Tuesday, January 10, 2012


So I have been stupid sick for the past week.
Cold/Flu has been annoying and miserable and messy.

Right in the middle of this illness I noticed that I lost my sense of taste and smell.
This usually happens to me when I have a cold but never this bad!!
My nose will be completley clear and still nothing.
This is really really annoying, eating is not fun, I know I should be eating really gross 
healthy stuff right now like Kale and fish or something but I 
am really starting to worry.
J Dawgs? Nothing
Mints? No clue
Huge bag of Jelly Belly's I use to test if I have taste back? Nope. I could be eating delicious juicy pear or sick cantelope and not even know it.
I straight up have tried sniffing my nail polish remover and nothing but a headache. Ha Ew

Anyways me, being my calm, no-stress, no-worry self took to the internet to browse
I googled:


Then I read all these Zicam nasal horror stories 
about how nasal sprays can fry your olfactory nerve and you can never smell/taste again!!

I alarmingly tell this to Ben
and he reassures me that my 
"old factory" is working just fine and to not worry.

So day 6. no taste. no smell.

Here is to hoping that my old factory starts meeting some quotas and picks it up and I don't lose it forever and become a 4 senses person and my future children don't walk around in dirty diapers all day because their scent-less mother can't tell.


Amie said...

hahaha this is funny. but I hope your 5th sense returns!

Kristy said...

My good friends husband was in a longboarding accident and has lost his sense of taste/smell for ever. Joel thinks that is a fate almost worse than death.

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