Friday, January 20, 2012

Nailed it...(Pun intended)

Hey so you guys might remember my love affair 
with nail polish as seen here in this previous post.
Well not a lot has changed, I still love it and am still working on my fab collection.

This past year I have been experimenting more with little designs for 
the special occasions, some of them I'm pretty proud of!
Check it out...

As you can see me and my professional tools (ie-toothpicks, matches, push pins)
are getting up close and personal!
I think my faves are Halloween and New Years.
What's yours?

I know what you are thinking...
"She must have a lot of time on her hands" (pun intended yet again)
The thing is I really enjoy doing this...therapeutic one might say.
And Ben likes the smell of nail polish so it's win-win! 

Up and coming:
Valentines day, St. Patricks, and Easters!
I'll show you if they turn out!


chan said...

They all turned out so great cassie. I love them. I've said it before but I'll say it again. I wish we lived close so that we could combine our creative juices and nail polishes.

Sydney said...

You are amazing! Can you do my nails the burberry plaid? Seriously. I love it!

miss aubrey said...

I love the marbled nails! So cute! I want to see your nail polish collection in person someday. It's famous.

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