Thursday, August 25, 2011

So Long Sweet Summer...

Well that was way too short of a break from summer term, 
but it looks like this summer is coming to an end...
I'm not even mad. 
I am living with Ben again, which is just wonderful and we are really
 trying to enjoy the last few days of freedom!

Anyways since summer is pretty much over, I decided I would check back on my
summer goals list I made a few months ago and see how I did...

Progress Report

Cassie Tremblay's Summer Goals

-Blog More!! (Atleast once a week)---Ok according to my archives I had 5 posts in May, 6 in June, 4 in July and 2 so far for August, all months averaging about once a week! PERF!

-Write my brother Matt more often in Chile (I miss him)--I did succeed at this as well! Plus he got a hernia so we got to talk to him on the phone-woohoo! haha

-Get invited to the Kardashian wedding (Stole this one from Ellen but I aodore K+K)- Ok so I was not invited to the Kardashian Wedding but I have read all the articles on it and you know I will be watching the TV special of the whole wedding on E! in October!

-Get all A's in my summer classes (And yes I count A minus's as A's)----I took 3 classes  this summer term.  I got two A's.  I am taking a success on this because the other class I did not get an A in was Greek and Roman Literature. worst. class. ever.  Let's just watch Brad Pitt in Troy and get on with it, which I did.... success!

-Get a job ASAP (A big reason why I came back here)--Check and Check! I got an awesome job at BYU Philanthropies, it is right across the street from my house and you pick your own hours-plus I get to work with Jenn so it is perf!

-Get Justin Bieber to Re-Tweet me (1 in 10 million chance-NEVER SAY NEVER!)...Ok so no, Justin Bieber did not Retweet me, but of course I will Never Say Never, but in other JB news, I watched his movie 3 more times, got my mom and Carly to become bielibers by making them watch it and am thinking of getting a life size cut out...PLEASE BEN!
...Omg protest to get the word Bieber added to the spell check dictionary-The name is an American staple!---I'll be writing a letter to Obama or Bill Gates or something about this one, because as I am writing even right now a squiggly red line is appearing under Bieber...unacceptable.

-Eat healthy and continue running and Yoga-So my friend Britt was my roomie in Ben's absence and she was an awesome help for this one, we ran a ton and ate pretty much healthy-(fro yo downfall but so worth it!)

-Read non-school books (Finish 6 whole books)---I read 4 books, so pretty close-finally read all the hunger games in like 2 days-LOVED THEM!

Get my name changed...finally! (SS, Passport, licence)-Partially a success, I changed my licence, learned I don't need to change my passport until they expire and all my bank accounts, I'm pretty much legally Cassie Tremblay!

Try to make the best of being away from my husband.---This was so so so hard , I never thought we could actually be apart for 2 1/2 months but we were. I really think I tried to stay happy and positive, although sometimes I had cryfests all night on the phone to him, it was mostly ok. I focused on school and work and it was great to have friends like Britt and Brian and Jen around!  I learned to definitely appreciate the time we do get to be together now!

Not to shabby on the goals list I would say!  Now if I can just continue...


Sydney said...

Kim K totally snubbed me too! I was sure I would get an invite. And I appreciate your efforts to convert everyone to Bieberism.

Britteny said...

cassie you did so good in your goal setting. couldnt be more proud -you rock! so happy your with ben again! see you in T-3 days!

miss aubrey said...

Cassie I love your goal list! Now that you and Ben are together after that long apart I'm sure you'll treasure it even more! I wish I was invited to the kardashian wedding too:)

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