Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So no, we are not doing the whole not shaving for a month thing around here,
that would be much too itchy and prickly!
We ARE doing something else this fall month though....


I need to preface this announcement and tell you all how big of a deal this is...
Ben and I love to eat out, LOVE IT!
I love the food, I love how it feels like a date and so social when we go with friends, 
I like trying new places and going back to our favorites as well.
On average we eat out 3 to 4 to 5 times a week.
It is not that I don't like to cook, because I really enjoy that too,
It's just that we love going out to the bountiful restaurants in Provo.
We come home from a busy day at work and school and it is so fun to narrow it down to where we are going to eat-Cafe Rio? Rubios? Gurus? Five Guys? Noodles and Company?

Anyways we had been noticing that this hobby was taking all of our money 
and so when our friends Jordan and Britton told us they were going to not eat out for the whole month of November, we accepted the challenge!

It has been 15 days, I have to close my eyes when we pass Cafe Rio
but it hasn't been too bad, except for when I want to cheat everyday.  
Amazing pumpkin cookies we made! Thanks Marty for the recipe!
It has forced me to use stuff in my cupboards that I wouldn't otherwise, 
and bake more because we can't go out for dessert!
We made a little contest out of it and if one of the couples breaks and eats out, 
they have to take the other out for dinner! (Contest Clause 1-You can eat out if someone else pays for you ie-parents, gift certificates, loser of contest etc.)

So far in half a month I bet we have saved about 200 dollars!
And I even have shed a few pounds from dining in.
15 more days to go!

So that's what we are doing for NOvember
and hopefully this will get us in the habit of eating out less after the contest is over...maybe...

The following photos are intended to break our competition

sweet mother of pearl


Josh and Kassi Nelson said...
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Josh and Kassi Nelson said...

The nice thing about knowing what you like to eat when you go out is that you can replicate the recipes at home! I found that my home-made pastas almost always taste better than that of restaurants. You can even sometimes find the exact recipes online. Search around online for the Cafe Rio dressing. my mom made it once and it tasted exactly the same. The rest of the ingredients for their salad is easy. Tortilla, lettuce, beans, rice, tortilla chips, your choice of pulled meat etc. It can make for a fun and easy date at home! :) (I have a killer recipe for Fettuccine Alfredo if you want it. SO easy and delicious. (A bit calorie dense though lol).

Kristy said...

Keep up the good work! Think of all the fun things you can do (or the savings you can accumulate)with all that money.

kyliemaclennan@gmail.com said...

GO FIGHT WIN! i believe in you cass

Jordan Osborne said...


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