Wednesday, August 17, 2011


I feel it is time to catch up!  
I have been unaware of the blogging world in the 6 golden days I finally got to spend with my beau!
Let's start at the very beginning...
So my wonderful dad drove all the way down to Provo on Friday (12 hours), slept,
we went out to Cafe Rio and then drove me back to Lethbridge the next day (12 hours),  I will be forever grateful!
While we were driving home, Ben was also Alberta bound flying from Memphis to Great Falls Montana, where we would meet him and pick him up.
I got to see him after 58 days, I ran into the airport and he was just on his way out and I guess I was kinda distracted plus I probably forgot what he looked like but I almost ran right past him but....we totally had a movie-worthy-airport-reunited-at-last-scene in the airport lobby, and tears were streaming down my face automatically because I was so happy to see him. I wasn't able to get pictures but it was kind of like this...
(skip to 1:00 if you are not a true fan for the best Leyton Moment!)
ok it wasnt exactly like that but you get the idea, I just had to!

 The last 3 hours of the drive went really quickly!

The next day we headed up to Waterton, one of the most beautiful places on earth for our annual MacLennan Family Reunion, it is usually at Echo Lake but due to some major flooding, we were happy to do it at my Grandparents cabin in Waterton.  
I never really appreciated how lucky I was to be an hour and a half away from this gorgeous National Park and to have a cabin there but I sure do appreciate it now! (I am still not much of a hiker which is quite the faux-pas in Waterton, but I like the rest!)

It was so great to be with all my family for the 4 days and of course I was in bliss being with Ben, I wanted to even follow him to the bathroom (highly unnusual for me)
just because I never wanted to seperate again!
We made MacLennan T-shirts, which we apparently wore every day because they are in every picture, hiked up Red Rock, hiked Blackiston Falls with the babies while the hard-cores did Crypt, we ATE so much amazing food all day long, walked around town, played games, saw some bears, went geocaching, family football game, ATE some more and we cannot forget the first ever MacLennan Family Triathalon-this accidentally happened to my little sister on the biking portion when her wheel popped off-WE GO HARD!

Sidenote-she got really road rashed, cracked ribs, fractured jaw(just found out) but is gonna be ok! 
Here are some pics from the trip!

Geocaching with my eyes closed!

the whole fam-missing some though :(

this is me scaling a wall above icy glacier crevass of death

love them!

Ben and I at Blackiston Falls!

So pretty!
Hailey and Ben!

Ben and I at Redrock
PS-missing Kylie, Connor and Lindsay and kids, Joel, Rory and Norma and Fam(minus Maddie), and Matt...WISH YOU WERE HERE!

That was a ton of pictures! Anyways, we came back to Lethbridge and had one
more day before Ben had to go back to Memphis-we played with Hailey, played some
 Rook and went out to eat at Firestone with my family.  Exactly six days after we had picked him up in Great Falls, we made our way back through the border to drop him off again.
It was another movie-worthy-don't-leave me-airport-goodbye scene, actually this one was much less dramatic as I would be seeing him again in Provo in only 10 more days!

Since then, it has been great to be home with my family and in Canada.
In just a few days I will be making the long drive back to Provo and I am excited to finally live with Ben again!  It will be good to settle back into a routine and everything!
This summer has seriously gone by so slow for me, I  know I am probably the only person who thinks that but
FALL 2011 Here we Come!


Amie said...

Aw I can't believe you guys didnt see eachother for so long. I didn't see Michael for 5 days once when I went to BC with my family, and I was crying when I saw him! haha... Cannot imagine much longer. Love all the photos!!

simply jane said...

oh my goodness!! Poor carly!! That is so sad!
I like the OTH airport reunion though I can imagine yours and Bens was highly romantical. =)

Britteny said...

i goit ghoosebumps from watching that OTH video OMG team lucas and pey pey all the way!

Ie Ling Gail said...

Cassie! So happy that you reunited with your hubby and can't wait to see you! Your adventures look so fun! said...

this makes my heart hurt.. out of happiness for you and ben.. and sadness for myself for missing it

jennica said...

yay can't wait to see you both so soon! fall 2011. im excited too!

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