Monday, August 1, 2011


some numbers that have been on my mind lately...

50-number of days I have not seen ben.
5-number of days till I get to see him.
4-number of exams I have to take this
9-months we have been married...and baby free..woohoo!
2-number of hours till The Bachelorette finale starts....Team JP forever!
150+-days since I have driven a car...i'm not even mad
7.05-time I woke up this morning...yuck..
6-days I get to spend with ben and my family in Waterton...can't even wait!
12-hours it is going to take us to drive home to Lethbridge.
269-dollars our phone bill was this month...what the heck?! Something must change
11,000,000-Number of followers Justin Bieber has..I'm one in 11 million, I know he will notice me though.haha
50-days I have not been kissed... lonely lips
387189468146-number on a scale from 1-10 of how excited I am for summer school to be over.


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