Monday, January 30, 2012

Spring Break

During Winter Semester BYU wants students to:

a) Avoid spring break partaying at all and any costs!
b) Have zero breaks at all in four months
c) Go CRAZY 
d) get so burnt-out that we turn into campus zombies by April
e) All of the above

The correct answer is e) all of the above...

The point of that question is to show you how disappointed I am in the lack of a spring break at BYU, and not because I want to go earn some mardi-gras beads or something, but I just need my breaks from school...

You really need something to look forward to during this semester and I have just that...

Ben and I are meeting my family minus Carly :( in Phoenix in February and I couldn't be more excited!

I can't wait to take a weekend break from school and the cold and 
get some sun and shopping in! 
Plus I just love spending time with the fam!

And I forgot to tell you the best part...

Having a weekend of 70+ degree weather with the family-PRICELESS

Yes you heard those prices right people-9.99 for a flight?!
I pledge allegiance to the ghetto but awesome Allegiant Air Airlines, I don't know how you stay in business but I will keep buying! Even though you don't even give free peanuts or pop.
Seriously you should check them out, you can get flights from Vegas to Long Beach for 10 bucks too!

Here's to a make your own Spring Break in February

25 days and counting!

Friday, January 27, 2012

a list of ten

10 Things I Love but Most People Hate

Lately I have been noticing when people are like "Ugh I hate that" In my head I'm like "I LOVE that..weird" so here is a list I have compiled of the weird things I love and most people hate.

1) Brown speckled bananas. Yep, I like em with the brown on them, not bruises-FLAVOR!
 (ps-every time I spell banana I sing the Gwen Stefani song in my head-I know I am not alone)

2) 1 o'clock church.  Yes I know people hate this and would prefer 9 o'clock and to you 
I say you are crazy! I don't mind getting out at 4pm. I love to sleep in, make a good breakfast and take my time getting ready.

3) Getting Ready. K I don't know if most people hate this but I know a few-ie my little sister.  I love to get ready, I feel most beautiful when I have the time to spend time on myself.  I love all beauty products and like the time in my robe, blasting the JB and primping up!

4) Raisins.  Is it just me or do "raisins" make everyone's food they hate list. 
Not mine, I really like these pruny dried up grapes, especially in my porridge. mmmm

5) Baths.  mmmK I am realizing women do like this, 
I think it is mostly the guys who hate baths.
I love a good bath.  Like Meredith Grey said about her future house being built by McDreamy "All I want is a bathtub that covers my boobs and my knees at the same time" AMEN.  
I love candles, a magazine, Philosophy bubble bath and some slow sad itunes playlist.

6) Hot cars in the summer.  I know this one is weird but I love getting into hot cars, even in the middle of summer in Arizona.  I could be sweating and dying but I still 
love the feeling of gettinginto a sun-soaked car.

7) Sleeping In.  I have heard the spiel from the non-sleeper-inners, "you are wasting
your day away, so unproductive etc" The truth is I think it is most productive for me to sleep till 10 or 11 
when I can, sleep is the thing I want to be getting done at the time.  I know I know-just wait till I have kids! I also love night classes, which are always the last to be added so it's perf!

8) Constantly being around people-never being alone-I know a lot of people can't stand
being around people ALL THE TIME. I love it, I would honestly be happy to never be alone.
I used to hate being in my room by myself at home (not-a-normal-highschooler I know)
I would do my homework in the busy kitchen to be around people.  I hate when Ben works
and usually try to call a girlfriend to do something.  I just really like being around people-ALL THE TIME!

9) The Kardashians-Some people really despise this family, but can I just say something-
They seriously crack me up and I love all of them! I could watch their show all day, I love the way they talk-Amaze, Cray-cray, doll, Bible, prom-prom and probably a lot of you will not believe this 
but I think they are a pretty normal family. PS-hate Kris Humphries, such a jerk! It was totally his fault they got divorced, I really believe Kim truly loved him.

10. Microwave Popcorn.  This one seriously bugs my dad, he cannot understand why I would rather
have microwave popcorn than homemade, on the stove popcorn.  I just love the 
buttery, fake-ness and trans fat of microwave popcorn-sue me.

And just because this post really needs a picture, and the title has 10 in it...

 From 10 things I hate about you.
What. A. Classic!
You are missed Mr. Ledger.

Monday, January 23, 2012


The past seven or so days...

I cut my bangs too short...see top left...whoops!
broke out the muff muffs...see top left...don't hate they are fluffy and glamorous!

Was the Queen of the Ancient World in our new fav game-7 wonders

Decided to do another NOT eating out for a month fast and so I tried to replicate Rubio's Gourmet Tacos-Made carne asada, homemade pico de gallo and a copycat version of their chipotle picante sauce that I die for!
It was pretty delish-2 hours and every dish in the house later!

We also went to the BYU volleyball game vs. USC on Saturday and cheered on the Cougs

We got that free one month trial of Amazon Prime-FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING can you believe it, how did we get so lucky!!
I went a little crazy and was ordering super random stuff 
like a sham-wow and the book in top left pic-
Fortune Telling Book of Names? What the? I don't know...
It doesn't even have my name! No name key chain or mug or personalized anything ever has Cassie! 
Come on really you are going to have a "Constance" and a "Cynthia" but no Cassie...
And no I am not with child and looking at name books!
Why I would need these things so immediately in two days? hmm...idk

I watched Never Say Never-fan cut edition-WOW-extra 40 minutes of never say never never seen before never footage-it was amaze, 11th time was even better!

Winter came to Provo, not sure how I feel about it...

Made the Food Network's #1 most requested dish-Baked Mac and Cheese..
it was good but the stuff from the box might be just as good and you get to 
skip the whole-make a roux and temper an egg thing!

And that is all...As Ellen always says, Be kind to one another and goodbye!

Friday, January 20, 2012

Nailed it...(Pun intended)

Hey so you guys might remember my love affair 
with nail polish as seen here in this previous post.
Well not a lot has changed, I still love it and am still working on my fab collection.

This past year I have been experimenting more with little designs for 
the special occasions, some of them I'm pretty proud of!
Check it out...

As you can see me and my professional tools (ie-toothpicks, matches, push pins)
are getting up close and personal!
I think my faves are Halloween and New Years.
What's yours?

I know what you are thinking...
"She must have a lot of time on her hands" (pun intended yet again)
The thing is I really enjoy doing this...therapeutic one might say.
And Ben likes the smell of nail polish so it's win-win! 

Up and coming:
Valentines day, St. Patricks, and Easters!
I'll show you if they turn out!

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I wish

As a child, well still now I am kind of OCD about wishing,
I literally cannot pass up an opportunity to wish
I wish...
On birthday candles
under train bridges
when I blow a dandelion
At 11:11, 12:34 etc.
on shooting stars
when throwing anything into a fountain
the first star I see that night
kind of weird I know...

I follow this awesome blog and this girl does a thing called 
"I wish and I'm thankful for"  
I really love it so I'm going to try it k?

So the first "I wish and I'm thankful for" on my blog

I wish Ben and I were both graduated, doing grown up jobs in a cool city like LA, Boston, or Phoenix etc.
I'm thankful that we are getting great educations right now, that we both do have jobs and I am thankful that we have good friends and fun things to do in Provo.

I wish I lived closer to my family and got to see them more often
I'm thankful for my family, google voice, skype and road trips.

I wish I didn't crave sweets all the time! Literally ALL THE TIME, why can't I be one of those people who doesn't really like dessert or chocolate or why can't those things just be good for you?!
I'm thankful for delicious food in this world and my gift to appreciate it.

I wish we had a washing machine and dryer in our apartment.
I'm thankful for out little home and the memories we are having in it.  And to Britt for giving us a bag of quarters that one time.

I wish we had the time and money to travel-I want to go to Hawaii and Europe and Thailand and NYC and Australia etc.
I'm thankful we live where we do, in the plentiful North America, I'm thankful that we have a lifetime together to see all these places!

I wish...

and I'm thankful for my favorite pair of shoes...
My Corso Como nude pumps

Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So I have been stupid sick for the past week.
Cold/Flu has been annoying and miserable and messy.

Right in the middle of this illness I noticed that I lost my sense of taste and smell.
This usually happens to me when I have a cold but never this bad!!
My nose will be completley clear and still nothing.
This is really really annoying, eating is not fun, I know I should be eating really gross 
healthy stuff right now like Kale and fish or something but I 
am really starting to worry.
J Dawgs? Nothing
Mints? No clue
Huge bag of Jelly Belly's I use to test if I have taste back? Nope. I could be eating delicious juicy pear or sick cantelope and not even know it.
I straight up have tried sniffing my nail polish remover and nothing but a headache. Ha Ew

Anyways me, being my calm, no-stress, no-worry self took to the internet to browse
I googled:


Then I read all these Zicam nasal horror stories 
about how nasal sprays can fry your olfactory nerve and you can never smell/taste again!!

I alarmingly tell this to Ben
and he reassures me that my 
"old factory" is working just fine and to not worry.

So day 6. no taste. no smell.

Here is to hoping that my old factory starts meeting some quotas and picks it up and I don't lose it forever and become a 4 senses person and my future children don't walk around in dirty diapers all day because their scent-less mother can't tell.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Since Auld Lang Syne

Well 2011 was definitely good to us, 
we celebrated our fist year of marriage and even though we spent a 
horrible two months apart this summer, 
we feel very blessed looking back at this year!

Here are some highlights from this past year!

Ben and I had a long drive back to Provo from Canada
and we talked about New Years resolutions and
what we thought this upcoming year would bring and
we really can't wait to see what happens...
Bring on 2012!!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

I love Christmas and it seems like each year it gets better. Although we were missing Matt this year, 
it is that much better when I get to go home and see my family after being away and I love being able to share my favorite holiday with Ben every year.

This year my family was moving into my Grandpa's house on the acreage temporarily 
so that there is someone living there until they sell it.  I thought it would be weird not having Christmas 
at my house but it wasn't at all.  I have so many memories of Christmas in that house anyways it felt completley comfortable and perfect.  

One of my favorite things about Christmas is traditions. 

Our family has a lot!

1. We make many batches of delicious home-made chocolates

2. We set up and admire my Grandma Clark's Christmas Village

3. We get together with family almost every night!

4. On Christmas Eve we always spend it with either side of the extended family....
 If we do it with the Clark's we eat pizza, activities and white elephant exchange.  
With the MacLennan's we do steak and crab and sing Christmas songs a lot!

5. On Christmas Eve we have a program where the kids perform talents-this year I performed a special number and did the drummer boy Justin Bieber rap, although my family was embarrased of me, I know JB would be proud of this Belieber! and no I am not posting the video.

5. We act out the nativity...this year there were not enough little kids so we played our new xbox KINECT instead, I know that sounds bad but it was family bonding!

6.  We ALWAYS ALWAYS open up new pajamas on Christmas Eve, this is one of my favorites

7.  Christmas morning we wake up and we have to have a picture in our pj's on the stairs before we do anything!
looking lovley in the morning!   missing Matty :(
8. We have to open the stockings first and they have to be in a separate room from the tree

9.  My mom only puts one or two presents under the tree before Christmas so the first time we all see the Christmas morning tree together it is a surprising treat, billowing with gifts!

10. My mom makes mini quiche after we open presents for breakfast.

11. A new Christmas Tradition is skyping with our missionary-a huge highlight, this year on the big screen!

11. An amazing Christmas dinner at Grandmas Christmas night.

12.  A lot of times we go see a movie Christmas Night but this year being on a Sunday we just played games, visited, watched basketball and Tim-Tam Slammed!

13. On Boxing Day (December 26th in Canada) we usually all go ice skating and play hockey, this year sans  Kylie's fam we lounged and shopped!

I love Christmas traditions, they make the holidays more special and personal.   Ben and I were talking about Christmas traditions and the ones we want to have in our family.  I know a lot of people do this but we decided to start a Christmas book tradition, where every year we get a new Christmas book and in the years following, you read the books with your kids during the holidays.  
This year Ben got me the perfect book to start off our collection
The Night Before Christmas!

It was such a good Christmas vacation for us.
We got to spend time with the family with no work or school.
I am glad Ben and I were there to help with the move and 
cuddle with Hailey when she was sick.
We got to watch Carly play basketball twice,
sleep in and play the Kinect and games, talk with Matt,
 learn to play cribbage, got to see all the cousins and family
and we got spoiled more than we deserved with gifts!
I miss my family already but...

 We are so  happy we are ending the year here in Utah with Ben's family, can't wait to be a part of Sam and Wilson's wedding on the 3rd, and play with this gem all week!

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