Wednesday, March 30, 2011

B&C's FHE at the MOA at BYU on Mon.

So Ben usually works on Monday nights so we don't always get to do a real Family Home Evening Night but this week he was off so we decided to have FHE and it was so great. 
BYU's Museum of Art currently has a Carl Bloch exhibit and it was pretty incredible.
I recognized some of the paintings but not the name, he built 8 alter pieces and BYU has 5 of them.
I did not know how huge of a deal this was but the place was packed and I learned that the paintings are from Denmark and Sweden and they have not been moved since 1800!!!

The paintings and alters were amazing!  They were HUGE and there was so much detail, it just amazed me that they were really that old and still in such good condition.  Although I admit I am not an art lover or anything but the pictures of Christ's life really touched me and the story to each one was good to be reminded of.
These are some of my favorites...

I love this one because it shows when the Angel came down to comfort Christ, not him in agony.

This little boy is so tender.

This one might be my favorite.  I think it is really unique, the mother looking down at her daughter and Christ in the doorway.  He is just a few steps away.

After we came back home and made our planning calendar for April and Ben's favorite Pastaroni for our treat.

It was a wonderful night together!

If anyone has not seen this and lives in Provo-GO, it's a crazy opportunity!


jennica said...

So good at FHE! Maybe we should start having it together so we can both remind each other. And of course follow with a game night and dessert or something :)

Ben & Cassie said...

Jen that is such a good idea!! mmmmmm dessert mmmmm

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