaine lettuce. If we are sticking with my "toy bumpdates" (which we are not apparently) I'm guessing it would be like a jack in the box, or a small kids football. 

I'm Feeling...

Pretty good! I AM getting frustrated about getting dressed every day. I burned all my maternity clothes at the end of my last pregnancy because I hated them so much by the end I and don't really want to buy new ones because this is most likely our last, so I'm trying to make it work. This is getting increasingly harder as I get bigger, but I'm glad it is finally warming up so I can wear more dresses. It still feels so far away that the baby will actually be arriving, and sometimes when Patrick is having a meltdown in Target or something I think "what are we doing?!" but for the most part, we are all super excited. 

Food love/hate...

Now that I have an appetite again, I have been eating a lot, too much usually. I have been craving Greek food, and green olives and I THOROUGHLY enjoyed all the delicious food my mom cooked while we were in Canada last week, not to mention the two meals we had at the wedding and like 3 dozen wings on a wing night out with friends while we were there.  I ate SO many apples my first trimester that I can't really think about eating another one for a long while, also not into burgers rn.

Three Pros from the last Five Weeks....

1) The baby is moving so much and so often. With Patrick, my placenta was in front so I didn't feel a ton on movement until late in the game and it wasn't as "clear" if that makes sense. This baby is already the movement I can see from the outside and it feels like she can kick in four places at once. I was putting Patrick to bed the other night and I was telling him to feel the baby kick with his hand. He looked at me really sad and said "why does the baby always kick you and me?  I had to explain that it is not kicking to be mean, but just moving.

2) We were in Canada for a week for my brother's wedding and Easter and it was no nice to not be sick on the long drive there and back and just feel like myself again and enjoy it without feeling like I would just rather be laying down somewhere. 

3) We have a list of top3 names and I think one of them will be the winner, it's been exciting to think about. 

Three Cons from the last Five Weeks....

1) I tried to go to the gym again, it was very defeating to see how much I couldn't do and what I had lost. Also, I have some unfortunate varicose veins (you know where :/) that make it really hard and painful to do any sort of exercise. 

2) Last week I went to a girls night in Salt Lake with a couple friends. I was unusually nauseous that day. I blame a mid-day Mcflurry mistake and just letting myself get super hungry.  I was struggling during dinner and couldn't enjoy the food like I wanted to. We were walking out to the car to continue our chat and I just started throwing up in the middle of the parking lot, I felt like a drunk, people were walking by. Then to make matters MUCH worse, while I was puking, I peed my pants. Then we went and sat in a friends car to go talk more and I smelt like pee and it was just a very low and humiliating moment for me. It will be funny one day I'm sure. 

3) I still have really bad insomnia, and really not getting enough sleep.  I think it has caught up to me this week, I have a rough cold and it is taking me out. Bummer you can't take the good stuff when you have a cold while pregnant too. 

Looking Forward to...

I am looking forward to the nesting bug biting me so I can get my butt in gear with the nursery. The boys have been loving sharing a room and there is so much I want to do with a little girls nursery, just need some more energy and like 5000 dollars ha! 

Random Thoughts...

I have only had babies in the winter, so I'm nervous about the summertime thing. I think I may be a little ambitious about what this summer is going to look like for us, but hoping for the best. 

I have had a couple middle-of-the-night calf cramps for the first time in my life lately. Those are very shocking and painful and I am not a fan. Need more bananas apparently.

Most. VIVID. weirdest dreams!

Ok so yes, I fell off the belly shot with comparable toy sizes train. I have taken a couple mirror selfies though of the bell bell. 

26 weeks
25 weeks

25 weeks

Monday, April 22, 2019

Everett is Six!!

Say it isn't so?! How is my baby six years old?! He really is just a wonderful kid! He is happy pretty much all of the time, he makes everything we do and celebrate more fun. Most importantly he is so kind and a friend to everyone. His kindergarten teacher said he is very social and all the kids love him! As hard as it is to watch time fly by so quickly, it is such a gift to watch him learn and grow and become his own little person!

Some things I don't want to forget about Everett at six:

He has an amazing memory and I love hearing about the random stuff he remembers. The other day he was talking to me and said "You know what was so so so so fun? That time we got free breakfast at the hotel two times, that was sooo lucky and awesome" He was referring to a hotel continental breakfast from like two years earlier.

He loves his friends so much. He is always asking to play with them, wondering about what they are doing and making gifts and notes for them.

He is really so so good with Patrick. Patrick can push his buttons like no one else and can try to bug him on purpose for attention, and although he gets irritated he has never hit Patrick back or anything and for the most part, is so patient with him.

He LOVES puzzles and games and mazes and science stuff.

He still is a mommas boy and loves to cuddle and is super sweet and affectionate.

Now that he remembers traditions and rituals and special stuff we do in our family every year, he looks forward to all of it SO much and remembers every detail about what we need to repeat.

He likes to be clean, always asks if we can clean his room together. He is a rule follower and tries so hard to be and do good. My brother was amazed this weekend that he kept asking me if he could have candy out of the candy basket he got, and if I said no, he really wouldn't eat the candy. He was like "why would he keep asking you? Why not just eat it, you would never know".

He loves the show Arthur, Disneyland, coloring and making crafts, his favorite classes at school are PE and Dance. He loves being around people and hates to play alone, he loves riding his bike and scooter, playing at the park, swimming is still his favorite thing to do.

He hates jeans, he does not like chocolate, tomatoes, mustard, and his favorites are carrot cake, lasagna, and spaghetti. He really does not like running errands with me or grocery shopping.

Here are some more of his favorites in his annual birthday interview video. (You can check out the other years on my youtube channel there too)

su·per·ca·li·fra·gil·is·tic·ex·pi·a·li·do·cious! Disneyland February 2019

Just posting some of my favorite pictures from our February trip to our happy place. This trip was rainy, so there was more crying and made us get a little more creative but we still had a blast! It was special because we did a little gender reveal with the boys and that was just the happiest (There is a video at the bottom of this post). I was 17 weeks pregnant so I couldn't do a lot of the big rides, and poor Patty is still 2 inches too short for the bigger ones so him and I were riding buddies.  Everett rode Space Mountain for his first time. He has been tall enough for years but was always too nervous, but he LOVED it and wanted to go again and again, he even put his hands up almost the whole time his second time.

I seriously treasure these trips, not just because I am a Disneyland addict, but because I get to see my best friend and her family in Newport and I get to spend uninterrupted time with my family.  I hope we remember it forever.

Disneyland Gender Reveal Video:

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