Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis The Season

Ever since this last Thanksgiving, I have been craving Christmas like crazy, we are so excited for the break and to go home to Canada and spend it with my family!  In order to go home for Christmas, we both had to quit our jobs at Chili's, because they wouldn't give us time off....I felt happy and relived because it was horrible and slave labor, but it was also a little sad, that is where Ben and I met, we had friends there, we had fifty percent off there and we were just really used to it....but it's ok! Ben has been working two jobs so i am glad he will get a break from that...for all of you who don't know yet, Ben's other job is....THE PROVO PARKING BOOTER...dun dun duuunn....i know i know, how could he?  I know! i have def been booted my fair share of times but it is a really good job and Ben is such a nice guy that people are actually nice to him, well most of the time, we definitley have some crazy stories! It's fun because i get to go out with him and drive around and be in the car, and i am amazed at how calm and nice he stays, even when some people just go crazy and are horrible to him....but the reality is that they parked in the wrong spot, it is a job and we are happy to have it....ANYWAYS....

The Christmas tree was a big deal in both our families growing up, so we had to have one in our apartment of course, and of course it had to be real, we had so much fun putting up a tree and decorating, it totally made it feel like Christmas, and then finals came and ruined everything, but now they are over and we are on our merry way again!  Kylie and Michael came over too to help with the tree, they made cookies and I drank egg nog and we listened to the Glee Christmas CD, then we wrecked them in sequence!    I love Christmas time, the smell of it, the family, the traditions and i am happy that i will get to share our traditions with Ben this year! 5  days!
Ben  carving the Turkey in St. George at Thanksgiving

Such a man!

We went right after work and got a Tree, we found our perfect one right away!

Me and my tree!

Haha this is Ben engulfed by the tree trying to sturdy it in the stand haha

Our windows are the top ones-so festive!


I told everyone to dress like Christmas, but only i did

not bad eh!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Only MacLennan's will get this...

I don't know why but i think this is so funny....but it is so random

Ben and I are laying in bed the other night I am just about to fall asleep and all of the sudden he says..

"I really need to start training for the echo triathlon"

I kind of woke up because I was trying to figure out what he was talking about, when I realized it was our first annual echo triathlon this year.....its more than 7 months away....and its a FAMILY triathlon where most of the competitors are under 10 or over 40

a couple seconds later after my silence.....

"I think i'll need some water shoes"

hahaha so maclennan family members-LOOK OUT! My husband is starting training already! haha

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Month of Marriage!

Today is November 9th and that means Ben and I have been married for one whole month, it has been so fun! I am finally getting used to my new name Cassie Tremblay, even though when I sign things I forget, I have only called him my boyfriend like 5 times and I am still getting used to sharing a bathroom with a boy! haha but  I can't wait to spend many many many more months with him.

Here are just a couple things I have learned about my husband since we have been hitched...

He is the weirdest sleeper of all time, the positions he gets in are unattainable for the normal human

He should not grocery shop while thirsty, we always have like 7 jug  drinks in our fridge

He is actually very very neat

We like our bananas at the exact same time in their ripeness-little brown dots

I hope our kids get his beautiful skin

He loves taking naps on the couch. he prefers naptime there over the kingsize bed

He loves driving (16 hour trip from leth to provo) just cause he loves it haha

Best foot massager ever. period.

He is one of the hardest workers I know and when he makes a goal, he gets it done

He is the sweetest, most caring and thoughtful guy alive (I already knew that though)

So there it is, a post dedicated to our first beautiful month together, you totally get to celebrate your one monthaversarry right?!

here a just a couple pics from our first month together..mental note-take more pictures!

My beautiful family

The Kids+1

We met Ie Ling at the end of her marathon-Ben looks so dang cute

We had to work on halloween, so we tried to salvage a little of the fun

just look at those pants!

the happy couple

Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ok so I thought once we were engaged and married I would be this most excellent blogger wifey, since then I have figured out that i am not (They should really make it so it automatically changes little i's to capital I's-super annoying!) anyways i guess i maybe have an has been one of the busiest months ever!

I got into my advertising program
my favorite brother left on a mission
We have been back to work full time
and school...
a second wedding reception in St. George
and have had a house to set up!

So it has been a busy month, but an absolutley AMAZING month too...i have never been so happy as i am now....I am not going to do a wedding post just yet, first of all it will probably be too hard to describe in words how perfect the day was and second i want to wait for our pictures...which i am dying to get! Here is a sneak peek our photographer put up on her blog!

But married life is so fun, Ben is just my best friend and favorite person in the world.

This post though, is dedicated to our new is finally is how we want it, it was a lot of returning, a lot of shopping, way too many trips to target and a lot of de-junking/organizing/cleaning, but now it is perfect and we are so happy with it!  It is so nice to come home to a place that is your own and clean!

here are some before and after shots

The bedroom...
yes, that is an air mattress...2 nights of our married life we lasted

Super fluffy KING bed, much better!

The Living Room...
complete and utter...



The Kitchen...


A real kitchen!

We eat meals here

And Finally the bathroom...
i sadly have no before shots, but believe me, it is MUCH better!

So there it is, the Tremblay residence!

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As of Late...

Signed, Sealed, Delivered  Invitations are finally DONE!  they were so hard and took soo long but I am so happy with the way they turned out and I am so happy they are in the mail....this is the cute picture we cousin brynn designed them for us and did an amazing job...check out her site-white field designs
invitation picture

We had our 6th monthiversarry, Ben bought me the prettiest pale purple roses, I have never seen anything like them...We went to tucanos and stuffed ourselves, and watched our new addiction THE BACHELOR PAD  with Jennica and Brian, he wont admit it but Ben totally loves it! my heart was beating so fast during the rose ceremony....TEAM KIP-TEN!

Ben bought a suit for the wedding that looks oh so good on him!  Navy Blue Pinstripes, light pink and navy tie, chocolate brown leathers! Labor day sale was good to us!

I am applying to my major in 4 days...wish me some serious luck, I really really want this.

We have both been working a lot and its fun to be able to work together again, it has been long hours though and a lot of smelling like fajitas but its good to be back at chili's together!

We, with the help of my brother Matt and my Dad, well actually with no help from us, they painted our apt for us, we love it! We did a feature wall in the living room and in the bedroom! 
the living room is a light sage green and the bedroom is like a burnt red, i wish i had OPI's to match!

so now in our married place (where Ben is living now by himself so we weren't homeless in October) we have beautiful painted walls...a love sac and a microwave...womp womp.  We have more things but i dont want to unpack anything, i just want to save all that "putting our house together" fun until we are legit!

and 32 days till the big day, we both are so excited and talk about it nonstop my ring tone for him is no lie...the wedding march!!!, there are still details to plan and more things to do but I know it will be perfect...even if it snows....knock on wood!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I am going to put this post in my crush box

           So I have been looking forward my whole life to getting married…..SO I COULD FINALLY GET A BLOG!  Just kidding I am all about the REAL LOVE!  So Ben and I are getting married so we decided to get a blog so we can keep everyone up to date on our life, cause you know after you get married you become homie and lose contact with the outside world just stay home and make jam, talk to your mom about recipes and crock pots and play boggle (right Connor and Lindsay) just kidding! No no I am sure we will stay very social because we both love to play, but we want to have a blog for other people to read but also so we can use it as a sort of journal for our life start, a cute journal with pictures and backgrounds and wit!

July 17, 2010-OFFICIAL

 So we have been engaged since July 17th, one of the best days of my life thus far, it was perfect and special and I loved it!  We originally were going to have a long-ish engagement and get married on November 27th….we had about 140 days or something…Then after much consideration we changed our minds and wanted to get married before my brother Matt left on his mission to Chile on October 9th.  So we changed the caterer, changed the flowers, changed the invitations and suddenly it was a short-ish engagement,-we skipped our 100 days to the wedding, and now it is 48 and counting!  I am happy that we changed our date, I am so happy that Matt will be able to be there and he is going to be one of Ben’s Groomsman, and I think it will be a fun memory before he leaves for a foreign land for two years.

So far I have loved being engaged…planning a wedding=sometimes stressful, I have only had a couple minor panic/stress attacks, luckily Ben is super calm and assures me it will all be ok! And it will be! My mom is my amazing wedding planner and she is just making the process about 100 times easier!   I have actually really enjoyed planning though, I am that girl that has been planning my wedding in my head since I was ten years old and at every wedding I have been to I pick ideas and dislikes and thought about how my own would be…every picture I take I think “possible slide show material” So it has been fun to do it in real life, picking out cakes and flowers and I got a dress!!! Anyways but the actual being engaged to Ben part has been complete bliss, sometimes I wish we could be engaged for longer because it is just so fun, there totally is a difference from dating and being engaged, not to mention I love the word fiancée, haha I can’t stop saying it! At work when I say sentences like “Oh ya my fiancée and I….” or “My fiancée loves that show” or “My fiancée is picking me up” I feel so cool and grown up. ..It is so weird that it’s real, sometimes I feel like I am making it up to sound cooler to my co-workers but no it is real and we are getting married!  Of course the girls at work are not from Provo and are convinced I am pregnant and that is the reason we are getting so young and in so quick a time!  Anyways like I was saying sometimes I wish we could be engaged for longer, but most of the time I wish we could just get married tomorrow!! I really am glad it is so soon, I am just so excited to start a life with Ben and just be together for everything, joint bank accounts and joint groceries, waking up next to him, him being the best roommate ever, not to mention I am head over heels for him!

       Ben is so good at contributing the perfect amount to the wedding planning, enough so I know that he really cares but honest enough to stay home while my mom and I look at flowers and centerpieces!  Want to hear something tender? So Ben has been staying at my house this summer with my family, which has been so amazing, so fun for my family to get to know him an vice verca, well every night I take my beautiful ring off, I want to be so very careful with it, and every morning when I am done showering and ready, Ben takes my ring and proposes to me every day, some days he gets on one knee and gives me a special speech before he puts it on, but some days he just says “I love you, marry me” and puts my ring on for me!  It has become quite the cute tradition.
Anyways i dont think all my posts will be this long, so dont worry, do come back and read once in a while...
I hope that you like our blog because it was hard to make...was it that hard for anyone else? all that html junk? ok well till next time....

ps. our fav engagement pics

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