Thursday, July 14, 2011


I know it's been a while since I have blogged which means I am already 
failing on one of my summer goals, remember those? I am pretty sure I am failing on a lot of them
like get invited to the Kardashian wedding and run every day.
Anyways I just want to give you guys an update on what we have been up to lateley.

Remember when I said that I think I love summer semester and it was gonna be good.....I LIED!
9 credits-worst.mistake.ever.
School is killing me right now! I had 3 exams and 4 quizzes this week, I feel super overwhelmed with school and it makes me want to take a nap!
my planner this week...yuck
Also I miss Ben. So. so. Much! It has been over a month and it is getting so hard.
I am counting down the days till I get to see him. He is working so hard out there and I know it is hard for him too.
I sent him this pic from the parade "Happy 4th Babe...wish you were here!"

He sent this pic back "Happy 4th...Wish I was there"
Sometimes I just wish we could not work and eat snowcones and play all day,
 remember when summer used to be like that?

Anyways Womp, womp right? Good news-
I got a JOB!  I started about 3 weeks ago and I am now working at BYU Philanthropies, 
basically I call BYU alum and ask them for money!
 It is a really great job though and they do lots of things to make it fun,
I get to pick my own hours and we have theme weeks and stuff-this week is Harry Potter obviously
 so we get to watch movies the whole shift!
Also Jennica VB works there too so that is even better!

I also have discovered and been LOVING Pinterest....more like PinterFEST!
 It is so fun and so addicting.  It is like a giant online bulletin board and if you see something you love and want to remember you just pin it! A great wall of sharing ideas that goes on forever. basically a guy would hate it haha but it is great...check me out!
Go have a fest!

Britt and I (my roomie for the summer-too fun!) went to the Salt Lake downtown farmers market and it was so huge and great. so local. so many free samps!

I got to see Ben's family for a quick breakfast on their way through town, always love seeing them, kids are so big now!

And I guess I have a lot to look forward to...

I get a kiss from Ben in 23 days when he joins me at
our amazing family reunion which is always a fav part of my summer.
Summer semester is short so it is almost over.
After Fam Renunion I get to go home to CANADA! I miss it bad.
The Bachelorette is awesome, Ashley is JP!
Labor Day weekend in St. George with Ben's fam!
Maybe possibly an end of summer trip with our besties!


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