Saturday, February 4, 2012


So first things first, my blog got a make-over! Woo! Can I just say that blogger is not for the average PC computer girl like me, like holy html, css codes and ???, seriously what would I do without a computer hacker husband and pre-made blog designs?  I now look at blogs with new-found respect and think how in the world did you get that button thing there, where are all these girls learning computer science?  Oh and Ben is not actually a computer hacker but I couldn't think of any other word than nerd, and hacker seemed nicer.

Ok here is a preview of our last week and a little...

Me+Kettle Corn and M&M's(-) husband+New Vampire Diaries+New Grey's Anatomy=A pretty ok night!

Ben brought me home roses just for fun, he didn't even know I had a crappy day and that was just what I needed.  Cassie walks in the door, sees roses on tables, Cassie is sobbing, Ben is very confused.

We celebrated Elissa and Britt's Birthday at CPK...Tradition!

I ate 3 grapefruits this week, they are def in my top 5 fruits, but they take longer to prepare and do surgery on with a pairing knife than they do to eat.

We got a new TV for our bedroom.....uh oh, might never leave bed.

Getting into the spirit of February with pink toes and red fingers.

Valentines centerpiece, also doubles as candy dish.

Played the Newlyweds Game....SO FUNNY! Ben and I were not winners and definitely learned a lot about each other...Ben thinks he sleeps on his stomach...I have never seen him on his stomach...never...Anyways a really fun game, the boys look like they are not having fun but they loved it, I know it.

Not documented but still happened:
-Ben and I took up racquetball...and by took up I mean went twice and really liked it.
-Visited with my Grandparents who were down from Canada
-Signed up for Spring classes-Comms 482, highest class number ever!
-Attempted Lasagna for my first time
-Googled "When is Instagram coming to Android" like 4 or 8 times, I really covet that App!

And that's about it...You know you love me
xoxo Gossip Girl


Nikki Berezay said...

LOVE your new blog design! Did you do it yourself? It looks great

jennica said...

cass! this new blog is beautiful!!! i seriously need your skills. i think mine needs a redo as well. we should play raquetball sometime! brian loves it. and i just love everything else about this post.

ps. watched 2 episodes of bach this morning. really which u were watching this season!

Britteny said...

JENN!!! I'm watching bach! lets talk about it :) i miss you....cassie... love this post and all the pics and the shout out to me your the best i miss you!

Rebecca Lowe said...

hey girl! yeah, duh, i remember you! thanks for checkin in on the blog. i love your blog design :) hasta la vista!

Ben said...

Haha I didn't do hardly anything, you did like 99% of the reconstruction!I like how you aligned the text! I'm not so sure what I like better now.. I think you should do what looks best to you!

Jenni@Story of My Life said...

The blog looks fab. :) And I thought I was the only one who likes m&ms in popcorn!! Except I put peanut m&ms in regular butter popcorn... yummmmmy.... :)

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