Friday, March 30, 2012

Dixie Rock

Ben and I were here for the day in beautiful St. George! We were here to help his maja move but got some time to sneak out at night.  Anyone who has been here has seen The "Dixie" Rock.  A red rock on a hill (?) that someone spray painted DIXIE on.  Apparently it is a right of passage in High School to go to to the top of the rock and get your mack on!  My husband went to high school in St. George and  had never kissed a girl up there before!?

So of course I dragged him up there and laid one on him! Right next to all the other high school couples up there making out!

It was pretty magical and brought me right back to the glory days.


Anonymous said...

hahahahahhaha you WOULD!#bensdreamsfulfilled

Autumn Ingram said...

Too cute! I'm glad he finally got his "mack" on up there:)

I tagged you in my post today! Check it out:) It's a Q&A thing!

Lauren Cooper said...

Haha you guys are too funny!! Always having so much fun :)

Hey so I thought I would let you know I am probably headed to the provo area sometime next week for a few days! So I was thinking if your hubby has an other late night working and you need an adventure buddy for a night, Im your girl? let me know! :)

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