Sunday, December 19, 2010

Tis The Season

Ever since this last Thanksgiving, I have been craving Christmas like crazy, we are so excited for the break and to go home to Canada and spend it with my family!  In order to go home for Christmas, we both had to quit our jobs at Chili's, because they wouldn't give us time off....I felt happy and relived because it was horrible and slave labor, but it was also a little sad, that is where Ben and I met, we had friends there, we had fifty percent off there and we were just really used to it....but it's ok! Ben has been working two jobs so i am glad he will get a break from that...for all of you who don't know yet, Ben's other job is....THE PROVO PARKING BOOTER...dun dun duuunn....i know i know, how could he?  I know! i have def been booted my fair share of times but it is a really good job and Ben is such a nice guy that people are actually nice to him, well most of the time, we definitley have some crazy stories! It's fun because i get to go out with him and drive around and be in the car, and i am amazed at how calm and nice he stays, even when some people just go crazy and are horrible to him....but the reality is that they parked in the wrong spot, it is a job and we are happy to have it....ANYWAYS....

The Christmas tree was a big deal in both our families growing up, so we had to have one in our apartment of course, and of course it had to be real, we had so much fun putting up a tree and decorating, it totally made it feel like Christmas, and then finals came and ruined everything, but now they are over and we are on our merry way again!  Kylie and Michael came over too to help with the tree, they made cookies and I drank egg nog and we listened to the Glee Christmas CD, then we wrecked them in sequence!    I love Christmas time, the smell of it, the family, the traditions and i am happy that i will get to share our traditions with Ben this year! 5  days!
Ben  carving the Turkey in St. George at Thanksgiving

Such a man!

We went right after work and got a Tree, we found our perfect one right away!

Me and my tree!

Haha this is Ben engulfed by the tree trying to sturdy it in the stand haha

Our windows are the top ones-so festive!


I told everyone to dress like Christmas, but only i did

not bad eh!


Jennica said...

you are such a good blogger! yay for christmas! miss you guys already!

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