Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Since Auld Lang Syne

Well 2011 was definitely good to us, 
we celebrated our fist year of marriage and even though we spent a 
horrible two months apart this summer, 
we feel very blessed looking back at this year!

Here are some highlights from this past year!

Ben and I had a long drive back to Provo from Canada
and we talked about New Years resolutions and
what we thought this upcoming year would bring and
we really can't wait to see what happens...
Bring on 2012!!


Brynn Snyder said...

that black swimsuit is hot btw.

Kristy said...

It makes me happy to see that the triathlon made the list. Glad you had a great year! said...

such an awesome first year of marriage.. its crazy its been that long! i want you to know you and ben are one of my most favorite couples ever. i think you guys are perfect together. I hope this next year we can see each other more. as i looked back, this past year didnt have nearly enough cassie in it.

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