Thursday, February 17, 2011

Love Day

I have always loved Valentines Day, I have always been a fan, never one of those girls to wear black and call it singles awareness day (SAD), I just love LOVE and so the day is always celebratory for me!  I wear pink and red and curl my hair and soak up the day!

I remember getting SO excited about Valentines in elementary school.  The little pouches you would make with your name in sparkles and then on Valentines Day you would put your Valentines in that you wrote yourself, paying extra attention to your crush of the week!  I would save my favorite ones all year on my bulletin board, even though my love couldn't even spell my name right!
Valentines have come a long way!
Look at these amazing Valentines my cousin Nicki made for her kids to give out!
Kind of fuzzy because they are just thumbails off facebook

But aren't they amazing-SUPER MOM!

On to Ben and I's night!

It was our very first Valentines Day together and it was beyond perfect.  We kind of planned it together because sometimes it's good when I tell him exactly what I want.

So we planned to do an affordable valentines with no gifts and dinner at home!

The Surprise Ben had waiting for him when he got up (My mom always made us little candy packages on Valentines Day so I did the same for him)

and of course valentine cupcakes!
And then when I got home from school, Ben just had the perfect little thing set up! He cooked all by himself and it was sooo delicious!

Our Romantic living room

Candles and all!

All my favorite things-Lindor, Dove chocolates, Red Vines,  New Biolage shampoo and conditioner  and a huge gorgeous bouquet!

Filet Steak, salad, green beans, baked potatoes and martinelli's!
And then Ben gave me SUCH a good present!  He watched the Bachelor with me!
I love this show, especially when Ben will watch it with me which is very rare and Michelle got kicked off so it was even sweeter. We had plans to go to the cheesecake factory for dessert but with the 45 minute drive and so much chocolate and cupcakes there we just had a romantic night at home!

Emily is my fav!

So that was our perf val day!


jennica said...

i love perf val days!

Amie said...

sooo cute. love the cupcakes and that he bought you shampoo.. he knows the way to a womans heart, ha!

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