Monday, March 26, 2012

This is Not a Paid Advertisement*

So with the much anticipated return of Mad Men this week, I thought about how much I love that show, not just because of Don Draper and his too-cool-attitude or Betty Draper's  perfect face but because of the Advertising!

Some of you may know that I am an advertising major at BYU.  I love my major and actually enjoy going to my ad classes...This was my homework: Pick a certain target market (dancers, soccer moms, college students, gamers etc), do some research and make a magazine cover for a magazine that your target would want to read.

I picked homeless people:

Tell me homeless people wouldn't read this?
That was my homework! No memorizing ligaments or the quadratic formula for this girl!

Ps. This cover is not meant to be offensive or mean, simply lighthearted and funny!  I would show you guys more of my portfolio work and stuff but I'm not quite confident enough in it yet...we will see...

In other news this weekend Ben had to work 2 of the 3 nights and let me tell you, I live for my weekends, I feel like I need a really good weekend to get through the week. So this one might be rough...

This weekend we did NOT go to the Festival of Colors like the rest of Utah
This weekend we did NOT go to the grand opening of the City Creek Mall in Salt lake like the rest of Utah
This weekend we did NOT go to the premier of The Hunger Games like the rest of the world.

Although now I have a lot to look forward to for the coming week as we will be doing 2/3 of above activities and going down to St. George for a quick getaway!


jennica said...

Brian is gone every single weekend so I completely know how you feel. Why didn't I see you?!

I went to festival of colors without Brian.

We also did not go to City Creek Mall.

We have also NOT seen hunger games! We are hoping tomorrow night might work- maybe we an go together!

And St. George this weekend? When will we play?! Are you staying for summer? I guess I have to ask you over blog since I don't see you. Maybe then we can hang out?

Emma Frances said...

Impressive!! :] If I were homeless I would TOTALLY read this!

Clay & Katie Hardman said...

We are going to St. George this weekend too!

Jes said...

um, if i were homeless, i would def read this.
and then i would send you fanmail with the pages from the newspaper to thank you. really, i would.
great idea!
xx jes

The Adventurer said...

Friend, I had no idea you're an Ad major! Before going back to school for my Master's I worked at a sweet ad agency down here and I lo.oo.ov.ed it. You will be so phenominal in the ad world, watch out!

PS. Its just like Mad Men except less alcohol and not nearly-as-fun clothes!

miss aubrey said...

12 ways to shower without a shower! I love it.

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