Monday, September 26, 2011

Loud and Proud

Ok I'm just going to say it-
The Emmy's were last week and I felt proud of the wonderful world of television.
that I feel so much a part of.
Ok I know there are haters out there who think TV is a waste of time, 
turns your brain to mush and trashy but haters gonna hate.

I am proud to say I love TV!  I finish everything I have to do as fast as I can 
so I can watch my show, I have spent hours looking for free streaming online that night because I can't wait till the next day when the new episode goes on or something. I sometimes watch an episode with Jennica even if I already watched it the night before, and then again with Brian, I get butterflies during the last few commercials because I am so excited for it to come back on and summer is not my favorite season because TV takes it break!

For myself, watching my favorite shows is a way for me to relax, take a break from 
everything and just immerse myself in another magical world, 
I do my homework on time, I still read a lot, I excersise sometimes, so I totes deserve my TV time!
I laugh, I cry, I scream, I hurt, I have joy
for my characters (my friends) haha every week.

So September is obviously one of my favorite months because of all my season premiers!
It's a little bitter sweet though because at the beginning of the season they have to create a lot of drama so all of my friends are in emotonal turmoil at the moment.  Mer and Der are on the rocks, Stephan is giving into his dark side and pushing Elena away, House is in jail, Quinn isn't in Glee club anymore, Pete might be dead, and Blaire might marry the wrong man! At least I have Modern Family and Community where all problems are solved in half an hour. 
If any of that made sense to you, you have to admit it, you are a TV junkie!  Say it loud, Say it Proud!

So now that I am completley out of the closet, I guess there is no harm in giving a preview of my average week:

Monday-Gossip Girl. House (Bachelor/Bachelorette when in season)
Tuesday-90210, Glee, Pretty Little Liars
Wednesday-Modern Family
Thursday (golden TV day)-Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, The Vampire Diaries
Sunday-Desperate Housewives, Dexter, Keeping up with the Kardashians

Lets have a moment of silence for some shows I love but are not on anymore-Brothers and Sisters, One Tree Hill (still on but dead to me without Leyton) and Off the Map-loved all 10 episodes before got cancelled.

I know a lot of you are thinking "this girl spends like 13 hours a week watching TV-what a slob"
and to you I say-Watch this:

Doesn't that just make you want to jump up and get a Tivo!
So now you know my obsession, I love TV, Dramas, Comedy, ok mostly Dramas but I am so not above Keeping Up With the Kardashians!
I am a little embarrassed about this post but I hope if I can even help just one person who might be scared to start a new show, or watch 3 whole seasons in one weekend have the courage to do it, then this was worth it!
TV is a vast wonderland.

6 comments: said...

i love you cassie. this made me smile

jennica said...

i followed everything. tv junkie!!!

Jordan Lawler said...

hahahahahaha. i am proud to be your friend in this moment especially

Sydney said...

Hahaha, this is the BEST blogpost I've read in a long time! I too, am guilty of loving TV.

Britteny said...

ca$$ie i am gald for you that you came out of your closet with tv remote IN HAND

mynameis tash said...

I love this post, almost as much as I love the Kardashians.

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