Sunday, March 25, 2012

Style by Points

Since I don't have enough pictures from our weekend, I am saving up two
weeks worth of pictures for next Sunday's "week in pictures"
I have something else for you though....

When I was around 12-years-old, my older cousin Brynn told me
about the fashion point system and how each item you wear is worth points.
Like 2 points for your hair up and only 1 point for your hair down.
And 1 point for every ring and bracelet etc.
She said you should never exceed 12 points.
I kind of forgot all the rules  but it did pop into my head once in a while.

Well guess what-I found it.

It is from a book in the 1960's by Mrs. Willam C. Frankie Wench
telling women how to dress with the "fashion  point system."

You can tell it is dated because it says women who are shorter get less points than if you are tall
and it has things like gloves and handkerchiefs counting as points.
Read the points, it is pretty great:

I love how you get a different point allotment for daytime and evening,
and how "blouse different to ensemble" is one point...opposed to blouse same as ensemble?
I also love the clarification for shoes and if your toes peep out, one more point!

I wonder what Mrs. Wench would think of some of our daytime looks these days...
(1 point for every spike? Rhi-Rhi is WAY over her points, even if she is tall)

Not that I am saying we should follow these points at all,
 fashion has definitely changed and I think the modern girl needs more points than 12.
Just something to think about when accessorizing and getting ready.
Scarf, glasses, updo, hat and 4 necklaces? Maybe too much?  Maybe not?To each their own I guess!

I just think it might be a good old fashioned way
to never be over-dressed or under-dressed for any occasion!
Plus I love vintage, classy fashion and all their sexist-ish articles about it.

Now go put on fresh lipstick and an apron and have dinner waiting for your husband when he walks in the door!

7 points for her


Melissa said...

haha interesting post. i love the references to colored hose, carrying a visible handkerchief and elaborate purses. luckily, im taller and get 15 points...awesome! :)

dreaming en francais said...

What an interesting post -- I had definitely never heard of this concept before! xo

Kylee Noelle {the blog} said...

point system?! how crazy! haha i love it!

miss aubrey said...

My outfit right now is probably like 20 points, if only I were six feet tall! This point system is so interesting, I LOVE seeing the actual article it came from.

Emma Frances said...

Haha. How funny! I love it though! Such a fun read! I might have to start adding up my points every day to see what my average point allotment is!

Nicole Marie said...

this is awesome!! so true too! i'm going to look back at this when i'm getting dressed to go out

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