Sunday, January 1, 2012

Simply having a wonderful Christmas time

I love Christmas and it seems like each year it gets better. Although we were missing Matt this year, 
it is that much better when I get to go home and see my family after being away and I love being able to share my favorite holiday with Ben every year.

This year my family was moving into my Grandpa's house on the acreage temporarily 
so that there is someone living there until they sell it.  I thought it would be weird not having Christmas 
at my house but it wasn't at all.  I have so many memories of Christmas in that house anyways it felt completley comfortable and perfect.  

One of my favorite things about Christmas is traditions. 

Our family has a lot!

1. We make many batches of delicious home-made chocolates

2. We set up and admire my Grandma Clark's Christmas Village

3. We get together with family almost every night!

4. On Christmas Eve we always spend it with either side of the extended family....
 If we do it with the Clark's we eat pizza, activities and white elephant exchange.  
With the MacLennan's we do steak and crab and sing Christmas songs a lot!

5. On Christmas Eve we have a program where the kids perform talents-this year I performed a special number and did the drummer boy Justin Bieber rap, although my family was embarrased of me, I know JB would be proud of this Belieber! and no I am not posting the video.

5. We act out the nativity...this year there were not enough little kids so we played our new xbox KINECT instead, I know that sounds bad but it was family bonding!

6.  We ALWAYS ALWAYS open up new pajamas on Christmas Eve, this is one of my favorites

7.  Christmas morning we wake up and we have to have a picture in our pj's on the stairs before we do anything!
looking lovley in the morning!   missing Matty :(
8. We have to open the stockings first and they have to be in a separate room from the tree

9.  My mom only puts one or two presents under the tree before Christmas so the first time we all see the Christmas morning tree together it is a surprising treat, billowing with gifts!

10. My mom makes mini quiche after we open presents for breakfast.

11. A new Christmas Tradition is skyping with our missionary-a huge highlight, this year on the big screen!

11. An amazing Christmas dinner at Grandmas Christmas night.

12.  A lot of times we go see a movie Christmas Night but this year being on a Sunday we just played games, visited, watched basketball and Tim-Tam Slammed!

13. On Boxing Day (December 26th in Canada) we usually all go ice skating and play hockey, this year sans  Kylie's fam we lounged and shopped!

I love Christmas traditions, they make the holidays more special and personal.   Ben and I were talking about Christmas traditions and the ones we want to have in our family.  I know a lot of people do this but we decided to start a Christmas book tradition, where every year we get a new Christmas book and in the years following, you read the books with your kids during the holidays.  
This year Ben got me the perfect book to start off our collection
The Night Before Christmas!

It was such a good Christmas vacation for us.
We got to spend time with the family with no work or school.
I am glad Ben and I were there to help with the move and 
cuddle with Hailey when she was sick.
We got to watch Carly play basketball twice,
sleep in and play the Kinect and games, talk with Matt,
 learn to play cribbage, got to see all the cousins and family
and we got spoiled more than we deserved with gifts!
I miss my family already but...

 We are so  happy we are ending the year here in Utah with Ben's family, can't wait to be a part of Sam and Wilson's wedding on the 3rd, and play with this gem all week!


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