Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Half a Year

On Saturday April the 9th, it was Ben and I's 6 month anniversary! 

I can hardly believe how fast it has gone by and how much fun it is!  I think the general authorities were so right telling everyone how great marriage is!  It just keeps getting better too!  All day we kept saying "6 months ago at this time we were... (fill in the blank depending on time of day)."  I suppose a small trip down memory lane is in order..

So I am on a really strict diet because all of a sudden I didn't look like I did in above pictures.. so I can't really eat out so we decided to save the fancy night and dinner until I can and just have a fun low key day, it was perfect.  We slept in and then I got up and made Ben this really yummy breakfast, It is a blueberry breakfast cake and it smelled and apparently tasted so good.

Then we kind of just hung out, got ready and played in our house.  One of the few places I can eat out is Chili's, kinda surprising but we went there!  And how fitting right? Go back to the place we first saw each other and fell in love over rolling silverware together!

Then Ben took me to my favorite place-the mall, and I got a new hat and necklace!  He was even so patient while I shopped, it seriously brings me major endorphins. When we got home there was a beautiful sight waiting for me-Spring flowers (some Gerber Daisies which are one of my fav) and an Anthropologie bag!  Granted I already knew what was in it, I picked out a dress when we were in SLC for conference... (Don't worry mom, it was on super sale!)

I would put a pic of the dress up but I haven't worn it yet...I like to save new clothes
For Ben I made him this little book online, it's called "I love you because..." And I put just a few reasons why I love him!  It was a sentimental gift but it was really fun to make and I think Ben loved and appreciated it.

and so on and so on...

So that was six months, a fabulous day with a fabulous husband!

Ps. We are So going to Cheesecake Factory in Phoenix at the end of the month!


Jordan Lawler said...

cuuuute!! you guys are so precious. I love that Ben shops with and for you. what a good husband!

Connor MacLennan said...

Ben TremBLAY!

jennica said...

New necklace! and the book came! WE obviously don't see eachother enough.

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