Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A Month of Marriage!

Today is November 9th and that means Ben and I have been married for one whole month, it has been so fun! I am finally getting used to my new name Cassie Tremblay, even though when I sign things I forget, I have only called him my boyfriend like 5 times and I am still getting used to sharing a bathroom with a boy! haha but  I can't wait to spend many many many more months with him.

Here are just a couple things I have learned about my husband since we have been hitched...

He is the weirdest sleeper of all time, the positions he gets in are unattainable for the normal human

He should not grocery shop while thirsty, we always have like 7 jug  drinks in our fridge

He is actually very very neat

We like our bananas at the exact same time in their ripeness-little brown dots

I hope our kids get his beautiful skin

He loves taking naps on the couch. he prefers naptime there over the kingsize bed

He loves driving (16 hour trip from leth to provo) just cause he loves it haha

Best foot massager ever. period.

He is one of the hardest workers I know and when he makes a goal, he gets it done

He is the sweetest, most caring and thoughtful guy alive (I already knew that though)

So there it is, a post dedicated to our first beautiful month together, you totally get to celebrate your one monthaversarry right?!

here a just a couple pics from our first month together..mental note-take more pictures!

My beautiful family

The Kids+1

We met Ie Ling at the end of her marathon-Ben looks so dang cute

We had to work on halloween, so we tried to salvage a little of the fun

just look at those pants!

the happy couple

Monday, November 1, 2010

Home Sweet Home

Ok so I thought once we were engaged and married I would be this most excellent blogger wifey, since then I have figured out that i am not (They should really make it so it automatically changes little i's to capital I's-super annoying!) anyways i guess i maybe have an excuse....it has been one of the busiest months ever!

I got into my advertising program
my favorite brother left on a mission
We have been back to work full time
and school...
a second wedding reception in St. George
and have had a house to set up!

So it has been a busy month, but an absolutley AMAZING month too...i have never been so happy as i am now....I am not going to do a wedding post just yet, first of all it will probably be too hard to describe in words how perfect the day was and second i want to wait for our pictures...which i am dying to get! Here is a sneak peek our photographer put up on her blog!

But married life is so fun, Ben is just my best friend and favorite person in the world.

This post though, is dedicated to our new home...it is finally is how we want it, it was a lot of returning, a lot of shopping, way too many trips to target and a lot of de-junking/organizing/cleaning, but now it is perfect and we are so happy with it!  It is so nice to come home to a place that is your own and clean!

here are some before and after shots

The bedroom...
yes, that is an air mattress...2 nights of our married life we lasted

Super fluffy KING bed, much better!

The Living Room...
complete and utter...



The Kitchen...


A real kitchen!

We eat meals here

And Finally the bathroom...
i sadly have no before shots, but believe me, it is MUCH better!

So there it is, the Tremblay residence!

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