Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Polish Obsession.

So I think it is about time I dedicate a post to a true love
   Nail Polish
How Do I Love Thee-Let me count the ways...
My very own collection!
Now I am not just your average nail polish connoisseur I like to think of myself as a passionate nail polish professional...I do not just have some old caboodle box filled with 10 year old crusty Sally Hansen nail polishes.  I have the best nail polish-OPI, and recently have started to like a cute brand called Etsy-sold at J Crew!! 

Glove you so Much
It is by far the best quality and you get what you pay since it is an $8.50 a bottle in the states and of course    $10.00 a bottle in Canada, OPI also has a vast array of beautiful collections of colors, every time I walk into a beauty store, I head straight to the nail polish, I love it, deciding on what color to add to my collection (When Ben lets me haha).  I also just love the names of all the OPI's, it would be my dream job to sit and look at a color all day and think of the perfectly clever name to name it.  
One of my favorite purple's is called "a grape fit",
A Grape Fit
 in last year's Christmas Holiday collection one of my favorite deep beautiful reds was called "glove you so much" and in OPI's new Texas collection hitting stores today they have names like "Do you think I'm texy" and "San Tan-Tonio" and "So Fort-Worth It" 
 I actually can look at most of the colors, at least the ones I have and name them by name.

New Texas Collection!

So yes I love my nail polish, one of my newest colors is from the amazing Katy Perry Collection (you know you've made it when you have an OPI collection named after you) currently on my toes-it is called not like the movies and is a silvery purpley greeny color-perfect for still winter but warming up just a little! Ok I know I sound like a pathetic valley girl right now, it's just what nail polish does to me!
New colored, new painted toes
So, new up and coming nail trend-well I think-I really want it to be- it is to paint one of your fingers on each hand another color, a complimentary color, I saw Vanessa Hudgens do it in a magazine and a few other celebs, also a few girls on campus, I love it and hope it sticks! Then you get to choose another color to have on your nails!
Celebrity Trend

Me being a conformist-OPI "Over the Taupe" with ring fingered "Glitzerland" from the Swiss collection!

So there it is, my nail polish love affair!
Don't Judge me:)


Chanel Beazer said...

Cassie, You are a girl after my own heart. I one day hope my OPI collection is as great as yours. I also wish we lived close so we could trade colors every once in awhile.

Kristy said...

Oh, I'm judging you. You could open a nail salon. Maybe you and Ie Ling can get together and make some money off this obsession of yours.

Amie said...

Love the new style for polish. We sell OPI at our salon and I have to say, I love soo many colors. Unfortunately, I cant stand polish chipping, so I'm not a huge wearer.

Ben & Cassie said...

I love comments on a blog post! Chanel, that comment means more than you know haha-Jennica always talks about your collection on our nail nights!
Kristy-I knew you would judge me haha,you are probably not a nail wearer like Kylie
and Amie-you totally get a discount on OPI don't you, i am thinking of going to beauty school just for that!

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