Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring? What I Wore

Eat your heart out Punxsutawney Phil (yes that is the Groundhog's day groundhog's real name)
He said there would be six more weeks of winter but it is quite the opposite here in beautiful Utah Valley.
It has been beautiful the last couple weeks and I am hoping the weather is not being a super-tease 
and that spring has arrived!  
I used the warm weather as an excuse to wear a new skirt I bought in AZ to work.
It was definitely my favorite purchase, and I thought I wouldn't be able to bust it out 
till at least April but March is being good to us!

I thought "I should take a picture of this skirt I love and post it on my blog
 like those stylish fashion blog girls I follow".  
So here you have it, I must admit I felt pretty awkward posing and twirling
 in a public place but "in the name of blogging" I sucked it up. 

Skirt:Francesca's Collection; Blazer:Gap; Scarf:H&M; Shoes:Corso Como via Nordstrom

I have been looking for a cute "midi" skirt for a while now so when this one 
was midi-length and color blocked and on sale it was a no-brainier. 
By the way, the term "midi-skirt" is totally a thing, I looked it up and see it on 
websites all the time, not mini or maxi but right in between;midi.  
So Mrs. H&M salesperson girl, when someone asks you if you have any midi-skirts 
don't tell them that's not a real thing and look at them like they are retarded.

Happy Wednesday and happy spring!

Ps-I finally updated my "about us" page-go check it out!


Bryanna Rae said...

I am definitely having spring fever too haha. Love the outfit...especially that skirt! So cute!

christine donee said...

uh. that skirt needs to be mine. immediately.

Amira said...

So glad that I learned something whilst (yep, I said whilst) visiting your blog this morning! Maybe I'll have to find a midi of my own.

P.S. I want that blazer. said...

you're like super blonde and super skinny, your eyes look super blue, your teeth are super white and your skirt is super cute! but for reals, looking good cass. i miss you a lot! i love you when you blog because then i can pretend we're like real friends that live by each other and stuff.

Mandy Davis said...

lookin good!!!! I also had no idea that there was such thing as a midi skirt...learned something new today.

Sydney said...

Um. Gorgeous! You are so pretty Cassie and your outfit is fab. LOOOOOVE the skirt!

Bri said...

you look so pretty and happy! love that skirt :)

Mo (New on U) said...

You look adorable. I would have never put that outfit together, but it looks great!
This is why you will never see a "what I wore" post on my blog. Waaaaay too lame when it comes to fashion!

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