Friday, May 27, 2011

Lose Lose

So, I have been here in Cape Girardeau in Missouri for just over 2 weeks.
I don't want to rant or complain because I want this blog to be a positive place but...
It has been pretty rough I am not going to lie, but I am kind of getting used to it...maybe...
I figure only girls read this so I feel ok about saying that this week has been especially bad because it may or may not have been that time of the month, and I may or may not have been sobbing on the extreme home makeover....(come on you know it's emotional)
I don't have anything to do all day and I don't have a car.
Unfortunately Ben doesn't get home till pretty late like 11 pm, so sometimes I don't talk to another human all day.
I am desperate for things to do during the day so when Ben gets home at night, I tell him to be as messy as possible, so the next day I can clean up and pass the time.  I wear as many clothes as possible so laundry day comes sooner and some days it is two full days without me being outside.
The plus is that I run a lot on the treadmill, and I am motivated to go for a long time cause again, it passes the time.
Another hard thing is that Missouri is in full tornado season swing, so I am constantly scared out of my mind and jump out of my skin at every noise I hear outside that remotely sounds like a siren.
Like I said though, I am getting used to it, although when I am done the next season of Private Practice, my last TV show that I have not watched every episode of, I am not sure if I will be ok.

So I have a decision to make...I have to decide if I should go back to Provo for summer semester, that way I would have friends, a car, job and school but I would have to be without Ben for a long time. So it is basically a lose-lose situation. So here is my me decide

PROS OF GOING BACK TO PROVO                                   CONS OF GOING BACK TO PROVO
-I have friends in Provo                                                                   -I won't see Ben for a really long time :(
-I have a car in Provo                                                                     -I will be a third wheel a lot in Provo
-I can go to summer school                                   -Ben will be all alone and eat way too many grilled cheese.
-I can get a job maybe                                                       -I'll most likely well,... definitely stop running haha
-We would save money on Rent in Missouri                                -Finals are during Echo Lake family reunion
-No Tornadoes                                                                   -I just discovered Panera Bread-INCREDIBLE
-No Humidity
-A decent mall within 100 miles
-I would not be living in a hotel with no oven and no people
-There are no Red Vines, Fro Yo or Cafe Rio in Missouri-Can you believe that!?
-I know where things are in Provo

So it looks like I will probably be heading back to Cougar Town, I know it is the most logical thing but I am definitely going to miss Ben way too much...



Britteny said...

cassie! PRO- you wont be a third wheel because you will be with me PRO- we will eat super healthy PRO- we are roommates again! said...

you cant miss maclennan reunion! you've been training so hard for the triathlon!

jennica said...

but i miss you too!!! i mean ben or me.. easy decision right?
jk jk. but seriously tornado's are much to scary! and i haven't painted my nails in a week!
oh and chanel used to work at a panera. heard its incredible! but there is one in walnut creek. so if you came here. you could come to cali with us and eat it there. so put that on the plus list!

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