Thursday, June 16, 2011

Summer days driftin away.....

So friends, I am back in Provo after a much debated decision whether to stay in MO or come back home, 
I am back in our house in Provo and the air is dry and I love it.
I do not love being away from my significant other though, and I am prepared for that only to get harder.

Anyways, while I was wasting away days in Missouri, I got on the "mom" schedule and started watching Ellen everyday along with Dr. Phil, I am sad I missed out on the Oprah days and was not a big day time television watcher in her generation of followers.
Anyways I just love the Ellen show, I think she is hilarious and she always has good celebs on.
Ellen started off her show with welcoming everyone to the first day of official summer and she told us all her summer goals, which got me thinking that I really need to have a summer goal list, you know things I want to accomplish before Labor Day!
So here it is....

Cassie Tremblay's Summer Goals

-Blog More!! (Atleast once a week)
-Write my brother Matt more often in Chile (I miss him)
-Get invited to the Kardashian wedding (Stole this one from Ellen but I adore K+K)
-Get all A's in my summer classes (And yes I count A minus's as A's)
-Get a job ASAP (A big reason why I came back here)
-Get Justin Bieber to Re-Tweet me (1 in 10 million chance-NEVER SAY NEVER!)...
...Omg protest to get the word Bieber added to the spell check dictionary-The name is an American staple!
-Eat healthy and continue running and Yoga
-Read non-school books (Finish 6 whole books)
Get my name changed...finally! (SS, Passport, licence)
Try to make the best of being away from my husband.

Well those are my summer goals as of now, I hope I can accomplish nearly all of them and I will report back when the first leaves begin to fall!


chan said...

Justin Bieber tweeted you?!? Get out of town. What did he say? Your goal list is awesome. Kind of makes me want to make one. But i'll be disappointed when I don't accomplish ANYTHING.

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