Tuesday, September 7, 2010

As of Late...

Signed, Sealed, Delivered  Invitations are finally DONE!  they were so hard and took soo long but I am so happy with the way they turned out and I am so happy they are in the mail....this is the cute picture we used..my cousin brynn designed them for us and did an amazing job...check out her site-white field designs
invitation picture

We had our 6th monthiversarry, Ben bought me the prettiest pale purple roses, I have never seen anything like them...We went to tucanos and stuffed ourselves, and watched our new addiction THE BACHELOR PAD  with Jennica and Brian, he wont admit it but Ben totally loves it! my heart was beating so fast during the rose ceremony....TEAM KIP-TEN!

Ben bought a suit for the wedding that looks oh so good on him!  Navy Blue Pinstripes, light pink and navy tie, chocolate brown leathers! Labor day sale was good to us!

I am applying to my major in 4 days...wish me some serious luck, I really really want this.

We have both been working a lot and its fun to be able to work together again, it has been long hours though and a lot of smelling like fajitas but its good to be back at chili's together!

We, with the help of my brother Matt and my Dad, well actually with no help from us, they painted our apt for us, we love it! We did a feature wall in the living room and in the bedroom! 
the living room is a light sage green and the bedroom is like a burnt red, i wish i had OPI's to match!

so now in our married place (where Ben is living now by himself so we weren't homeless in October) we have beautiful painted walls...a love sac and a microwave...womp womp.  We have more things but i dont want to unpack anything, i just want to save all that "putting our house together" fun until we are legit!

and 32 days till the big day, we both are so excited and talk about it nonstop my ring tone for him is no lie...the wedding march!!!, there are still details to plan and more things to do but I know it will be perfect...even if it snows....knock on wood!
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