Friday, July 1, 2011

True North Strong and Free!

July 1st is officially Canada Day and I am so sad I am not in that beautiful country today.
Oh how I will miss the Raymond Parade (not really), the random pancake breakfasts, the Astro Jumps and the Fireworks. Most of all I just miss the Canadian Pride that everyone has so much of, especially today!
It is hard to be in America today because no one even knows what Canada Day is, it is just another regular day for them, but I can remember how fun Canada Day was growing up and how happy of a day it was! I just want to shout "Happy Canada Day" from the rooftops and watch a parade!
I think I'll pretend that the Fireworks and Parade for July 4th are for Canada!

I usually go home every summer, this summer has not allowed it and 
I am really missing my home and native land.
I miss my family.
I miss the prairies and Waterton.
I miss being able to go to the doctor...for free.
I miss Costco fries and Poutine.
I miss saying Washroom and reading the French on cereal boxes every morning 
I miss Ketchup chips and Canadian Slurpees.
I miss the maple leaf being everywhere, from peoples calf tattoos to the flags (flegs) flying from cars and houses.

To honor Canada Day, I am going to wear my Canada shirt even though it is long sleeves and SO hot here, my toes are in patriotic fashion, we are going to make puffed wheat, have a BBQ and light off our own fireworks!

The United States has been good to me and I have liked living here for the past few years but my heart lies in Canada. 
I am so proud to be from this country, where we are free and happy and promote peace, I get goosebumps everytime I hear our national anthem!
Proud to be Canadian, just like Justin Bieber!


Kristy said...

You HAD to bring up Justin Bieber. Guess Kylie isn't the only one in love with him.

Lindsey said...

happy canada day! connor is totally disappointed that we could not have waited one more day to have a canada day baby. are you guys going to be at the lake for maclennan 3 days?

jennica said...

I love your Canada post more than anything. Such a good Canada day today! We made our country proud today... I'm sure of it!

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