Monday, June 13, 2011


Is what I was doing a lot of when we took a trip to 
So we were super excited for our trip to the St. Louis Amusement Park, 
we drove with some of the other guys from team orange shirts on a very hot and very humid day, 
we paid and walked into the park and all of the guys started running towards a mammoth huge loop de freaking loop roller coaster and then it hit me....

"I don't really like amusement parks, I'm scared of everything"

I really do have panic rising inside of me as I look at all the huge roller coasters and towers of fear.
So we started off with some easy rides, you know the big boat that rocks back and forth?
Well that was the first ride and I screamed like a baby, which I continued to do for most all of the day.

Anyways we met up with the guys and somehow they convinced me to go on a roller coaster
I was assured by this pack of salesmen that "this one wasn't even scary"
And then there I am strapped in to the very scariest roller coaster in the whole park, legs shaking, eyes tearing and begging them to let me off, people from all the carts looking and laughing at me.....
And then we were off.

And it was horribly scary and I screamed every second with my eyes closed, tears pouring onto my cheeks and knees hitting each other in terror.
I admit that it rocked my world and was a horrible experience but it did get my confidence up
and I ended up going on almost every ride in the park including like 4 other coasters.

So maybe I do like amusement parks, I am not sure yet?

Anyways it ended up being a really sweaty great day and I am glad we went, 
despite losing my voice completely for a day.

Sorry no boring


jennica said...

How un-boring!! I loved hearing this story even a second time! You are so brave! Next stop... Disneyland!!!!

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