Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Be Mine (just a little late)

I know I am a day late but I was busy soaking up the love yesterday and didn't have time to blog.
I was wearing red pants and hot red lipstick and the Love playlist was on repeat!
A belated very happy love day, lovelies!
I am a Valentine's Day FAN-I don't get why some people hate on it.

I love LOVE, so what better than a holiday to celebrate it.
plus I love chocolate.

I asked Ben if he would be my mine, and he said yes.
So Ben, my valentine I adore you.
I am so happy you are my best friend.
Thank you for always showing me love and making sure I feel safe, loved and happy.
We had a quiet night in which I actually loved , which will be up on here later.

In other news, here's what's been going on in the last week-ish.

 Date Night!
Remember how I said Ben had last Friday off, well we took full advantage.
We went to the temple, out for dinner to Smash burger for my first time...
The chocolate malt was life changing.  Sorry random Husky gas station in Cardston Alberta, 
I just had better!  
We I ended the night in tears after seeing The Vow. I loved it.

We did the color code test with friends a while back, very true, very funny to see how we see ourselves versus how others see us.
Another pic outside the temple, yes it looks like Spring but it really is February.
We were playing Cranium the other night, I got a "sculptorades" and was supposed to sculpt "back hair" do not ask me how it turned into a demon baby but needless to say, my team couldn't guess it right.
And some great news! We are going to DISNEYLAND this weekend!
 It will be my first time and I am beyond excited.
I will get to cross something off my bucket list:
Kiss while watching the Disneyland fireworks, just like in Aladdin.


Mandy Davis said...

didn't you got to disney land when you were a kid? I remember nicki went with you guys...and I was sooooooo jelous!

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