Friday, June 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. President...

Disclaimer-It is my husbands birthday today. We are 1, 594 miles apart. I miss him. This is gonna be a mushy one! 
"Thanks Mr. President for all the things you've done, all the battles you have won"
June 24th.
Ben is turning 24-Life is Golden.
Yes it is Ben's golden birthday today, most definitely a reason to celebrate!
Today though is not a celebration of our love, like an anniversary, it is all about YOU!

Ben, before I met you, I didn't think guys like you existed, you are so kindhearted, sweet, thoughtful, selfless,funny, and dashingly handsome!  
I was waiting for all your faults to show up, but they didn't. and haven't. you are just this great guy. a kind of guy that girls dream about marrying someday. you completely embody my "YW future husband list" haha
Really though, you are my favorite person and my best friend.
I love the person you are.
I love...
How you are so OCD about being wet and stepping on the bathroom floor
How your feet touch my feet in the night.
How you squint your nose and glare at me when you pretend you are mad at me.
How you love to watch weird documentaries.
How your hair has that amazing little cowlick/calick in the front.
How secretly competitive you are.
How you make me laugh till my stomach hurts.
How you have this amazing skin tone.
How we are so stinkin GOOD TOGETHER!

that face!....Ignore the watermark

Happy Birthday Benjamin
I love you from the top of head to the tips of my toes.


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