Saturday, November 5, 2011

cider and spice and everything nice

So, Ben and I made a Fall to-do list this year and so far we have done pretty good.
I decided that Fall is my probably myfavorite season....
 It's not too hot and not too cold, all you need is a light jacket!
I refuse to believe that winter is here already so we still have time to finish our list.

We have...
carved pumpkins
ate pumpkin everything
drank apple cider
went to a haunted house
went on drives up the canyon
ate candycorn
and taken lots of pictures 

we still  need to...
make lots of soup and stew
be thankful
dress up for Halloween--ok I guess it's a little late
decorate for Thanksgiving
bake more

It has been a really great Fall so far!

oh ya we got a new car...well new to us...we love love it!

Went to St. George for Alex's adoption and sealing 

This was the extent of my Halloween costume....Ben had to work the 31st :(

And the extent of my Fall/Halloween decoration
Not quite a pumpkin patch like I wanted but close enough

Pumpkin heads
Sweet and Salty pumpkin seeds

Jennica's then Jordan's=awesome, mine= amateur hour

If fall could hold out for just one more month and at least let us have leaf piles for Thanksgiving
instead of snow...I'd be very thankful

Happy Season!


Britteny said...

love this many pics!!! and nothing about TV...YAY FOR FALL :)

jennica said...

love this! sooo many pictures! you are so good at fall!

Brynn Snyder said...

yea maclennan 3 days shirt! i wear mine like every day!

Jordan Osborne said...

Whatever, Buy Lows totally could have passed as a pumpkin patch. Fall has been so fun! Great post.

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