Friday, January 27, 2012

a list of ten

10 Things I Love but Most People Hate

Lately I have been noticing when people are like "Ugh I hate that" In my head I'm like "I LOVE that..weird" so here is a list I have compiled of the weird things I love and most people hate.

1) Brown speckled bananas. Yep, I like em with the brown on them, not bruises-FLAVOR!
 (ps-every time I spell banana I sing the Gwen Stefani song in my head-I know I am not alone)

2) 1 o'clock church.  Yes I know people hate this and would prefer 9 o'clock and to you 
I say you are crazy! I don't mind getting out at 4pm. I love to sleep in, make a good breakfast and take my time getting ready.

3) Getting Ready. K I don't know if most people hate this but I know a few-ie my little sister.  I love to get ready, I feel most beautiful when I have the time to spend time on myself.  I love all beauty products and like the time in my robe, blasting the JB and primping up!

4) Raisins.  Is it just me or do "raisins" make everyone's food they hate list. 
Not mine, I really like these pruny dried up grapes, especially in my porridge. mmmm

5) Baths.  mmmK I am realizing women do like this, 
I think it is mostly the guys who hate baths.
I love a good bath.  Like Meredith Grey said about her future house being built by McDreamy "All I want is a bathtub that covers my boobs and my knees at the same time" AMEN.  
I love candles, a magazine, Philosophy bubble bath and some slow sad itunes playlist.

6) Hot cars in the summer.  I know this one is weird but I love getting into hot cars, even in the middle of summer in Arizona.  I could be sweating and dying but I still 
love the feeling of gettinginto a sun-soaked car.

7) Sleeping In.  I have heard the spiel from the non-sleeper-inners, "you are wasting
your day away, so unproductive etc" The truth is I think it is most productive for me to sleep till 10 or 11 
when I can, sleep is the thing I want to be getting done at the time.  I know I know-just wait till I have kids! I also love night classes, which are always the last to be added so it's perf!

8) Constantly being around people-never being alone-I know a lot of people can't stand
being around people ALL THE TIME. I love it, I would honestly be happy to never be alone.
I used to hate being in my room by myself at home (not-a-normal-highschooler I know)
I would do my homework in the busy kitchen to be around people.  I hate when Ben works
and usually try to call a girlfriend to do something.  I just really like being around people-ALL THE TIME!

9) The Kardashians-Some people really despise this family, but can I just say something-
They seriously crack me up and I love all of them! I could watch their show all day, I love the way they talk-Amaze, Cray-cray, doll, Bible, prom-prom and probably a lot of you will not believe this 
but I think they are a pretty normal family. PS-hate Kris Humphries, such a jerk! It was totally his fault they got divorced, I really believe Kim truly loved him.

10. Microwave Popcorn.  This one seriously bugs my dad, he cannot understand why I would rather
have microwave popcorn than homemade, on the stove popcorn.  I just love the 
buttery, fake-ness and trans fat of microwave popcorn-sue me.

And just because this post really needs a picture, and the title has 10 in it...

 From 10 things I hate about you.
What. A. Classic!
You are missed Mr. Ledger.

2 comments: said...

thank you for making my day cassie. also please blog MORE. reading peoples blogs is like the one bright spot in my work day

Sydney said...

This made me laugh so hard. But raisins? Ugh! Ha ha. Keep the blogging coming Cassie - I love to read what you say.

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