Tuesday, February 21, 2012

A Night In

Well we have been on a magical trip to Disneyland this past weekend, so I have not had a chance to write about our February 14th celebration.  Last year, Ben was in charge of V-day so this year I took over.  We had just a quiet night in, but it was kind of perfect.  I got home from work, we got in our pj's (that's when you know it's gonna be a good night) and started the celebrations.  We made homemade pizza with heart shaped pepperoni, I baked a deliciously festive cake (got the idea and recipe here), exchanged presents, popped popcorn and watched Parks and Rec. in bed.  We didn't do the fancy dinner and roses this year (not that I have anything against that) but we had a really romantic night at home and I loved it.  I love Valentines Day!

The pizza, adorned with heart shaped pepperoni, Ben adorned with kisses and cake adorned with sprinkles.

Ben got me a Stella date necklace, I randomly told him I wanted it a long time ago and he remembered.  The little discs can represent any date you want, silver for the numbers and the gold to separate the month and the day and double digits.  Mine is our wedding day October 9th.  I got Ben a Calle hoodie, not as thoughtful but he loved it, I actually ended up wearing it almost the whole weekend because it was so comfy..whoops! 
So that was it! Valentines 2012-Success!


mynameis tash said...

The food looks better than eating out!

D & DB said...

hi! i've never seen your blog! adorable. and yes, i definitely remember you. i watched the video of you watching the greys anatomy finale prob 20 times..i will never forget that. so hilarious. the world of social media!ha

i hope you enjoyed disney land. it's the BEST.


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