Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Real Housewives of Provo

Well I don't know if it is because I saw "The Help" or if because I drive by the 
fruit stand everyday but when but I woke up on Saturday morning I was
very determined to make my very first ever pie!
It is practically a marriage rite of passage to make a pie and even though I did not 
make my own crust, which some will scoff at because that is the hardest part,
I know Marie Callender can do it better than I, so have at it Marie!

So pi=3.14 and pie=3.14 HOURS!
It was not a perfect attempt, I was quite the stress case and my mom was in my kitchen via Skype 
checking pie crusts and glaze viscosity but overall a success I think.

I headed to Allred's Orchard for a bushel (bushel??) of fresh peaches
I peeled the peaches using the hot water method
I made a glaze over the stove
I sliced each peach 
I baked and cooled my crust
I combined glaze and peaches
I poured peaches into crust
I made thick, sweet whipping cream right before serving.
I ate my humble pie.
It was delicious.

It was not quite as good as my mom's but everyone said they liked it.
I served it in St. George at Ben's parents house-more about our weekend to come.

So now I am quite the southern belle and probably will be whipping these things up all the time,
Ya'll come back now ya hear.


Britteny said...

you forgot the part where you bought the crust...haha LMBO

Ben & Cassie said...

Britt did you just skim this post? I admitted to buying Marie calendar piecrust! Still counts! Haha

jennica said...

Uh. you are amaze. bible. best wife ever.

Sydney said...

Haha! this is hilarious AND it does count! Are you against sharing the recipe? I would love it if you dont mind!

Jordan Lawler said...

Cass that's impressive!!

miss aubrey said...

Cassie that looks DELICIOUS and beautiful!

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