Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ode to Birthday

It is finally December-definitely one of the favored months I think.
December includes-Christmas, New Years Eve, holiday hours at the mall, getting to travel home and be with family, semesters finally ending, MY BIRTHDAY, my sign being the featured horoscope in all the magazines and.........
...........Finals.....womp womp.

For the last 4 years I have had to take a final on my birthday.
Having a birthday during finals week is not for the best-
people choose the library over your sad little party (ya bring on the sophomore year jokes), 
you are so close to being home for Christmas but not quite there yet 
and most of your day is spent studying and taking tests.

Apparently BYU has recognized me and my hard work in my 6 year plan here 
and didn't want me to have to take a final on my birthday this year.  
They decided to let us out earlier than usual for Christmas!!
I will be officially done my finals on Tuesday December 13th and en-route to Canada by the 14th.
This means, on December 16th, I will be turning 23 at home, with my love and my family with no cares in the world except which meal to request for my birthday dinner.

I am really excited about being at home for my birthday, it brings back memories of streamer-ed living rooms, my always-requested-but-no-one-except-me-really-likes-it birthday cake (black forest cake), 
presents under the tree opened early in the morning before school and then wearing my new
 birthday clothes to school that day.  Not to mention the rocking parties I planned very carefully for weeks and my mom driving me around to hand deliver the homemade invitations.

Birthday number 11-good times.

Thanks BYU for your complete lack of a fall break so we can get out early this year-you have made this December a much better one.


Ie Ling Gail said...

HAAAAAAA!!!!!! So, first of all, so happy to hear that you don't have to take a final on your birthday and that you get to be home in Canada. but more happy to see that awesome picture of Kylie. I don't think I've seen one since your wedding slideshow and it is perfect. You're great! Hope to see you soon!

kyliemaclennan@gmail.com said...

at first i was like who's that boy.. its not matt. oh wait thats ME. haha in my classy STARS shirt. you always did have the best birthday parties. remember how we used to get "drunk" off your moms passion fruit punch. good memories. HAPPY ALMOST BIRTHDAY/ALMOST DONE FINALS CASS! my only wish (other than you and ben owning your finals, driving home safely, and having the best birthday ever in canada) is that i could be there to celebrate with you!

Kristy said...

Happy B-day Cas! Sadly, Kylie's haircut is stealing the show in that picture. Well, not just her haircut, but her weird pose and face.

Brynn Snyder said...

Happy birthday Cassie! My ultrasound is on your birthday! Have a great day with your family! Ps Kylie looks awesome!

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