Friday, March 30, 2012

Dixie Rock

Ben and I were here for the day in beautiful St. George! We were here to help his maja move but got some time to sneak out at night.  Anyone who has been here has seen The "Dixie" Rock.  A red rock on a hill (?) that someone spray painted DIXIE on.  Apparently it is a right of passage in High School to go to to the top of the rock and get your mack on!  My husband went to high school in St. George and  had never kissed a girl up there before!?

So of course I dragged him up there and laid one on him! Right next to all the other high school couples up there making out!

It was pretty magical and brought me right back to the glory days.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Feelings and Cookies

Feelings and cookies, cookies and feelings, quite the combination if you ask me! Especially if an alien invades your body called mother nature once a month and then they are a combination that inevitably will go together.  You may remember the first time these two met here for a Valentines edition, here is my Easter take on it.


Happy that there is only two weeks of school left, I am ready for a change of pace! 
Loving cat eye sunglasses and summer scarves and the Grey's Anatomy episodes lately.
Excited that the fam is coming to visit next week! I have our whole weekend planned down to the minute! I LOVE when my family comes to visit.
Annoyed at the people in my class who ask "show off questions".  You know "I am familiar with Aristotle's early work and I see that it differs from now, what are your thoughts on that?" Oh get over yourself we can all Wikipedia that line.
Nervous that I am going to catch this sad horrible flu my poor husband has..Chugging Emergen-C as we speak!  There is something so tender about seeing your husband sick though, I kind of like the caretaker roll a little bit.  Minus the gross parts where I apologetically hand him Lysol and paper towels with my face turned the other way and nose plugged.  Sorry!
Needing to lay out and bronze this body, I am seriously translucent, hopefully I'll be able to catch some rays in St. George this weekend!
Grateful that I still get butterflies when Ben walks in the door, for families and for fresh starts.
Hoping that I always live in a place with seasons, I love seasons.


Sweet mother of pearl you have to make these cookies!  My cousin found the recipe on Our Best Bites a couple years ago and if these cookies had a page on facebook, we would all be "fans".  They are so delicious, combine two of the greatest inventions ever-cookies and mini eggs and are so festive and cute!

I know there are a lot of recipes floating around out there for mini egg cookies on Pinty, but this one has been tried and tested and approved.


These pics were taken when we made these when we first started dating...presh

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

One is the loneliest number?

I have said it before on this blog, I am not a person who likes "alone time".  I hate being alone, and while I know a lot of people need that time, I am not one of them.  I like to be surrounded by people, especially Ben.  

Ben works night shifts, most of the time starting at 5 pm and not getting done until 3 or 4 am.  This makes for a lot of alone time.  Saturday was one of those days, he left at five and I planned my night-usually consisting of reading blogs, watching crappy movies on Netflix and maybe painting my nails or something.

NO! This Saturday night was not going to be a pathetic lonely night!  I decided to go on an adventure by myself.

I first went to the mall to try on some shoes I had been eyeing online-did not look good on my feet-glad I did that first!

Then I went to Ross and TJ Maxx, I have never been into those stores in Provo but I hear that people find some really good stuff there sometimes...I did not, but an experience nonetheless.

I then went to Joanne's, yes a CRAFT store, I am NOT a crafty person but my mom got me the cutest little ceramic vase for Christmas and it has been sitting empty on my bathroom vanity for months.  I carefully picked out a flower combination and browsed the rest of the store convincing myself I could totally become a crafty person. When I got home I created this!

Not too shabby right!

I also went to Walmart to buy some Borax because I read on a blog that it would clean a stained tub.  Ours has been gross ever since we moved in and I have tried everything, so I thought I would try this out, didn't really work but I am sure that huge-A box of  Borax will come in handy one day down the road.

The next part was the best, I went THRIFTING for my first time ever.  I feel like so many blogger friends and some friends at work are really into this and always find great stuff!  I kind of loved it.  At first I was really lost but then I got into it.  I found a maxi skirt that fit perfect and a fun button up blouse!  My total was less than 10 dollars! It was actually a rush, I'm excited to go again and show you guys my finds!

So there you have it, I had a fun, productive and crafty night all by myself!

Monday, March 26, 2012

This is Not a Paid Advertisement*

So with the much anticipated return of Mad Men this week, I thought about how much I love that show, not just because of Don Draper and his too-cool-attitude or Betty Draper's  perfect face but because of the Advertising!

Some of you may know that I am an advertising major at BYU.  I love my major and actually enjoy going to my ad classes...This was my homework: Pick a certain target market (dancers, soccer moms, college students, gamers etc), do some research and make a magazine cover for a magazine that your target would want to read.

I picked homeless people:

Tell me homeless people wouldn't read this?
That was my homework! No memorizing ligaments or the quadratic formula for this girl!

Ps. This cover is not meant to be offensive or mean, simply lighthearted and funny!  I would show you guys more of my portfolio work and stuff but I'm not quite confident enough in it yet...we will see...

In other news this weekend Ben had to work 2 of the 3 nights and let me tell you, I live for my weekends, I feel like I need a really good weekend to get through the week. So this one might be rough...

This weekend we did NOT go to the Festival of Colors like the rest of Utah
This weekend we did NOT go to the grand opening of the City Creek Mall in Salt lake like the rest of Utah
This weekend we did NOT go to the premier of The Hunger Games like the rest of the world.

Although now I have a lot to look forward to for the coming week as we will be doing 2/3 of above activities and going down to St. George for a quick getaway!

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Style by Points

Since I don't have enough pictures from our weekend, I am saving up two
weeks worth of pictures for next Sunday's "week in pictures"
I have something else for you though....

When I was around 12-years-old, my older cousin Brynn told me
about the fashion point system and how each item you wear is worth points.
Like 2 points for your hair up and only 1 point for your hair down.
And 1 point for every ring and bracelet etc.
She said you should never exceed 12 points.
I kind of forgot all the rules  but it did pop into my head once in a while.

Well guess what-I found it.

It is from a book in the 1960's by Mrs. Willam C. Frankie Wench
telling women how to dress with the "fashion  point system."

You can tell it is dated because it says women who are shorter get less points than if you are tall
and it has things like gloves and handkerchiefs counting as points.
Read the points, it is pretty great:

I love how you get a different point allotment for daytime and evening,
and how "blouse different to ensemble" is one point...opposed to blouse same as ensemble?
I also love the clarification for shoes and if your toes peep out, one more point!

I wonder what Mrs. Wench would think of some of our daytime looks these days...
(1 point for every spike? Rhi-Rhi is WAY over her points, even if she is tall)

Not that I am saying we should follow these points at all,
 fashion has definitely changed and I think the modern girl needs more points than 12.
Just something to think about when accessorizing and getting ready.
Scarf, glasses, updo, hat and 4 necklaces? Maybe too much?  Maybe not?To each their own I guess!

I just think it might be a good old fashioned way
to never be over-dressed or under-dressed for any occasion!
Plus I love vintage, classy fashion and all their sexist-ish articles about it.

Now go put on fresh lipstick and an apron and have dinner waiting for your husband when he walks in the door!

7 points for her

Thursday, March 22, 2012

A window to the soul

I remember the first purse I got in like grade seven and I had NOTHING to put in it, so I went around the house looking for cute things to fill it up with, "can of Cream of Chicken Soup? Sure! It'll feel heavy!"
Now my purse looks like my mothers full of receipts and tweezers and there is way too much junk in it HA!

You know how purses are so sacred to girls, and how when an old boyfriend went to go look in your purse you would slap him away and act all offended "You can't look in there, a girls purse is personal!, don't you know".  All for fear of him finding a tampon or heaven forbid a can of Cream of Chicken Soup!

And you know how people say you can tell everything about a girl just by looking at the contents of her purse. Let's see what mine says about me!

Cafe Rio and 3 different Frozen Yogurt loyalty cards
Cafe Rio cinnamints (I grab a handful, stuff it in my purse then run away like I just committed a crime)
Nail clippers
Socks (you know in case of spontaneous bowling plans)
2 B&BW hand lotions, both vanilla
Hempz pomegranate lotion
EOS lip gloss and Anthro Rosebud lip gloss, and some more lip gloss
B&BW hand sanitizer, also vanilla
2 water bottles, one completely empty and one with maybe a swig left
BYU Agenda and a very small study guide *you know it can't be a very good study guide when it is 4x6
Floss (my most useful item)
Pens and pencils (I am strict mechanical pencil 0.5 lead only kind of girl)
Checkbook (Yes, people still have those and I may or may not have paid 20 dollars for animal print checks)
Canadian Cash-A Toonie (2 dollars) and a Loonie (one dollar)-They are actually called that!!!

So what would my purse say to a stranger if they saw it:

A very thirsty, dry skinned Canadian girl who pays for her vanilla frozen yogurt with obnoxious checks.

I'll take it.

Linking up with the lovley Jes and Crystal for "Peep Please" So fun and if you don't link up "you can't sit with us...YOU CANT SIT WITH US!"

Two Smuppies

The Blogosphere

Some of you may have noticed I have been posting more often, 
linking up with other blogs, new blog design stuff etc.
Well that is because I discovered there is this huge blogging community out there 
and I want to be a part of it!
Some of these girls I follow have hundreds, some thousands of followers, they
have sponsors and features and are making revenue of their blogs.

Although I am so so so far away from that, I love to follow
and visit all kinds of blogs, and I thought 
"I want people to come and read and enjoy and follow my blog"

The number one reason for my blog is to still document Ben and I's adventures
and I will still post stuff that maybe only we will understand and laugh at,
just for the sake of remembering.
Although I still would love to one day have hundreds of followers and 
have people love to read, like I love to read others blogs.

So I am getting tons of page views a day but not as many followers, and yes I follow myself
so here is a shameless plug to follow me!

If you read my blog at all regularly, go to the sidebar and press
"join this site" you just have to have an email or a blog of your own.
Followers are the currency of the blogging world and I would love your support!
So all my friends who have told me they love to read my blog, go follow me
because I know where you live!

In April I am going to start my very first button swap!  I have a few lined up already
but if anyone wants to swap buttons let me know via email

Ben and Cassie: Come What May

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#Trending, a year later

Almost exactly one year ago today, I posted about what was on Ben and I's hot-list at the moment.  You know, our personal recent obsessions and flavors of the week.  I  thought it would be fun to do it a year later and see what has changed! You can check out the original post here.

Food: Quesadillas with our fancy quesadilla maker!
TV Show: Parks and Rec and Prison Break
Hobby: Catching up on Prison Break
Book: Hunger Games (via audio book while he works, I am forcing him)
Restaurant: Firehouse Subs
Candy: Movie Popcorn
Drink: Mountain Dew
Free Time: Sleep (he works night shifts)
Music: Fun "We are Young"
Movie: "Safe House"
Product: Our new "modded" Xbox

Food: Anything with buffalo sauce
TV Show: Prison Break, I am so into this right now on Netflix. Micheal and Linc, never been a better team! Also I admit that I LOVE The Vampire Diaries at the moment.
Hobby: Blogging! 
Book: Besides textbooks? none, I am ashamed
Restaurant: Rubio's, I seem to be constantly craving their grilled chicken taco's. 
Candy: Reese's Easter Eggs and Canadian Cadbury Mini eggs (yes there is a difference)
Drink: Diet Coke Lime
Free Time: Online shopping
Music: Taylor Swift "Eyes Open"
Movie: Loved "This Means War", can't wait for "The Hunger Games"
Product: Morrocan Oil, so summery and soft.

So I am doing a link up for this, if you want a little fun thing to remember.  And remember these are not all time favorites, that would be a different list but what you are into at the moment.  So link up if you don't have a blog post planned for the next couple days!  

Monday, March 19, 2012

These are my confessions

I decided to do Monday Confessional again since it was so fun last time!

I confess that I want to kill Blogger when it doesn't automatically capitalize i's (see what I mean) and it bugs me on blogs where the I's aren't capitalized.

I confess that I cannot french braid #futuremotherfail...I have to get my little sister to do mine if I want one.

I confess that I think I look the best in car mirrors....I told my friends this once and they died laughing at me haha there is something about the lighting and the size, I don't know.  Seriously though, confidence boost-look in a car visor mirror.

I confess that as I have been playing the app "Draw Something" all week, I realized I have fat fingertips

I confess that I hate it if Ben falls asleep before me and will usually create some kind of "commotion" or "noise" to wake him up so I can fall asleep first.  Worst wife ever I know.

I confess that I keep the tags on my clothes as long as possible.  It feels like I have new clothes all the time then.  Honestly if you looked in my closet right now you would see 10+ items with price tags still on and yes when I wear it I just tuck them, but sometimes there is that awkward "you're tag is still on" and I am forced to rip it off.

So there are my secrets!
Ps-it snowed again bad last night, so that whole spring is here thing, JOKES!  Happy Monday

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week...via wannabe Instagram

Ben and I had a relaxed week, no we did not go sky-diving and these pictures may be an oxymoron to my last post about married people being cool, but it was great nonetheless!

1.Spring cleaning Car wash!  
2. I made fresh bread for my very first time in my foods class, it was actually easier than I thought and there is nothing better than that smell in your house, so I think I will try again!
3. Silk and gold buttons.  I love anything with gold buttons.
4. Since I am off sugar at the moment, oranges have been my snacks and dessert.  I had eight this week.  This was one of the best oranges I have ever had! mmmmm

1. Went shopping twice this weekend! I got my first maxi dress and I love it! I'm excited to wear the maxi, a fedora, huge sunglasses, and an over sized bag and walk around pretending I'm a celebrity.  (I swear they are always wearing that outfit in the "celeb spotted" moments in magazines.)
2. My St. Patrick's Day nails.  This has been one of my favorite color combos! The picture does not do it justice but I used Essie "Sew Psyched" and Deborah Lippmann "Boom Boom Pow"
3. Green crinkle scarf for SPD, no pinches for me!
4.  We made homemade sushi with our friends the Osborne's, although I hate fish and didn't try it, it was still really fun and cool to watch! And Ben got his "fish fill" in because I can't cook it!

Hope everyone had a great weekend....You know that nervous bad feeling in the pit of your stomach on Sunday night when you know it is Monday in less than 24 hours...I have that.  Here's to hoping this is a wonderful week and that the testing center gets infected with toxic mold or something!

ps-linked up at one of my favorite blogs, Story of my life!

Friday, March 16, 2012

We're still cool!

Yesterday at work I asked my co-worker if he had any exciting plans for the weekend:

Co-worker #1-"No not really"
Me- "Me neither yet..."
Co-worker #2 (to me) "No offense, but you're married, do you ever have anything fun and exciting plans"
Me (resentful and surprised)-"What? Are you kidding? WE ARE STILL FUN. We are COOL married people, I bet I stayed up later than you last night!"
Co-Worker #2-"Ok, sure"
Co-Worker #1-"Ya my sister just got married and now she is lame"

OK I seriously resented this comment, just because we are married does not mean we are not fun anymore.  Not all married people are the cookie cutter stereotype of doing homework, going to work,  thinking about babies, shop at Cold Water Creek, canning peaches and their idea of fun is going to Target in the next town over.

Seriously! Ben and I have a ton of friends, both married and single, we stay up late and sleep in late.  We try new restaurants, play games, see all the new movies, go see shows and sporting events.  Just in the last month we have gone to Vegas, Disneyland and Phoenix...See we are still fun!....right?

Apparently I feel the need to justify it to all of you, but it was just surprising that people have that perception of marriage!  What can a single person do that I can't?  Nothing, I just get to do all the fun stuff with the guy I like, and then go have a sleepover after!  It is not like once you get married you stop wanting to do fun things.

I honestly think Marriage is so fun, we are always trying to get out and do things, planning trips and making each other feel challenged.  We dream about our future and all the amazing things we want to do.

So there you go I think we are the cool married people!

Do any of you feel like people have the perception that married people are lame?

Ps-we are going to go skydiving or something this weekend out of spite

This is how I like to do marriage. Fun and messy.

Have a wonderful, fun, anti-lame, exciting adventure filled weekend!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring? What I Wore

Eat your heart out Punxsutawney Phil (yes that is the Groundhog's day groundhog's real name)
He said there would be six more weeks of winter but it is quite the opposite here in beautiful Utah Valley.
It has been beautiful the last couple weeks and I am hoping the weather is not being a super-tease 
and that spring has arrived!  
I used the warm weather as an excuse to wear a new skirt I bought in AZ to work.
It was definitely my favorite purchase, and I thought I wouldn't be able to bust it out 
till at least April but March is being good to us!

I thought "I should take a picture of this skirt I love and post it on my blog
 like those stylish fashion blog girls I follow".  
So here you have it, I must admit I felt pretty awkward posing and twirling
 in a public place but "in the name of blogging" I sucked it up. 

Skirt:Francesca's Collection; Blazer:Gap; Scarf:H&M; Shoes:Corso Como via Nordstrom

I have been looking for a cute "midi" skirt for a while now so when this one 
was midi-length and color blocked and on sale it was a no-brainier. 
By the way, the term "midi-skirt" is totally a thing, I looked it up and see it on 
websites all the time, not mini or maxi but right in between;midi.  
So Mrs. H&M salesperson girl, when someone asks you if you have any midi-skirts 
don't tell them that's not a real thing and look at them like they are retarded.

Happy Wednesday and happy spring!

Ps-I finally updated my "about us" page-go check it out!

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Confessional

Hey I am linking up over at a blog I follow called New on U for confessions!

I confess, that while Ben was at work last night I stayed up till 1:30 am watching "Hoarders" and "My Strange Addiction"....I just couldn't look away.  A guy in an intimate relationship with his car? Is this real life?

I confess that I am on a diet and currently off sugar and carbs for a  month and last night,  alone, while Ben was at work while browsing Pinterest, I was audibly moaning and or saying "oh my gosh" out loud when spotting desserts (especially anything with chocolate and banana)

I confess that I pull out my cell and do that fake phone call....often actually...

I confess that I don't really like water, I hate milk, juice is only ok and I love diet pop...I know I know "maybe if I didn't drink so much pop I wouldn't be on a diet in the first place...

I confess that I have a serious worrying problem, my heart stops when I hear an ambulance and Ben isn't home, when my parent's don't answer any of their phones, I shakily check out their hometown news for disasters, and even sometimes when their name shows up on called id, I freak out thinking it's going to be horrible news.  Just wait till I have kids and I lock them in a safe house underground till they are 30.

I confess that I have had an empty picture frame on my mantle for a year and a half

I confess that I feel really old on campus., I hardly see anyone I know anymore because they all seem to be graduated... My sister and I (five years apart) will be attending BYU simultaneously next semester!

Feels good to get that all out :)  Happy Monday...Not...Mondays are the worst...

Friday, March 9, 2012


Some really random things...

Ben and I started watching Prison Break and Parks and Rec on Netflix (they are literally the best shows I have ever seen!-Chris Traeger)

My toenails have been polish-less for five days!  I don't think they have gone more than a couple hours without being painted since I was like 11 years old.  I thought I would give them some breathing room. Although don't worry, I would never wear open-toed shoes with this girl faux-pas going on down there!

I got my ring re-dipped this week, it looks brand new now!

I am really sick of school-#socloseyetsofar

I have been craving pancakes a lot...with chocolate chips...

I had to choose between my gym membership and my Netflix membership-guess which one won?
But I still have one last month to use the gym membership, so I plan on doing some sauna soaking...
Double FAIL.

One day Ben bought something nice for his wife at Anthropologie, they asked him his name, address, email etc.  They must have heard his name wrong....Then Anthro probably sold his info to more places because besides getting the Anthropologie catalog every month, he also gets a lot of mail and Catalogs with this on them...

I don't know why but this cracks me up every time I see something in the mail with this name on it!
Ben-GERMEN? how could they have thought that is what he said? Or that that was his real name?
Anyways I pretty much only call my husband by "GERMEN" now...he loves it (sarcasm italics)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last Chance

So as I mentioned before, Ben and I went on a quick weekend getaway to Arizona.  It was much too short of a trip but really, really good to see my family! What can I say, I am kind of a homebody and really miss my family while I am out here.  We tried to squeeze everything in, so it was go-go-go but I liked it.  We did some really great shopping, lots of pool and hot tub time, Cheesecake Factory, In-N-Out, and of course got a   few card games in at night.  I have said this before but I really like Arizona, definitely on my top five places to end up in.

Now I have to tell you about this place we went to, have you ever heard of "Last Chance"?  Well let me tell you, so first there is Nordstrom, then Nordstrom Rack, and then at the bottom of the chain, there is Last Chance.  It is Nordstrom stuff majorly discounted and it was crazy! I think there is only one and it is Phoenix.  It was seriously like a movie, we got there about 15 minutes before it opened and there were already huge lines!  A security guard comes out and gives the spiel:

"No pushing, shoving, running, trampling, biting, only three items of one kind in your bag at one time and NO AGGRESSIVE SHOPPING, I repeat NO AGGRESSIVE SHOPPING!" 

Then the doors open and people charge!  Apparently the hot items this time were Toms shoes (got a pair for $20 there last time) and designer bags.  I was looking for cheap Hunter boots (saw them there last time for $50-no such luck this time) and a Hobo Wallet.  I went over to the wallet section, and started browsing, a girl in front of me sees that I am looking for a certain type of wallet and proceeds to not even look but just grab about 40 wallets (no exaggeration) and throw them in her bag.  She then goes to a little corner and looks at all them to see if they are good I guess, making sure I didn't beat her to it.  I could not believe it! It was seriously confessions of a shopaholic up in there!  I saw two moms screaming at each other over a pair of Toms for their daughters and I saw someone literally take a Burberry bag out of another ladies cart while she was not looking!  

I unfortunately left empty handed this time, I like to think of myself as quite the shopper, but apparently not an aggressive shopper.  If you are in the Phoenix area, you should really check it out, just in case you do land your hands on a dynamite item, or just for pure entertainment value!

This is people waiting outside before the doors open

Friday, March 2, 2012

A list of ten

So this" list of ten"-It is now officially a thing on this blog, just any random ten things on my mind in list format-see the previous list of ten here!

I know I said the next blog post would be about our Arizona trip but I decided to throw this one up in between.

You may remember that I am on online window shopping addict-meaning I spend a lot of time looking at things I want on the interweb, fill up my shopping cart and then never really buy anything.  I love to look though! Here is a strictly material list of things I really want right now!

Note to husband *Please refer to this list for all future major holidays that involve gifts.

1. Hunter Gumboots (that is what we call them in Canada)-I have had my eye on these for a long time. I am set on the hunter green color and even though I stalk eBay for a cheaper pair than Nordies, it is not my time yet.
2. Love Morse Code Necklace-I really like secret meaning jewelry apparently, as seen in my new V-day present date necklace.  This one spells LOVE in morse code with the little dots-adorb!
3. Nars Blush in Orgasm-Even though it has a naughty name, this blush is the most talked about blush on the internet and blogs and such.  I have the Nars orgasm nail polish and love it, so now I just need the make-up to match.
4. Duvet Socks-Shut up?! I love duvets and they have always been my choice of bed blanket.  One of the best feelings ever is taking off your socks under the duvet-now imagine that feeling all the time!
5. J.Crew crinkle skirt-I'm taking a break from the pencil skirt and am really into flowy skirts right now, especially at the "midi" length.  I really want this one but in navy.
6. Jack and Lulu calendar-this is the cutest calendar ever.  It is letter pressed and so simple and I want it on a shelf really bad.  I have a fear of buying calendars after January, so maybe next year!
7. Williams-Sonoma Message-in-a-cookie-cutters-This little gadget lets you personalize your cookies with little stamps. It comes with pre-made sayings and you can rearrange letters to do your own-Can you say Best Visiting Teacher Ever Award!
8. Anthro Latte Bowls-My friend Jordan has these and they are the perfect size, also the colors are so cute-These are pretty affordable too!
9. Catbird heart ring in rose gold-I have had this bookmarked on my computer for over a year!  I think it is the perfect ring for the right hand ring finger.  Two year anniversary maybe?
10. Birchbox-This is a girls dream come true-Once a month you get a little gorgeous box filled with deluxe samples of beauty products, then if you like them, you can buy them on the Birchbox website for a cheaper rate!  It is seriously genius!  I have to admit I recently signed up for this, it is 10 dollars a month, so I am going to try it out for a couple months and see if it is worth it.  I'll give my review on the blog later!  Ps-there is a waiting list-get on it now if you are interested!

So there you have it-some of my favorite things at the moment!

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