Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Last Chance

So as I mentioned before, Ben and I went on a quick weekend getaway to Arizona.  It was much too short of a trip but really, really good to see my family! What can I say, I am kind of a homebody and really miss my family while I am out here.  We tried to squeeze everything in, so it was go-go-go but I liked it.  We did some really great shopping, lots of pool and hot tub time, Cheesecake Factory, In-N-Out, and of course got a   few card games in at night.  I have said this before but I really like Arizona, definitely on my top five places to end up in.

Now I have to tell you about this place we went to, have you ever heard of "Last Chance"?  Well let me tell you, so first there is Nordstrom, then Nordstrom Rack, and then at the bottom of the chain, there is Last Chance.  It is Nordstrom stuff majorly discounted and it was crazy! I think there is only one and it is Phoenix.  It was seriously like a movie, we got there about 15 minutes before it opened and there were already huge lines!  A security guard comes out and gives the spiel:

"No pushing, shoving, running, trampling, biting, only three items of one kind in your bag at one time and NO AGGRESSIVE SHOPPING, I repeat NO AGGRESSIVE SHOPPING!" 

Then the doors open and people charge!  Apparently the hot items this time were Toms shoes (got a pair for $20 there last time) and designer bags.  I was looking for cheap Hunter boots (saw them there last time for $50-no such luck this time) and a Hobo Wallet.  I went over to the wallet section, and started browsing, a girl in front of me sees that I am looking for a certain type of wallet and proceeds to not even look but just grab about 40 wallets (no exaggeration) and throw them in her bag.  She then goes to a little corner and looks at all them to see if they are good I guess, making sure I didn't beat her to it.  I could not believe it! It was seriously confessions of a shopaholic up in there!  I saw two moms screaming at each other over a pair of Toms for their daughters and I saw someone literally take a Burberry bag out of another ladies cart while she was not looking!  

I unfortunately left empty handed this time, I like to think of myself as quite the shopper, but apparently not an aggressive shopper.  If you are in the Phoenix area, you should really check it out, just in case you do land your hands on a dynamite item, or just for pure entertainment value!

This is people waiting outside before the doors open


Kristy said...

I think I would rather shoot myself in the knee than shop at Last Chance. I have heard of it, but didn't realize it was so insane.

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