Sunday, June 19, 2011

Dads Day

I remember when I was little and it was time to go to bed, I would go to give my dad a goodnight hug and every night I can remember thinking that it felt so good to hug my dad and I wished I would have done it earlier because then I had to go to bed.

My dad is the best, he is such a good example to me of loyalty, sacrifice and love.
One of my favorite feelings is when I can make my dad laugh, and it is pretty easy because he laughs at everything!
He always made our home feel safe and protected.
I had a cool experience because since I am 12 years older than my little sister, I really got to see how good of a dad he was to my little sister and now she is a full on daddy's girl.

I feel so lucky to have so many great men in my life.
Grandpa Clark I miss you, you were such a sweet, generous man who loved life, seeing the world and Frosted Flakes.
Grandpa MacLennan, I love getting hugs from you too and your smile, you are such a good father to your kids and always bring our family together.
And a special Fathers day shout out to Bruno Tremblay, the father to the love of my life, you make every one laugh and feel welcome, are so generous, have an awesome accent and thanks for raising such an amazing son.

And to my Ben, you are going to be a wonderful father someday, it is one of the many things I love about you!


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