Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My thoughts on bullets...

Ok so latley.....

  • First off I loved the Royal Wedding and ate up every second of it, I watched all day long, she looked gorgeous, it was such a fairytale.
  • We took a little trip to Phoenix with my family and it was so so so great, I could definitely live in AZ, you just need air conditioning and a pool.  
  • I love that you can eat outside with no wind, get a tan, outdoor malls any time of the year and I love the weather at night time, it is so hot still and relaxing.
  • It was so so so good to see my family and I miss them already.
  • Ben left from Phoenix to go to Missouri to sell and I stayed a couple days longer, I hate being apart but I join him in 5 days!
  • I am really proud of him for working so hard out there already.
  • I chopped my hair off!! I was not planning on this but I kind of love it!
  • Although I am so excited to see my husband, I am not that excited about this summer, I am really going to need to keep myself busy so I don't go stir crazy.
  • Osama is dead, which is a nice relief I guess, I am just not sure what it means now?  Also I am pretty sure Obama thinks he did it himself. 
  • I really like Twitter these days, mostly because I love Justin Bieber!
  • We are really into Settlers of Catan lately, so fun
  • My brother is doing super awesome in Chili on his mission, his emails home are so funny and I miss him a lot.
  • My friend Jordan got married last weekend, she looked so beautiful and happy and wow I missed my wedding so much, is the whole renewing vows thing tacky, because I totally want to be a bride again.
  • I will miss Provo because I will miss our home, our friends, Cafe Rio and a car to drive
  • I watched Notting Hill for the first time yesterday-I absolutely loved it.
  • My little sister Hailey is so cute, she is so special and precious!

and some pictures to accompany my randomness....


haha she looks so grown up listening to her messages

new haircut!!!

 Matty on his mission-he's the one with the green tie


A very blurry pic of us in front of the Mesa Temple

So that's whats going on for the moment!


Lindsey said...

cute hair cassie!

Sommerfeldt Summary said...

LOVE your new hair cut!!!

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