Tuesday, March 20, 2012

#Trending, a year later

Almost exactly one year ago today, I posted about what was on Ben and I's hot-list at the moment.  You know, our personal recent obsessions and flavors of the week.  I  thought it would be fun to do it a year later and see what has changed! You can check out the original post here.

Food: Quesadillas with our fancy quesadilla maker!
TV Show: Parks and Rec and Prison Break
Hobby: Catching up on Prison Break
Book: Hunger Games (via audio book while he works, I am forcing him)
Restaurant: Firehouse Subs
Candy: Movie Popcorn
Drink: Mountain Dew
Free Time: Sleep (he works night shifts)
Music: Fun "We are Young"
Movie: "Safe House"
Product: Our new "modded" Xbox

Food: Anything with buffalo sauce
TV Show: Prison Break, I am so into this right now on Netflix. Micheal and Linc, never been a better team! Also I admit that I LOVE The Vampire Diaries at the moment.
Hobby: Blogging! 
Book: Besides textbooks? none, I am ashamed
Restaurant: Rubio's, I seem to be constantly craving their grilled chicken taco's. 
Candy: Reese's Easter Eggs and Canadian Cadbury Mini eggs (yes there is a difference)
Drink: Diet Coke Lime
Free Time: Online shopping
Music: Taylor Swift "Eyes Open"
Movie: Loved "This Means War", can't wait for "The Hunger Games"
Product: Morrocan Oil, so summery and soft.

So I am doing a link up for this, if you want a little fun thing to remember.  And remember these are not all time favorites, that would be a different list but what you are into at the moment.  So link up if you don't have a blog post planned for the next couple days!  


Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

mmmm, cadbury!! you can never go wrong. and i am ashamed, i still have yet to hear that "eyes open" song. getting on that right now!
xo TJ

Jes said...

ohhh i was so into prison break i didn't leave my bed for at least a week.
xx jes

Ketrin Jones said...

Hey I linked up! :)

christine donee said...

so fun! and yes.. online shopping steals my free time as well. ;)

Miss Caitlin S. said...

what a cute idea! a micro time-capsule. I must admit, I like his white shells selection from last year!

Devon Riesenberg said...

just discovered your blog from Tales of The Nook and your newest follower :)

I love this adorable post and this great idea! Morrocan Oil is amazing :) I'll try to re-post and link up soon!

Emma Frances said...

This is a super good idea for a yearly tradition! And later you can add in your children! How fun! :]

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