Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Guest Post

Hey guys, 

Head over to Rachel's blog at Her Threaded Needle today.
I guest posted in her series of Christmas traditions about one of my favorite holiday traditions.

It involves lots and lots of chocolate.

Ps: 7 more sleeps.

Just a little teaser

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

An Illusion....

You know when something seems like a really cute, really fun idea in your head?
Like making Christmas sugar cookies with your husband, 
decorating them all cute and giving them away to neighbors and friends.


Fast Forward 5 hours later-11:00pm

Went to three different stores to find a freaking rolling pin
Used way too much flour making the cookies super dry.
Therefore too embarrassed to give them away.
Therefore very unmotivated to ice all 100 cookies this recipe made 
all so we could eat them ourselves.
Therefore making the ugliest sugar cookies you ever saw.

Ben and I are about the least artistic people you could imagine (our poor child).
We had no where near enough tupperware to put all the cookies in
so we put them in zip-lock bags which smeared the icing everywhere anyways. 

We still have about 50 very dry very ugly cookies sitting on our counter.
I think Ben has eaten 1, I've had about 15.

At least it makes for some cute pics I could post on Instagram 
to at least make others believe we were having fun doing this cute Christmas activity
(That is the problem of social media HA)
and we could not stop laughing at how bad we were at decorating.

All in all-sugar cookies are the worst. Bah Humbug.
One of my favorites.

Friday, December 7, 2012

Letters for a Friday

Dear Benjamin, you have all weekend off?! What are we going to do with it? I'll tell you, we are going to squeeze as many corny Christmas activities into 72 hours as we can!

Dear Christmas Tree, real tree or bust! Am I right? You look, smell and feel so delicious.

Dear Baby, I'll buy you a car on your 16th birthday if you let me sleep at night! Deal?

Dear College, See ya, wouldn't want to be ya!  This week I finished my final class and my portfolio.  Meaning I am officially officially done with my Advertising degree!

Dear Vampire Diaries, you are seriously depressing me lately  I have to save all my happy shows to watch after you to cheer myself up.  I'm just gonna say it-Elena is being a skank.  #teamstefan

Dear Ben, since you refuse to tell me what you want for Christmas, I am going to be forced to get what I think you should have for Christmas.  This could be dangerous for you.  So you better get cracking on that wish list.

Have a holly jolly weekend.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Baby Making: 25 Weeks

Well I don't really remember a time before I was pregnant but I am feeling pretty positive these days.  It is going by quick and all of a sudden March is so soon.  I wake up in the middle of the night thinking "HOLY CRAP WE NEED A STROLLER STAT".  We haven't really bought anything for the babe yet except some adorable clothes and the "nursery" is a mix between Ben's office and a storage room so we have our work cut out for us.  There are about 1 bajillion, yes 1 bajillion lists of "baby essentials" online so it is hard to know what we actually need and what the best route to take for baby gear is.  I would love some recommendations!

I really love my belly right now.  I never understood why pregnant women were always touching their tummy but now I totally get it-It's because it's crazy!!  It has been fun to watch it grow, one day Ben looked at me and couldn't believe my bump out of nowhere.  Sometimes I will forget and then walk by a mirror and it freaks me out for a second.  Strangers are not afraid to comment anymore, it is pretty funny to hear peoples comments.  I have had a couple random people ask to touch it, I know that some pregnant women go into kill mode when that happens but I say knock yourself out, I like touching it too! HA!

It's funny because even though I am watching the scale number go up and my cheeks are filling up with acorns for the winter I feel really confident in my body.  It is like I am realizing more and more the divine purpose of my body and the amazing things it can do.  Ask me again in a couple months how I am feeling about my body though when my ankles are hanging over my shoes.

He is constantly moving, I seriously wonder what he could possibly be doing in there.  I can see my stomach moving from the outside now and am so amazed.  For some reason though, as soon as anybody puts their hand on my stomach to feel it moving, it stops.  Such a trickster.

I am still nauseous at least a little daily but only throw up once or twice a week or immediately after I eat Mexican food, this kid does not like pico de gallo or something.  I still haven't had any heartburn (knock on wood) but apparently according to the wives-tale that means this little man will be as bald as a cue ball!  I am craving citrus citrus and more citrus....and peanut butter.  I seriously ate 7 Naval Oranges in less than 12 hours last week.

I am still very curious to see what he will look like, if you haven't noticed Ben and I are polar opposites and I can't wait to see what eye/skin/hair color combo he will have.  

I have some predictions, these come from nothing but my new found "motherly intuition" but I want to write them down to see how wrong or right I am.

I predict that (against my will) he is going to be big! 8+ pounds
I predict that he will come on March 5th even though my due date is March 16th
I predict he will have dark skin and dark eyes like Ben

15 weeks and counting!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

My Best Friend's Wedding

We had an amazing Thanksgiving this year.  Not the most traditional Thanksgiving, there was no stuffed turkey or cranberries, but there was a stuffed bridesmaid (That would be me squeezing into my dress) and flowers and dresses and speeches and wedding bells!

My best friend and cousin Kylie got married over Thanksgiving in beautiful 80-degree-all-week-Arizona.  My family decided to make a vacation out of it and we went down early.  We did a lot of shopping, eating, sun tanning, wedding partying and game playing!

The wedding was beautiful, the bride was stunning and the food was to die for.  I am so happy for Kylie and Alex. I can tell they make each other so happy and they are perfect for each other! It was so nice to spend time with my family and be a part of such a happy occasion.

The flight there with my cousins | Bachelorette Party getting our nails done | The new baby twins we all couldn't get enough of  | The Bi-Family Football Game.

Black Friday Shopping Insanity
Ben and I
The beautiful details
 My family, we miss you Hailey!

I know I am a little late but in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I am so thankful for my family, my husband, my husband's family, my healthy baby and the Gospel in my life.

Cheers to Thanksgiving 2012!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Cookies and Feelings

Another blog post where I talk about cookies and emotions? Pregnant  {any} girl's heaven! 
See the first installments of cookies and feelings here and here.  


Happy that it is almost Thanksgiving and almost almost Christmas!
Loving this:
A pro of pregnancy! Suckers!!  What? I have to give birth in March?......Touche!
Excited about my best friends wedding!! And to spend Thanksgiving in Arizona with my family.
Annoyed that I get tired so easily.  By the time I take the full trash bag out, tie it, yell at Ben to come take it outside and then refill with a fresh bag I am ready to call it a day. 
Nervous about above mentioned birth, and healthcare and breastfeeding, and being responsible for a tiny child.
Needing a timeout from politics, for like four years.
Grateful for bloggers and my new lov-ah-The Boppy Preggo Pillow.  You guys all commented and told me it was a must have-came in the mail yesterday-best sleep I have had since I have been pregnant. Cassie+Boppy 4 EVA!
Hoping that this weekend is a good one.


Can you smell the fall goodness?  Who does not love some crinkly gingersnaps!  We have been inhaling these the last few days.  I like to warm mine up in the microwave for a couple of seconds and dip them in milk.  These cookies remind me of Christmas and home and now kind of of stretch marks.  This recipe is super easy, the key is to take them out at 8 or 9 minutes even if they don't look done yet, they are!  

Gingersnap Cookies
2 cups flour
1 Tbsp ginger
2 tsp baking soda
1 cup sugar
1/3 cup molasses
1 tsp. cinnamon
1/2 tsp salt
3/4 cup margarine
1 egg

Cream together butter, sugar, egg and molasses.  Add the dry ingredients and mix
Roll into balls and then roll the balls in sugar
Place on ungreased  cookie sheet
Bake @350 for 8-9 minutes.

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Baby Making: 20 weeks

my favorite place these days: air mattress, blankets, slippers, TV, Ben
20 Weeks!
Halfway There!
Whenever I hear the words "halfway there" I automatically start singing 
"wo-ah, we're halfway there, WO-AH Living on a Prayer"
The Glee version of course, that show is the only reason I know old people music, my dad is so proud.

Time is staring to speed up, I can't believe how fast October went.
Seeing my body, which has basically been the same since I was 16 change daily is crazy!
I am feeling better these days, I still get nauseous daily but I have not thrown up in a week.
I am still pretty tired and fall asleep usually before 10 on the couch but that is to be expected I guess.

The best part of this whole thing is feeling the baby move though.
I felt it maybe a little at 18 weeks but a couple nights ago there was no doubt that he was kicking.
Every time I feel it I yell at Ben to come and feel it too. 
At first it scared us a little bit and I kept screaming every time it kicked but now I am used to it and love it.

We had our 20 week ultrasound a couple days ago.
It wasn't what I expected, I couldn't really tell what was going on.
We kept asking things like "so it that his head?" and she would say no "that's his stomach"....
So it was hard to really know what we were seeing but 
looks healthy, no cleft lip and definitely a boy!

My biggest complaint these days is sleep, I have not had a full nights rest for months.
I wake up around 4:30 or 5 am every night and have the hardest time falling back asleep.
I am wondering if I should invest in those pregnancy pillows, you know the ones
that look like you are cheating on your husband with but not sure if they are worth it?
Any advice from the pregnant people of the world out there?

I am definitely having some "fat moments" 
The saddest one was when my bridesmaid dress for my cousins wedding showed up 
and was about 4 sizes too small.  That was sure fun.
I also have my official first stretch marks-they are not on my belly though....think north...
There were tears shed.

I am starting to really imagine our life with a baby.  
I can't wait for someone to entertain me during church, a little one to take naps with and keep me company while Ben is working.  I really am still baby hungry in the sense that when I see one I tear up 
and think I want one and get so excited!

Here are some pictures of the growing fruit basket

I know we need a real camera.
Donations are readily accepted.

Also I am aware I am looking down in most of these,
not to appear emo but in all the ones where I 
am looking at the camera I have a fatty-fat-face so....

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Matt is Back!

Well it was a quick trip back to Canada but one of the best ones!
As I said before my brother returned from his two year mission from Chile!!
It was SO good to see him, he looked great, he could barley speak English anymore
because he thinks in Spanish now and it felt so good to have him home happy and safe.

We all gathered at the airport and watched the plane land.
As soon as we saw him round the corner I couldn't help but instantly tear up.
He was beaming and we were all cheering/crying!

The rest of the weekend was spent catching up, 
late nights reminiscing, playing games, catching Matt up on youtube videos,
eating SO much food, family time and church on Sunday when Matt gave an amazing homecoming talk.

I always can't help but cry every time we get in the car and drive away after goodbyes.
I just love being home and this time was especially hard after only seeing Matt for a couple days.
I feel so grateful for my family and for my home.

Welcome Home Matty!

Thursday, October 18, 2012


It has been a while since I have emptied my phone pictures on here, 
so here is some catch up.

Ben and the kids: Bike Ride around Stanford with Kylie and Alex
Hairspray at Tuacahn Amphitheater :Big Burger for Ben: Boy/Girl old wives tales Prediction Tally, they were right!: My sweet nephew sleeping on my chest, nothing better!
Temple Day with the girls: Have you ever seen something so beautiful (my collection)
14 weeks: 17 weeks

Well we are off to Canada today to celebrate
my brothers homecoming from his mission.
We have not seen him in two years so you can imagine
how freaking excited we are!!
Minus the 24 hours of driving.

It's only Thursday but I think it's the weekend.
I'm calling it.
You're Welcome.
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