Tuesday, January 17, 2012

I wish

As a child, well still now I am kind of OCD about wishing,
I literally cannot pass up an opportunity to wish
I wish...
On birthday candles
under train bridges
when I blow a dandelion
At 11:11, 12:34 etc.
on shooting stars
when throwing anything into a fountain
the first star I see that night
kind of weird I know...

I follow this awesome blog and this girl does a thing called 
"I wish and I'm thankful for"  
I really love it so I'm going to try it k?

So the first "I wish and I'm thankful for" on my blog

I wish Ben and I were both graduated, doing grown up jobs in a cool city like LA, Boston, or Phoenix etc.
I'm thankful that we are getting great educations right now, that we both do have jobs and I am thankful that we have good friends and fun things to do in Provo.

I wish I lived closer to my family and got to see them more often
I'm thankful for my family, google voice, skype and road trips.

I wish I didn't crave sweets all the time! Literally ALL THE TIME, why can't I be one of those people who doesn't really like dessert or chocolate or why can't those things just be good for you?!
I'm thankful for delicious food in this world and my gift to appreciate it.

I wish we had a washing machine and dryer in our apartment.
I'm thankful for out little home and the memories we are having in it.  And to Britt for giving us a bag of quarters that one time.

I wish we had the time and money to travel-I want to go to Hawaii and Europe and Thailand and NYC and Australia etc.
I'm thankful we live where we do, in the plentiful North America, I'm thankful that we have a lifetime together to see all these places!

I wish...

and I'm thankful for my favorite pair of shoes...
My Corso Como nude pumps


kyliemaclennan@gmail.com said...

what a good idea!
Here's mine: I wish that we lived close to each other still. and could see each other, and talk, and play, and actually be apart of each others lives. I'm thankful that we're good enough friends, that no matter the distance or how long its been we can pick up right where we left off!

Britteny said...

cassie i wish you would answer your phone
i am grateful that you at least answer it when ben calls (Ooo dagger haha) just kidding you always eventually call back hehe ...i like this blog post puts things in perspective ! oh so deep

Kristy said...

Great post. A Few things: please do not ever think that Boston and Phoenix can both be "cool" cities. If Phoenix is cool, then Boston is the most amazing city the world has ever known. Also, I hear that if you swear off sweets for a month (literally NO sweets), the craving wears off. Perhaps worth a try (I probably will never try it, but you could if you really wanted to!). Lastly, if you cut out almost all eating out and clothes/accessories shopping, you could go on a really cool trip with Ben in a year. I am happy to help you budget for it if you want.

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