Friday, March 2, 2012

A list of ten

So this" list of ten"-It is now officially a thing on this blog, just any random ten things on my mind in list format-see the previous list of ten here!

I know I said the next blog post would be about our Arizona trip but I decided to throw this one up in between.

You may remember that I am on online window shopping addict-meaning I spend a lot of time looking at things I want on the interweb, fill up my shopping cart and then never really buy anything.  I love to look though! Here is a strictly material list of things I really want right now!

Note to husband *Please refer to this list for all future major holidays that involve gifts.

1. Hunter Gumboots (that is what we call them in Canada)-I have had my eye on these for a long time. I am set on the hunter green color and even though I stalk eBay for a cheaper pair than Nordies, it is not my time yet.
2. Love Morse Code Necklace-I really like secret meaning jewelry apparently, as seen in my new V-day present date necklace.  This one spells LOVE in morse code with the little dots-adorb!
3. Nars Blush in Orgasm-Even though it has a naughty name, this blush is the most talked about blush on the internet and blogs and such.  I have the Nars orgasm nail polish and love it, so now I just need the make-up to match.
4. Duvet Socks-Shut up?! I love duvets and they have always been my choice of bed blanket.  One of the best feelings ever is taking off your socks under the duvet-now imagine that feeling all the time!
5. J.Crew crinkle skirt-I'm taking a break from the pencil skirt and am really into flowy skirts right now, especially at the "midi" length.  I really want this one but in navy.
6. Jack and Lulu calendar-this is the cutest calendar ever.  It is letter pressed and so simple and I want it on a shelf really bad.  I have a fear of buying calendars after January, so maybe next year!
7. Williams-Sonoma Message-in-a-cookie-cutters-This little gadget lets you personalize your cookies with little stamps. It comes with pre-made sayings and you can rearrange letters to do your own-Can you say Best Visiting Teacher Ever Award!
8. Anthro Latte Bowls-My friend Jordan has these and they are the perfect size, also the colors are so cute-These are pretty affordable too!
9. Catbird heart ring in rose gold-I have had this bookmarked on my computer for over a year!  I think it is the perfect ring for the right hand ring finger.  Two year anniversary maybe?
10. Birchbox-This is a girls dream come true-Once a month you get a little gorgeous box filled with deluxe samples of beauty products, then if you like them, you can buy them on the Birchbox website for a cheaper rate!  It is seriously genius!  I have to admit I recently signed up for this, it is 10 dollars a month, so I am going to try it out for a couple months and see if it is worth it.  I'll give my review on the blog later!  Ps-there is a waiting list-get on it now if you are interested!

So there you have it-some of my favorite things at the moment!


Sydney said...

I too have the latte bowls (and the mini ones) and LOVE them! I use them all the time, especially the mini ones. I love all this stuff - you have such good taste.

Lauren Cooper said...

The Nars blush is my FAV! I highly recommend it! Haven't used a different kind since!! :)

Lauren Cooper said...

uh so i already commented on this and now i look like a stalker buuut i dont have facebook anymore and so this is the only way i can get a hold of you! But since i noticed that you really like to do nails ( and are super good at it! ) I though of you when one of my favorite blogs started a new give away! So the blog is and how you enter is you have to follow her blog either FB, twitter or by email and then you can leave a comment with your name, how you are following and that I referred you and then if your name is drawn we both can win! And one of her prizes is a GELISH nail starter kit. which is worth $150! Just thought if you were interested you could do it! anywho sorry if this is weird! but winners are announced on the 9th so hustle! :)

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

Hold up- duvet socks! I need a pair like, yesterday! Seriously, I am crazy about having something on my feet at all times, and these look like a dream! And Hunters- amazing! I just got a pair and I LOVE them!


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