Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Blogosphere

Some of you may have noticed I have been posting more often, 
linking up with other blogs, new blog design stuff etc.
Well that is because I discovered there is this huge blogging community out there 
and I want to be a part of it!
Some of these girls I follow have hundreds, some thousands of followers, they
have sponsors and features and are making revenue of their blogs.

Although I am so so so far away from that, I love to follow
and visit all kinds of blogs, and I thought 
"I want people to come and read and enjoy and follow my blog"

The number one reason for my blog is to still document Ben and I's adventures
and I will still post stuff that maybe only we will understand and laugh at,
just for the sake of remembering.
Although I still would love to one day have hundreds of followers and 
have people love to read, like I love to read others blogs.

So I am getting tons of page views a day but not as many followers, and yes I follow myself
so here is a shameless plug to follow me!

If you read my blog at all regularly, go to the sidebar and press
"join this site" you just have to have an email or a blog of your own.
Followers are the currency of the blogging world and I would love your support!
So all my friends who have told me they love to read my blog, go follow me
because I know where you live!

In April I am going to start my very first button swap!  I have a few lined up already
but if anyone wants to swap buttons let me know via email

Ben and Cassie: Come What May


Jes said...

i see my face in the gfc thingy so i know i am a follower of your blog :)

xx jes

also, since you mentioned linking up, are you going to show us inside your bag?!

xx jes

Mo (New on U) said...

I'm with you. I started this not really knowing what the blogging arena had to offer. I blogged once a month or so, read lots, but never commented. Since getting more involved, I've met some GREAT people and even went on some blates!

Let's swap, if you would like :)

Amira said...

You go girl :-) You'll have hundreds of followers in no time! Your blog is too great not to. As soon as you start button swaps, you will watch the numbers grow :-)

The Millers said...

Just came across your it! I'd love to do a little button swap. Let me know if you're interested. Xo

Lindsey said...

I will definitely be your follower! I love your posts, they seriously always make me smile or laugh. I hope your blog becomes huge one day!

Autumn Ingram said...

Can't wait to swap buttons! :)

Courtney B said...

Isn't blog land amazing! I have even met some bloggers in real life and it's the best!
I just moved to a new smallllll town and it's very lonely for me... thank goodness I have my blog friends to keep me company until I can make some friends here!

andrea brionne said...

I'd love to button swap with you!

Mrs.Marie Lester said...

I just started following you today (found you on Amira's blog) and I'm so glad I did! Can't wait to see all the lovely things you post!

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