Tuesday, February 28, 2012

When you wish upon a star...

I don't love when my blog is just "here's what we did and it was awesome" posts but February was good to us and it just so happened that we had two awesome weekend get-a-ways in a row! We got to go to Disneyland for President's Day weekend and we just got back today from Phoenix where me met up with my family for the weekend!

So since I have a need to document, the next two posts will be "here's what we did and it was awesome" posts...


First off, a huge shout out and thank you to Jordan and Britton Osborne, for making the whole trip possible and making it oh so magical and thanks to Beau Lawler for letting us stay at your house-you are the best! The trip was so fun, the road trip included.  We headed out Thursday night, stopped in St. George for Cafe Rio and then stayed the night in Las Vegas at the Excalibur! 

We left from Vegas in the morning and got to California in the afternoon and headed to the Rainbow factory, where I got a much needed new pair of my favorite flip flops on the planet and Ben got his very first pair.  We then headed to the beach! I'm always blown away at the beach and the ocean and how amazing it is! Why do I live in Canada again? JK I love both...Anyways we then headed on a long, traffic filled field trip to find a place to eat and after a series of unfortunate events we ended up having a great meal at Ruby's Diner on a cute outdoor rooftop.  We ended the night at the third largest mall in America-South Coast Plaza and a game of rook of course.

Saturday was pure bliss, Saturday was Disneyland day and I seriously can't explain in words how amazing it was.  Again, it was my first time, and when we walked into the park, climatic music playing and people surrounding me in mouse ears and the Disney castle is the distance tears streamed down my face! I know I know so dramatic but it was seriously like all my childhood dreams and the happiness  of it all came rushing in!  Jordan and Britt are Disney experts so they knew exactly what to eat, where to be at what time and the best things to see! We opened and closed the park with about a 14 hour day and it was better than I ever imagined! The park was so clean and special and detailed.  My favorite part was World of Color, the amazing light/fountain show  (also a tear-jerker), or maybe the fireworks or maybe Tower of Terror? Or Pirates? I couldn't choose a favorite part, but the whole atmosphere was just so happy and my dreams really did come true!  Now get ready for a major slew of Disney pictures...

These were supposed to be "Minnie" inspired nails

Bracing ourselves for California Screaming and screaming I did

California Adventure

Haunted mansion line

I HAD to have a giant pickle

I may or may not be crying on this-Tower of Terror!
Getting ready for Toy Story-which was soo fun!

I am very attractive when I ride rides
Walt and Mickey
I love this picture!
You can't really tell but this was during the fireworks!

And Ben HAD to have a giant turkey leg
Minnie ears!
bahahaha-splash mountain! Our last ride of the night!

So to sum it up Disneyland was amazing and I want to go back tomorrow, there is so much to see!

Also on the trip we got to eat lunch at ESPN zone in downtown Disney, which is every guys dream restaurant, went to Balboa island and eat at BJ's, and we got to meet up with Kylie, and it was beyond good to see her and her boyf!  It was a perfect trip and again thanks to Jord and Britt! I'm thinking this will be a new annual tradition!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Night In

Well we have been on a magical trip to Disneyland this past weekend, so I have not had a chance to write about our February 14th celebration.  Last year, Ben was in charge of V-day so this year I took over.  We had just a quiet night in, but it was kind of perfect.  I got home from work, we got in our pj's (that's when you know it's gonna be a good night) and started the celebrations.  We made homemade pizza with heart shaped pepperoni, I baked a deliciously festive cake (got the idea and recipe here), exchanged presents, popped popcorn and watched Parks and Rec. in bed.  We didn't do the fancy dinner and roses this year (not that I have anything against that) but we had a really romantic night at home and I loved it.  I love Valentines Day!

The pizza, adorned with heart shaped pepperoni, Ben adorned with kisses and cake adorned with sprinkles.

Ben got me a Stella date necklace, I randomly told him I wanted it a long time ago and he remembered.  The little discs can represent any date you want, silver for the numbers and the gold to separate the month and the day and double digits.  Mine is our wedding day October 9th.  I got Ben a Calle hoodie, not as thoughtful but he loved it, I actually ended up wearing it almost the whole weekend because it was so comfy..whoops! 
So that was it! Valentines 2012-Success!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Mine (just a little late)

I know I am a day late but I was busy soaking up the love yesterday and didn't have time to blog.
I was wearing red pants and hot red lipstick and the Love playlist was on repeat!
A belated very happy love day, lovelies!
I am a Valentine's Day FAN-I don't get why some people hate on it.

I love LOVE, so what better than a holiday to celebrate it.
plus I love chocolate.

I asked Ben if he would be my mine, and he said yes.
So Ben, my valentine I adore you.
I am so happy you are my best friend.
Thank you for always showing me love and making sure I feel safe, loved and happy.
We had a quiet night in which I actually loved , which will be up on here later.

In other news, here's what's been going on in the last week-ish.

 Date Night!
Remember how I said Ben had last Friday off, well we took full advantage.
We went to the temple, out for dinner to Smash burger for my first time...
The chocolate malt was life changing.  Sorry random Husky gas station in Cardston Alberta, 
I just had better!  
We I ended the night in tears after seeing The Vow. I loved it.

We did the color code test with friends a while back, very true, very funny to see how we see ourselves versus how others see us.
Another pic outside the temple, yes it looks like Spring but it really is February.
We were playing Cranium the other night, I got a "sculptorades" and was supposed to sculpt "back hair" do not ask me how it turned into a demon baby but needless to say, my team couldn't guess it right.
And some great news! We are going to DISNEYLAND this weekend!
 It will be my first time and I am beyond excited.
I will get to cross something off my bucket list:
Kiss while watching the Disneyland fireworks, just like in Aladdin.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

feelings and cookies


Happy that Ben has work off this Friday! 
Loving this amazing weather...in Utah...in February..what?? I had my AC on in my car the other day...Knock on Wood!
Excited about my movie date tomorrow to THE VOW! Every girl in America/Canada will be dragging their lover to this tomorrow, and every girl in America will update their status about it, myself included...CAN'T WAIT!
Annoyed that I need dental work done but have no dental insurance and that it is so expensive. "Here you take out my wisdom teeth and stuff and I'll just cut off my arm and leg and give it to you ok?" 
Nervous that Elena and Stefan will never get back together...First world problems Vampire Diaries Problems.
Needing a haircut soo bad, but I'm back to wanting my hair long again! I get so jealous every time I see my little sister Carly and her long beautiful hair.
Grateful for phone calls with my mom. 
Hoping that I can get my school and internship and graduation and real job figured out sometime...soon!


Let me paint you a picture...The hour is midnight, I am laying in my bed in my pajamas browsing Pinterest, a certain pin captures my eye...mmm I NEED THOSE!  Grab Ben, run to Macey's in said pajamas, 30 minutes later having midnight peanut butter crinkles with my favorite chocolates-Dove promises (owns the Hershey Kisses version).  Nothing like a valentines inspired midnight snack.

And here is the recipe, no they are not made from scratch, don't judge sometimes Betty knows best!


1 pouch (1 lb 1.5 oz) Betty Crocker® peanut butter cookie mix
          3 tablespoons vegetable oil

1 tablespoon water
1 egg
2 tablespoons sugar
36 heart-shaped milk chocolate candies


Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Men in tights

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!?
We had a little super bowl get together this past weekend with some friends. I watched the game a little, but mostly just chatted with the girls, and ate the delicious appi's! I made buffalo chicken dip and a new recipe-southwestern egg rolls, I kinda made them up and combined a lot of recipes and they turned out great! There was also buffalo crisps, artichoke dip, pudding cookies, potato skins and a lot of pop!  Great football party right?! As an advertising major, I like the commercial part but I don't know if it was just me but they were kind of lacking for me this year. Madonna killed it though, I was super impressed, especially with the weirdie dancing move with lmfao...

What the?

Anyways it was a good time....for me at least...one of the husbands may or may not have tweeted the following after the game..

"DON'T watch sports with women! All I've heard is who they like on the bachelor, who used to be Mormon, and what's going on in Cosmo."

OOPS!! So maybe next year we will let the boys enjoy the game just a little bit more! At least they were fed well!

Saturday, February 4, 2012


So first things first, my blog got a make-over! Woo! Can I just say that blogger is not for the average PC computer girl like me, like holy html, css codes and ???, seriously what would I do without a computer hacker husband and pre-made blog designs?  I now look at blogs with new-found respect and think how in the world did you get that button thing there, where are all these girls learning computer science?  Oh and Ben is not actually a computer hacker but I couldn't think of any other word than nerd, and hacker seemed nicer.

Ok here is a preview of our last week and a little...

Me+Kettle Corn and M&M's(-) husband+New Vampire Diaries+New Grey's Anatomy=A pretty ok night!

Ben brought me home roses just for fun, he didn't even know I had a crappy day and that was just what I needed.  Cassie walks in the door, sees roses on tables, Cassie is sobbing, Ben is very confused.

We celebrated Elissa and Britt's Birthday at CPK...Tradition!

I ate 3 grapefruits this week, they are def in my top 5 fruits, but they take longer to prepare and do surgery on with a pairing knife than they do to eat.

We got a new TV for our bedroom.....uh oh, might never leave bed.

Getting into the spirit of February with pink toes and red fingers.

Valentines centerpiece, also doubles as candy dish.

Played the Newlyweds Game....SO FUNNY! Ben and I were not winners and definitely learned a lot about each other...Ben thinks he sleeps on his stomach...I have never seen him on his stomach...never...Anyways a really fun game, the boys look like they are not having fun but they loved it, I know it.

Not documented but still happened:
-Ben and I took up racquetball...and by took up I mean went twice and really liked it.
-Visited with my Grandparents who were down from Canada
-Signed up for Spring classes-Comms 482, highest class number ever!
-Attempted Lasagna for my first time
-Googled "When is Instagram coming to Android" like 4 or 8 times, I really covet that App!

And that's about it...You know you love me
xoxo Gossip Girl

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