Tuesday, June 21, 2011

First day of school

So yesterday was the first day of summer school for me.
I can't believe I'm going to say this but I think I love Summer school.
I have always loved the first day of school though, 
I don't know what it is about stationary and school supplies but they make me so happy!
There is no better thing than the first brand new fresh page of a notebook.
Love me some Staples!

BYU campus is in full bloom and is super beautiful.
There is a vast amount of parking.Yes Please.
And there just seems to be more joy around campus,
that also could be the massive amounts of EFY cheering going on.


To graduate in Communications, one has to have 65 credits of Liberal Arts Classes,
as to ensure we have a well rounded education.
So just when I thought I was done with my GE's, I am back in 100 level-busy work-classes.
In one on my classes yesterday, there were only 4 of us who were not freshman out of 120!
I love it though.
A poor innocent freshman turned around to me in such a panic and was like
"What is blackboard?!!? Everyone keeps talking about it?!!"
Bless his heart, I just wanted to guide him through BYU and tell him blackboard is super easy.
I remember being so overwhelmed my first day, there were so many people and buildings and words I had never heard of before like "citation" and "syllabus".
I also wanted to tell him how fun his freshman year was going to be! I truly treasure my freshman year, it was amazing and something you can never re-create. Anyways I told him all the secrets I wish someone told me freshman year like the testing center has hours and JFSB basement has no cell service haha!

Anyways even though I miss Ben with all my heart, I think this Summer is going to be
A. O. K!


jennica said...

i also love love school supplies! Must be a girl thing!

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