Monday, January 23, 2012


The past seven or so days...

I cut my bangs too short...see top left...whoops!
broke out the muff muffs...see top left...don't hate they are fluffy and glamorous!

Was the Queen of the Ancient World in our new fav game-7 wonders

Decided to do another NOT eating out for a month fast and so I tried to replicate Rubio's Gourmet Tacos-Made carne asada, homemade pico de gallo and a copycat version of their chipotle picante sauce that I die for!
It was pretty delish-2 hours and every dish in the house later!

We also went to the BYU volleyball game vs. USC on Saturday and cheered on the Cougs

We got that free one month trial of Amazon Prime-FREE TWO DAY SHIPPING can you believe it, how did we get so lucky!!
I went a little crazy and was ordering super random stuff 
like a sham-wow and the book in top left pic-
Fortune Telling Book of Names? What the? I don't know...
It doesn't even have my name! No name key chain or mug or personalized anything ever has Cassie! 
Come on really you are going to have a "Constance" and a "Cynthia" but no Cassie...
And no I am not with child and looking at name books!
Why I would need these things so immediately in two days? hmm...idk

I watched Never Say Never-fan cut edition-WOW-extra 40 minutes of never say never never seen before never footage-it was amaze, 11th time was even better!

Winter came to Provo, not sure how I feel about it...

Made the Food Network's #1 most requested dish-Baked Mac and Cheese..
it was good but the stuff from the box might be just as good and you get to 
skip the whole-make a roux and temper an egg thing!

And that is all...As Ellen always says, Be kind to one another and goodbye!


the maclennan five said...

i want your recipe for all that stuff. And does the BYU volleyball team get stuck in that little gym? What 's with that! Or is that the Marriot center just curtained off? And last but not least. Don't get sucked in by those free trial things. Trust me!

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