Monday, January 17, 2011

Only 345 Days Till Christmas!

Well it would be an understatement to say that Ben and I enjoyed our Christmas break....WE LOVED IT!! It was so nice to have the break, to relax, to be with family and to be engulfed by the Christmas spirit! We went to Canada for Christmas this year and it was so good to have my mom’s cooking, sleep in, and to just be with so much family, I have a ton of extended family in Lethbridge so pretty much every day we did something as a huge group!  We all really missed Matt, it felt quieter without him there but it was SOOOOO good to be able to talk to him on Christmas, it sounds like he is doing really really well! 
So the night before Christmas Eve, all the MacLennan’s went to the famous Mandarin Chinese Food Restaurant in Lethbridge, and it was so good to have a Canadian Chinese staple-ginger beef, you can't get it in Utah so that was delicious!  
On Christmas Eve we did double family Christmas and we went to the Clarks for pizza and amazing appetizers and we did a white elephant exchange that is always so hilarious.  Then we went to MacLennan's and ate some more...French onion soup, crab legs, steak and banana slush-so pretty much we never stopped eating and then of course the family Christmas sing along hahaha (see's quite a treat!)...After that we went home, of course opened our Christmas pajamas and headed to bed!

My dad won a snuggie in the white elephant-my mom will be using it I think
maybe not...
Christmas morning was the best, even though I am 22 years old, I still get butterflies on Christmas morning, we felt very lucky with our gifts from our parents and we definitely got spoiled by them and each other.  That afternoon we had Turkey dinner with the Clarks and the next day Turkey dinner with the MacLennan's......ya....we got gym passes last night!
We flew out from Great Falls on January 1st and we got to stay the night in Vegas before going to St. George to see Ben's fam for the day!  Vegas was really fun for us, definitely an adventure... lots of sightseeing, shopping, laughing at the crazy people, A TON of walking and we got to stay in the Excalibur which was fun too, but not as ritzy as we thought a hotel strip would be...Then we went to St. George, the trip sadly was very short and we had to leave back for school the next day.  Overall we just realized how lucky we are to have such amazing families and our first Christmas together felt so perfect!

Ok and now a WHOLE lot of pictures/videos!

Ben and I on my birthday at an  outdoor ice rink in SLC

Ky and I ice skating
oh ya...and Ben had a really high score on doodle jump over the break-I'm so proud!
In Vegas-in front of the Bellagio Christmas Tree
Our Hotel!
Had to go to the M&M store!
We estimate this man makes about 30 bucks an hour off people like us
Me in front of the Bellagio fountains


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