Thursday, September 1, 2011

"The road to HE double hockey stick is paved with good intentions"

Very inspirational quote...
So there is this website I have mentioned before...
called Pinterest...
It is one of my absolute faves...
I can spend hours and hours looking 
at all the things I want to bake and make
and pine for, and sign for
and buy and try
and DIY!
I literally look at so many things and think
"what a good idea"
"that looks delicious"
"I need to try that"
"I need a baby"
The thing is I was looking and thinking and pinning...
but not doing any of it
So I have been on a quest to actually try some 
of the things I found on Pinterest!!
Here are the adventures...

I'm sure we all know of my polish obsession 
and they have some cool stuff on Pinty! 
So with the help of Britt, Elissa and Jennica the nail marbling began.

And then of course we had to experiment some more...Toe Marbling

My next Pinterest Project was at the MacLennan Reunion, when I was in charge of a Snack--Of course as a first year of meal planning at Waterton, I had to impress so I scoured Pinterest for something delicious and adorb, this is what I came up with...

Strawberry Shortcake Kabobs! 
The left is mine and the right is from Pinterest!
They were a hit!

The next pinterest project was another nail project, well not really a project just a color combo I really liked

And Mine
Picture quality is not great but you get the point!

The last project was a domestic project, our shower has been grimy since we moved in, the floor of the shower is just un-white and everything I tried does nothing.
I saw a pin on pinterest saying that a grapefruit and sea salt can clean your shower!
I thought I would give it a try...come grapefruit, come salt...
Pinterest example...

And my attempt...

Ok so this one did not work at all. But the point is I tried and the shower smelt of citrus delight!

So that is me taking action with Pinterest!
These are the next things I want to try...
DIY THIS-bread tags-so smart right

                                                                        Become KM
                                           Make these for Ben-Buffalo Chicken Grilled Cheese!

I want to hear what you guys have accomplished from Pinterest!


jennica said...

nothing! but im glad you are accomplishing stuff! and PLL was soooo good! wish you were here!

miss aubrey said...

OOOh that buffalo chicken grilled cheese looks incredible! I haven't accomplished any of my pinterest dreams YET but I'm so impressed that you have!!

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